This book REVEAL every trick use by fake pastors


THE FIRST DAY when I looked at the cover of Church Mafia a book based a true story by Pastor Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana, I know that I must read this one.

Reading this book it was like watching a movie because sometimes I will have my pop-corns and a cold glass of Coca-Cola to enjoy it more. This book deserves an award because the former controversial pastor leaves no stone unturned when revealing tricks made by fake pastors who are captured by the devil. He reveals everything without fear, I salute this man of God for being brave to reveal the secret society.

In the book, Pastor  Makhado revealed how he travelled to Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo to get power from witches and devil worshipers to grow his church and make more money by deceiving people. He revealed everything by occult operations run by witches that give power to fake pastors and traditional healers not around South Africa but around the continent. He revealed every trick they use to mislead people and how he the name General Khatha-Khatha.

This book is an eye-opener to every Christian to understand how to identify the fake pastors and their money-making operations. In fact, this book destroys the whole underground operation occult from misleading people.

The book reveals how most churches today are influenced by secret societies using secret powers to attract huge crowd, charges consultation fees and promises people miracle money.

I think Christian deserve to read this book it reveals everything about the secret operation in most churches that are seen in every corner of our township.

For more information about this book, you can email or call Pastor Makhado at 076 977 9568.

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