King Slash’s Planet Saturn

King Slash of Block K Soshanguve who is originally from Mafikeng said was released under Classybunch Productions.


HIP HOP ARTIST Katlego Moyo well known as King Slash in the music industry is back with an 8 track EP (Extended Play) album dubbed Planet Saturn. King Slash of Block K Soshanguve who is originally from Mafikeng said was released under Classybunch Productions.

The Planet Saturn is produced and composed by King Slash featuring Eric Lecweleng on the intro and American artist Synesthetic Nation from New York on My Queen.

The Notorious BIG lookalike hip hop King Slash said he grew up in Mafikeng in the North West province listening to kwaito music which was dominating around 2000.

“I have worked hard on my latest EP Planet Saturn which has eight hit songs. The album is making a great impact everywhere I perform it shakes the audience. It was released last year November but it still has a big impact.

King Slash  is originally from Mafikeng in the North West

“If you are a hip hop fan young and old this is a good EP you. They don’t call me King Slash for nothing, because I am like a king when coming to hip hop music and my fans get the best music like kings and queens,” said, King Slash.

He said while at Sol Plaatjie Primary School in Mafikeng at the age of 13 years in grade 7 he took piano lessons that is where his passion for music started.

King Slash music has been played at different national and community radio stations around the country. He has performed around Soshanguve, Klerksdorp, Mafikeng, Rustenburg, Mabopane and other areas.

His music is available online at Sound Clouds, Slikouronlife, Itunes Googplay, and other online platforms. Those who want to contact or book King Slash can 067 932 9609 or 066 023 9954.

Zim builder scammed Tshwane North people

Ebson Dedani Ndlovu a Zimbabwean national that has been scamming people around Tshwane.


IF YOU want a Zimbabwean builder BEWARE of a scammer by the name of Ebson Dedani Ndlovu. He is operating in Itsoseng, Soshanguve, Mabopane, Kgabalatsane, Ga-Rankuwa, Winterveldt and surrounding areas.

He is a smooth talker but he is not a good builder. His houses ended with cracks after he pocketed the money.

What is left within 24 hours after taking the money…


A NUMBER OF people around Soshanguve, Hebron, Kgabalatsane, Mabopane and surrounding areas have been scammed by an amateur builder who is from claiming to be a Ndebele. He is using this number 064 771 3880 to operate his scam after getting the money he ignores calls of his victims.

What is left within 24 hours after taking the money…

Esbon is not staying in one place because is always on the run from people he is taking their money. He has stayed in Hebron, Itsoseng, Soshanguve and other places moving from place to place. His last known physical address was Phase 6 Itsoseng.

The Zimbabwean and his screw demand deposit and do a small unprofessional job because they disappeared and never return to finish the building.

One of their victim Mosa Mokwele said he paid them R2 000 for plastering on the floor the following day they started to see cracks.

“I phoned Ebson but now I am no longer taking my calls. They don’t just do shady jobs but they also steal. I have noticed that they have stolen 9 bags of cement and a wheelbarrow.

“He looks like a cool guy and is humble but he is a crook, I just heard that he is also wanted in Zimbabwe for several crimes that include housebreaking, theft, and fraud,” said Mokwele.

Another victim is Lucas Radebe of Itsoseng who said Ebson is like a jackal in a sheepskin because he can sweet talk you and is always calm but very dangerous.

“He took R15 000 to build me a house and left my house with cracks. He does not answer my calls and he always drops the phone when I use another phone number,” said Radebe.

Ebson Dedani Ndlovu admitted taking people’s money not finishing his work or doing an unprofessional work during an interview.

“Yes, I have taken the money but ….okay do it,” said Ebson before dropping the phone. Several calls were made later but he ignored them. When we sent SMS on his phone to respond he said, “ok do it Ebson Dedani Ndlovu.

Ntando’released his second album



NTANDOYENKOSI SIBANYONI OF Block K Soshanguve has released his second 12 track album Onjengawe Jesu was released recently. The album is produced and composed by Ntandoyenkosi and was recorded at Mike Studio in Block UU Soshanguve.

“The song is about the importance of praying and trusting God who sent his only son to die for our sins. Onjengawe Jesu is not just a gospel song but it encourages us to trust Jesus because he came to this earth and died for our sin, as Christians we have to follow him and we will be saved,” said Ntandoyenkosi.

Ntando is originally from Winterveldt. He started singing at the age of 6 years at Church of Jesus Christ in Winterveldt. He later joined the school choir at Rhulani Primary School in 1999 and another school choir at Central High School in 2006.  He started performing at church gatherings in 1999 and in 2011 he released his first ten tracks album Ngikwethembile.

“I have chosen gospel music because I grew up in a Christian family and to me; singing is not only to entertain my fans but to spread the gospel of God. I spread the holly word with music and it helps to reach young and old.

“Music is also a universal language it reaches people who are talking different languages. I always encourage my fans to seek God with my music because there is no one like him,” added Ntandoyenkosi.

Those who want to Ntandoyenkosi Sibanyoni can call 082 680 4230/073 5344 625 during office hours.

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Councilor helps to control traffic

Tshwane Ward 90 councilor Enos Chiloane controlling the busy traffic


ANC WARD COUNCILOR Enos Chiloane and his crew are controlling the traffic on the busiest intersection in Soshanguve. More than 3 000 vehicles an hour are using the intersection which is the corner of M20 and Umphafa Street in Soshanguve. The intersection is just 500 metres from the R80 well known as Mabopane Highway.

Councilor Enos Chiloane said he received hundreds of complaints from the residents who are using the intersection to work and school

“I receive many complains about this intersection, some cars ended bumping to each other causing more delays. I wrote an email to the City of Tshwane MMC for Safety and Security, Karen Meyer on the 26 September asking her to deploy the Metro Police to control the traffic. She agreed but I am still waiting until now.

“Last week I started to make sure that the traffic is reduced before it cause an accident that may kill road users, I was joined by 18 community members. This intersection is busy in the morning between 6 and 8 am, in the afternoons between 4 and 8 pm every day. It is worse every Monday morning and every Friday afternoons. It is also worse on the 14, 15, 16, 25 and 30 of every month

“We not will stop controlling traffic until the road is being increased on the sides to reduce traffic and the project has already started it will finish next year April. After the road has been increased we will monitor it and if there is still a lot of traffic we will help to control it again,” said Chiloane.

Councilor Enos Chiloane (left hand) with some of the 18 community members who help him to control traffic at the intersection.

Tshwane MMC for Safety of Security, Karen Meyer denied promising to deploy the metro police by saying he inform the office Chief of the Tshwane Metro Police.

“I at no stage made promises; I forwarded the request to the Chief of Police to address as with all operational matters. I have no authority to interfere in the operational matters,” said Meyer.

Senior Superintended Isaac Mahamba of the Tshwane Metro Police said they are aware of the situation.

“We are aware of the situation and will attend to it according to other operational needs,” said Mahamba.

Off duty, cop abandoned wedding to arrest a criminal



A COP THAT was attending a wedding in Mpumalanga drove back from Nelspruit to arrest the most wanted criminal in Pretoria West.

Captain Simon Motolla has just arrived in Nespriut less than 30 minutes for the wedding on Saturday celebration when he received a tip-off about the most wanted criminal.

Captain Daniel Mavimbela of the Sunnyside police said the brave and dedicated cop just abandoned the wedding and drove back to Pretoria within 30 minutes after arriving at the wedding.

“Despite being off-duty for the weekend and attending the wedding of a friend and fellow captain in Mpumalanga Province, a tenacious, intelligence-driven Sunnyside police captain, Simon Motolla, travelled more than 300 kilometres to organise and lead a sting operation that led to the capture of a suspect of murder who had been on the run for almost a year and a half.

“It is believed that the 34-year-old man was among the suspects who reportedly lured the 23 years old Shaun Douglas Chabalala who was an upcoming musician, to a flat in Sunnyside, east of Pretoria, during May 2018, with a fake advertisement of a luxury camera before the latter was pushed to his death from the seventh floor during what is suspected to be a robbery gone wrong,”said Mavimbela.

Mavimbela said the suspect was reportedly found inside the ceiling of a house in Pretoria West where he hid after he noticed the police, but that was subsequent to an initial search and the SAPS Dog Unit being summoned to that house. 

Tshwane police district commissioner, Major General Daniel Mthombeni, has commended Captain Motolla and his team for their dedication and commitment following the operation. 

“It is officers like Captain Motolla who offer hope to our communities and will stop at nothing to ensure they (communities) are and feel safe,” Mthombeni said.

Strike’s new album strikes at fake pastors



TSHWANE BASED gospel artist Strike Tholo well-known as Strike Moshe in the music industry has released his sixth new album El-roi meaning God sees me. The 12 track album is composed by Strike Moshe of Slovoville township in Winterveldt except for Paulo na Silas which is composed by Zawadi and Khunama o rapele by Mphahlele wa Kgoshi. The album was released in early July this year.

There is also a remix of Mafikizolo and Ntando’s Ungenza ntoni turned into Jesu o genza ntoni and remix of Bhudaza’s Galalebona . 

Galalebona is a song that condemned fake pastors of these days who feed people snakes, petrol, bleach, and grass, those who fake a resurrection.

“All my songs have a message, as a gospel artist, it is my responsibility to spread the gospel of God through music that is why I am using music for condemning evil deeds do by fake pastors and we need to condemn that. Galalebona condemned such evil things are done by those who call themselves pastors but they are sheep in wolf skins.

“I have been in the music for more than 10 years and I know that gospel music needs to have a message and I will continue to use the gospel to spread the word of God. I would like to thank Zawadi,  Mphahlele wa Kgoshi and others for their contribution in this album,” said Strike.

He started his gospel career with hit album Kuzomnandi in 2003 and never looked back.

Strike who is also a member of the Bheka Award-winning group Exodus has performed in different areas around the country which are Soshanguve, Mabopane, Hammanskraal, Ga-Rankuwa, Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga, and other areas. For booking Strike Moshe can be contacted at 076 328 0667.

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Wanted by police


THE TSHWANE police are looking for a suspect who skipped bail of R3 000. The police are appealing for any information that could lead to the re-arrest of Obienna Greg Ofoegbuliwe, the suspect”s alleged accomplice who has since absconded from the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court after he was granted bail of R3000.  Information may be forwarded anonymously to the Crime Stop Hotline on 0860010111 or to Crime Line SMS on 32211.








Tshwane Ward 90 imbizo painted yellow


ABOUT 5 000 PEOPLE attended a public meeting called by ANC Tshwane Ward 90 councilor Enos Chiloane at Extension 6 on Sunday.

Chiloane has slaughtered a cow to make sure that everyone who attended imbizo go home on a full stomach. Pensioners were also delivered to their doorsteps with the help of more than twenty Toyota Ventures that help to carry them to their homes.

Chiloane one of the hard-working councilors in Tshwane revealed to members of the community that three more schools are going to be built to add the number of schools in Ward 90.

“Because education is important to our children we are going to build three more schools which are two primary schools in Block VV and Extension 6 Soshanguve. A high school in Extension 7 will also be built.

“At the moment we have only four schools in our ward and the new schools will add the schools to seven. We don’t want to see our children traveling a long distance to get a better education. We have built more than 4 000 RDP houses in the ward and we are still building more than 170 houses in Extension 6 because we fulfill our promises to the people,” said Chiloane.


Chiloane condemned those who are delaying development by stopping the projects in the community.

“There are those who are going around stopping projects, inform us about such people because Minister Cele will deploy police to deal with them. Inform us about people who are stopping projects and we will inform the police because we want services in our areas. n the 8 May go and vote ANC,” added Chiloane.

Tshwane ANC Election officer, Victor Seroka speaking the meeting said between 2011 and 2016 73 informal settlement were eradicated in Tshwane.

Seroka said the DA administration is failing to bring services to the people that is why the city full of potholes and blocked sewage.

“The ANC managed to eradicate about 73 informal settlements in Tshwane and also provide services such as electricity and water.

“The DA has stopped services to some of these informal settlements. On the 8 May go and vote ANC,” said Seroka.

Now is the time, vote ANC


Now is the time, vote ANCANC President Cyril Ramaphosa in Soshanguve addressing more than 10 000 people at a community meeting.


THE PRESIDENT OF the African National Congress told more than 10 000 people who gathered at the Block KK Park in Soshanguve that the ANC has created over 8, 5 million jobs in South Africa.

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa was accompanied by Ngoako Ramatlhodi, Gauteng Premier David Makhura, ANC Tshwane leadership, uZalo actor Ntokozo TK Dlamini aka Mastermind.

“I am happy to be in Soshanguve, which is my constituency. I started with door to door. One day I will visit your homes just prepare cakes or fat cakes because I love them.

“The ANC will these elections because people know that it is the only political

Party they can trust. When we took over in 1994 only 8 million people were employed and we managed to create over 8.5 million jobs which mean 16.5 South Africans have jobs.

Some of more than 10 000 people who attended the community meeting in Soshanguve.

“We raise R1.4 billion to be invested in South Africa and we are aiming to raise R1.4 trillion and which helps to create jobs. People of South Africa including will have jobs and we will create more jobs for youth and people with disabilities,” said Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa said the land will be returned to the people and encourage them to look into agriculture.

 “Government wants to invest more money into agriculture. We want to create more jobs for people with disabilities. Now is the time vote ANC, on 8 May go and vote ANC,” added

Call for boycott and arrest of Mampitsha


THE  ANCWL YWD has called for boycotting and arrest of controversial Durban artists known as Mampitsha. This came after a video showing the artist assaulting Babes Wodumo.

Precious Banda the National Convenor of the  ANCWL YWD said they note with disgust the circulating video of music artist Mampintsha physically assaulting his girlfriend and a renowned artist in the music industry, Babes Wodumo.

“The position of the ANCWL YWD on rape and Gender-Based Violence remains consistent, we detest abusers, and we affirm that there is no space in our democratic country for abuse and rape. We also stand and believe the women who continue to be violated and dehumanized in the hands of men. The ANCWL YWD further contends that our communities should at all times stand with the victim.

“We call on the sexual offenses unit under SAPS to take up the matter because the video is available on public platforms. It is in the interest of the people in general and women in particular that they pursue this matter and every other matter that reaches public attention. The SAPS and the entire criminal justice system has an obligation to defend the violation of any law of our country, in this case, the clear violation of the Domestic Violence Act, Sexual Offenses Act and the rights of women,” said Banda.

Banda further calls on all South African’s and radio stations to boycott and mute Mampintsha immediately and the music industry in its entirety should not support an artist that is an unrepentant abuser.

She said whereas in South Africa the law states one is innocent until proven guilty, they hold the principle that in a deeply patriarchal society like ours, they have a responsibility to side with and protect the victim.

“ A continued support for the monster Mampintsha is an affirmation and perpetuation of the abuse of women, people that support abusers are the reason women and children continue to get killed on a daily basis. We call on all of us to stand in solidarity with women that gain the courage to speak out and also with those that continue to suffer in silence.

“We also call for drastic changes and deliberate policies in the entertainment industry because women continue to suffer in silence as their music and talent are “owned” by record labels that are managed and owned by abusive men who threaten to destroy them whenever they stand up for themselves,” added Banda.

She stressed that because of social and economic implications, it is difficult for women in the entertainment industry to break the silence and stand against these abusive men.

“We call on the Minister of arts and culture to establish a special programme that empowers women record labels and that a fund is established to assist women that want to walk out of abusive stables in the industry. The time for men threatening to own women in this industry is over,” she concluded.

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