Nurses forced teenager to give birth at clinic gate


A WINTERVELDT TEENAGE mom is traumatized after giving birth at the gate of the notorious Kgabo Clinic gate because nurses and security refused her entry to the clinic. Kgabo Clinic in Winterveldt is known for its bad service for the past decade.

The baby was born at the clinic gate but nurses wrote contradicting lies …In papers to Home Affairs, they say the baby was born at the clinic but the clinic card says the baby was born at home.

Zodwa Maziya with her Dudu Maziya who gave birth to baby Sphesihle at the gate of Kgabo Clinic …

On the 3 May at around 3 o’clock in the morning, Dudu Maziya (19)  went to Kgabo Clinic in Winterveldt accompanied by her mom Zodwa Maziya after she feels pain in her stomach.

According to her mom Zodwa they found the security guards at the gate and explained to them and one of the guards went inside and returns to tell them that the nurses said she must go to Block BB Clinic in Soshanguve.

“I explained that we hired a car and we don’t have enough money, the security guards went to the nurses about three times but they refused us entry. I explain to them that it is very cold and my daughter is in pain but all these fell on deaf ears. At around 6 am in the morning my daughter feels more pains and we beg the security to open the gate because there water just bust but they refused.

“I was forced to help my daughter gave birth at the gate of the clinic while the security guards were laughing at us. My granddaughter was born at the clinic gate, they only allow us after the baby was born and the wrong message to Home Affairs that the baby was born the clinic but the card claim the baby was born at home,” said Zodwa.

Clinic cards with wrong information stating that the baby was born at home…
Birth certificate with wrong information stating that the baby was born at Kgabo Clinic instead of the clinic gate…

In an interview, Dudu the mother of the baby who is still traumatized after giving birth at the clinic gate said she wants action to be taken against the nurses for failing to do their duty and be compensated for the trauma they have caused to her.

“I don’t deserve to be nurses and I am still hurt the way they have treated us, I can’t forget what they have done to us they must pay for that. They even failed to apologize to us instead they laugh at us when we went to the clinic,” said Dudu.

Mothomone Pitsi the Tshwane Chief Director of health said that would investigate the matter.


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