Let’s support our local artist

I HAVE BEEN profiling local artist for newspapers and magazines for more than 20 years…In my career, I have seen lots of talent going to the garbage. When kwaito was given birth in 1994, I was there already doing this job. 

I have learned the roped from the best in the industry Elliot Makhaya aka Bra Eli, Sam Maseko, Oom Leslie Sehume, Trevor Mtshali, Force Khashane, Mike Mtakati, Lawrence Mayekiso and others. 

I have profiles yesteryear kwaito and disco artists like Peter “The General” Maringa, Sarel and the Hot Stones, Msanzeka, Muntu Pasa, Mouse, Arthur Mafokate, Makhendlas, Trompies, Bobdave and others to name the few.

It is an open secret that Maskandi is my favourite music but I have profiled other genre more than this traditional music. 

There are many good songs that have been to my ears but because of lack of marketing, airplay and publicity, they ended on the dustbin of the music industry. 

These days we are in the digital era and piracy has grown, even the bible punching pastor is playing pirated music. Those struggling music production companies can move forward if we can stop downloading, copying and buying pirate music. 

Let support local artist by playing at least 90 percent of local music, those stupid Americans only play less than 00.9percent of African music. 

By supporting American music you help to fund the Donald Trump government, which sees Africa as a huge bush full of wild animals, not humans. 

By supporting local music you will help not only to grow the local music industry but to help to grow our economy. Supporting local music industry means buying local music, supporting local artist performances by buying their tickets and not copy or download their music. 

By doing that we will see those talented artists managing to grow big and fly the South African flag high. Those small production companies will also grow and manage to distribute the music well with your support. Let’s be proud of our music, I am talking about Maskandi, Amapiano, House, Gospel, Acapella and others. 

Any artists who want to be a profile on this blog can send email to africa@africakamahamba.co.za or send Whatsapp message to 083 402 4743 .

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