Is South Africa ready the 4th Industrial Revolution?

I have been busy with updates of my blog, installing security apps to protect it from hackers. I have ideas to improve it to make sure more stories that benefit the people on the ground are covered and going back to my roots to break stories on corruption which is like cancer eating our economy slow bit by bit on this blog.

 When I was busy with the updates I realized that everything is because less because of the 4 industrial revolution…paper less, smokeless, wireless, cordless and some people are even becoming mindless because of technology used these days.

 In fact, I have realized that we are slowly reaching the paperless world. I am saying this because more people are no longer carrying cash in their pockets, we are using plastic money left right and centre these days. We only carry small change to tip car guards for looking at our vehicles while we are busy with our business. In a few years time, even car guards will have the speed point because they are getting tired of people telling them they don’t have money they are swapping.  Even mugger will be using speed points to force you to sward your card at gunpoint, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

By the year 2040 to 2050, we will no longer have newspapers, strue. I have seen newspaper companies closing down and reducing staff which is not good news at all. These days more people read the news on their electronic devices and I am also worried about the declining standard of Journalism because of technology. Some journalist these days use Smartphone for recording and taking pictures no more cameras and tape recorders.

I am a traditional man; I prefer to use a camera and a recorder when I do my stories and I also use my script to write my story. I prefer to read a hard copy newspaper or magazine. I am worried about the changes that are made by technology in our lifes. As I have mentioned that I enjoying reading a hard copy newspaper or magazine. I also enjoy reading while inside the toilet doing my natural business and I have been doing that for more than 3 decades.

The 4th Industrial revolution is good but it is also bad if we don’t find solutions to accommodate it in a good way.

Let’s say all newspapers and magazines stop pressing and move 100% to digital? Thousands of jobs will be lots. Some people will lose their jobs if newspapers are not printed, I talking about people who are working at tree farming, paper manufacturing, newspaper printing company, newspaper distribution, newspaper publishing company, newspaper sellers and many more.

It is time for our government to pull their socks and have a plan that will accommodate the 4th Industrial Revolution without costing thousands of South Africans their jobs.

In South Africa, we have the answer that can help us move with time, by having 4th Industrial Revolution without but benefiting the poor and the working class. Some say Radical Economic Transformation is the answer. Is RET is the answer to address this problem?  

My question is South Africa ready for 4th Industrial Revolution? Can RET help us to create more jobs, how? Sent your comment to

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