Indeed a persistent Black Girl

MOTIVATIONAL BOOKS ARE good for everyone especially the youth who are still building their careers. The Persistent Black Girl a motivational book by Salome M Fenyane gives those from disadvantaged background to have faith because God always provides.

I have been having this book since 27 February 2015, I have read it several times and it keeps on calling me to read. It starts with a cover designed to grab your eyes, the design makes you have a desire to read this book.

This book is not just a motivational book but it is a true story of Sally a black girl in a disadvantaged family that faces serious challenges. The girl’s eyes were on her goals despite challenges she continues to be persistence despite challenges that try to block her from reaching her goal.

Sally’s dream was inspired at the age of 6 years after she encounters a pregnant woman for the first time and she wanted to know what was happening with her. The adult told the girl the same story we used to hear while we’re still young that a baby will be delivered through the window by aeroplane.

That was when The Persistent Black Girl felt in her heart that she needed to be like a pilot flying the aeroplane to make sure babies were safely delivered to pregnant women.

All these became possible and nothing was going to stop her from reaching her dreams. She believes until she started making sense of her own disadvantages, challenges and failures.

Sally believes the world showed her a lot of impossibilities than possibilities. With a shattered dream she continued persisting through the challenges and failures, not knowing that the dream that never made sense would later make a lot of sense. At the age of 37 years, she learns to become a better person notwithstanding the disadvantages, challenges and failures that came on her way.

Now, Sally, The Persistent Black Girl serves as a published book author, public speaker, coach and mentor and she continues to empower the people using the real-life lesson.

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