City neglected sewage plant


RESIDENTS OF SOSHANGUVE South are experiencing lots of sewage blockage because of a sewage plant that is neglected by the City of Tshwane.
Several residents have complained about the sewage plant in Extension 11 Soshanguve next to Seageng Secondary School which is not serviced by the municipality.
Local resident Republic Nkuna took this blog on a tour to the neglected plant. The machine was making loud noises and could not perform well.
“These machines are too old, they need to be replaced. They are failing to replace this machine with a new one but only replacing parts and some with old parts. These machines are trapping which is the cause of sewage blockage around our township.

“They have replaced the machine with another one which they claim is new but it is also trapping. These people don’t care about us that is why I am volunteering at the plant because this sewage affects me because I stay next to it.
“My RDP house was flooded with sewage that is why I am working here without payment to make sure that the problem is solved but it seems our government is not doing enough,” said Nkuna.
Councilor Japan Baloyi also supported Nkuna by saying the sewage plant is neglected that is why residents are experiencing the problem of sewage blockage in that area.
“We have two mini sewage plants in these areas the other one is in Extension 8 and the one in Extension 11 is neglected. Recently they replace a motor but they still need to service the plant.
“They also need to replace bulbs at the plant because they are finished and if that plant can get proper service we won’t experience sewage blockage in the area,” said Baloyi.

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