Indeed a persistent Black Girl

MOTIVATIONAL BOOKS ARE good for everyone especially the youth who are still building their careers. The Persistent Black Girl a motivational book by Salome M Fenyane gives those from disadvantaged background to have faith because God always provides.

I have been having this book since 27 February 2015, I have read it several times and it keeps on calling me to read. It starts with a cover designed to grab your eyes, the design makes you have a desire to read this book.

This book is not just a motivational book but it is a true story of Sally a black girl in a disadvantaged family that faces serious challenges. The girl’s eyes were on her goals despite challenges she continues to be persistence despite challenges that try to block her from reaching her goal.

Sally’s dream was inspired at the age of 6 years after she encounters a pregnant woman for the first time and she wanted to know what was happening with her. The adult told the girl the same story we used to hear while we’re still young that a baby will be delivered through the window by aeroplane.

That was when The Persistent Black Girl felt in her heart that she needed to be like a pilot flying the aeroplane to make sure babies were safely delivered to pregnant women.

All these became possible and nothing was going to stop her from reaching her dreams. She believes until she started making sense of her own disadvantages, challenges and failures.

Sally believes the world showed her a lot of impossibilities than possibilities. With a shattered dream she continued persisting through the challenges and failures, not knowing that the dream that never made sense would later make a lot of sense. At the age of 37 years, she learns to become a better person notwithstanding the disadvantages, challenges and failures that came on her way.

Now, Sally, The Persistent Black Girl serves as a published book author, public speaker, coach and mentor and she continues to empower the people using the real-life lesson.

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Brandan ready to defend his world title TONIGHT

THE WORLD Ring Conduct Fighting Art Featherweight Professional title holder Brandan Mashele of Soshanguve will be defending his world title for the third time.

He will be facing Yassim Moutacim from Belgium in a 5 round fight at Rockwood Threatre Pretoria East tonight.
Brandan managed to who has been a world champ since 2014 managed to defend his title twice, now he will be defending it for the third time.

In an interview, while he was training to prepare for the fight Brandan said he is well prepared for the fight, said as a fighter he trained hard to make sure his opponent get heavy punches and fast fly kicks.
“I have never lost a fight since I became a world champ that is why many fighters don’t have guts to challenge me in the ring. I take every fight seriously because no opponent is an easy target. I know my opponent is also preparing for the fight but in the ring, there is only one winner.
“I respect my opponent as a good fighter who is holding the European continental title which proved that he is a good fighter but I am prepared and ready for him,” said Brandan.
Brandan’s father and trainer veteran kickboxer Shihan Rip Mashele said his son is ready for the fight with Yassim Moutacim from Belgium, he is confident he will win it.
“I have prepared him for this fight because we know that it is not going to be easy but we have to make sure that the title is defended and we continue to fly our South African flag high.
“His opponent is also a good fighter that is why I have to make sure that Brandan is prepared for the whole fight from start to finish. I have no doubt that he is ready for the tournament and world tittle will remain in Mzansi and continue to make South Africa proud,” said Mashele.

The veteran singer wants to pass the baton



ONE OF THE oldest jazz musicians in the country the legendary Abbey Cindi (82 years old) wants to pass the baton to the younger generation before he died.

Cindi of Mamelodi who was part of the famous 60’s jazz band Malombo with Philip Tabane and Julian Bahula said he is worried about today’s’ musicians that is why he wants to bring back the old jazz of the ’50s and mid 60’s such as Kwela, Blues, Swing including isicathamiya back to the scene.

Cindi released his latest 9 track album United States of Afrika is loved by jazz fans around the country.  

United States of Afrika is about the African Renaissance concept and dedicated the album to all South Africans who participated in the struggle.

Special guest featured on the album produced by Abbey Cindi is McCoy Mrubatha on soprano and tenor saxophones, and Bheki Khoza on guitar.

“We have talented youth in the music industry that is why I want to use this talent to bring back the old vibe back to life.I want to pass the baton to the younger generation and I have started with some young who are learning from me at the State Theatre in Pretoria.

“I have performed around the world for the past 5 decades, I have been to London in England, New York, Chicago and Washington in the United States, Milan in Italy Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Australia and other countries and everywhere they loved our music.

“I want to fix this before I die. I don’t want to leave this earth without passing the baton to the young generation that is why I have started my company Africa Musical International to revive 1950 to 1965 jazz back to the scene,” said Cindi.

Cindi started another band in 1975 and called Afrika which use poetry and music to conciatise the youth in schools and universities to support the Black Consciousness Movement of Steve Biko in the fight against apartheid.

“In 1982 I got an offer to perform at the Royal Academy international Jazz Festival in London, I return back to London in 1983 to perform at the Brecknell Jazz Festival. In 1985 I recorded an album about the mines migration workers titled January to December Emgodini, it was soon banned after three weeks of airplay by SABC.

“I have been arrested with BCMA activists like Strini Moodley, Aubrey Mokoape, Saths Cooper Bridget Mabandla and others because we use music protest music to educate people to know their rights. Now it is time for the youth to use music to fight gender-based violence, drug abuse and educate the nation. I am disappointed to hear music with vulgar words, music should entertain and built our nation,” added Cindi.

Cindi is expected to launch album United States of Afrika and his company Africa Musical International soon. For bookings call 076 477 4870.

*Artist who wants to be profiled on this blog can email or WhatsApp 083 402 4743.







Grooming future fashion designers



ONE OF THE leading fashion design school in Tshwane, Shumisanani Dressmaking School wants groom youngsters from school into fashion design.

The school which has branches in Soshanguve, Mabopane and Hammanskraal has produced more than a thousand graduates people from Soshanguve, Mabopane, Winterveldt, Mamelodi, Hammanskraal, Ga-Rankuwa, Polokwane, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe has graduated from the school.

Last year alone 67 graduated at the school. All fashion designing certificates are accredited by Fpm Sita (Fabre processing and manufacturing Sector Education Training Authority).  

The founder and principal of the school Agnes Mathivha said because the youth understand fashion trend they are aiming to groom more of them into the school.

“Our aim is not only to teach our learners about fashion designing but to turn Tshwane into fashion capital like Milan in Italy, New York in the United States of America, London in England and Paris in France.

“The youth understand fashion better and we need them to show the world that we have youth that understands fashion but they have to enrol in our school to learn these skills. We need more David Tlale, Dion Chang, Nkhensani Manganyi and Paledi Segapo of tomorrow.

“We invite those youngsters from around Tshwane both male and females to enrol at our school of fashion design. We also invite everyone because our aim is to groom more designers from youth to pensioners. We have also helped to empower the youth from disadvantaged families with bursaries provided by Fpm Sita,” said Mathivha.

Mathivha said their graduates have started their own businesses and some are employed as clothing designers in different companies around South Africa.

“We invite those who passed matric and did not get space at universities even those who failed matric and want to further their studies with skills,” concluded Mathivha.

Those who are interested in enrolling with Shumisanani Dressmaking School can follow them on Facebook or call 079 751 9975.