Black Forest Afro pop single

Tsietsi Marupeng aka AKA Tsika (Black Forest) of Winterveldt has released a single.


TSIETSI MARUPENG AKA Tsika (Black Forest) of Winterveldt has released a single. The single was released at the end of May.
Tsika or Black Forest as he is known to his fans said his new Afropop single Thando lwami which is produced by Amos Mangana will make a great impact. He is featuring talented singer with a sweet voice Neliswa Thingo on his single.
“If you are romantic and love Afropop this is your song, if you are not romantic you have to get this song it will help you to be romantic. I love singing about love because love unites people and love bring smiles on people faces. Nothing beat love and nothing can beat Thando lwami.
“I have worked with dedicated producer Amos Mangana to cook this single with the help of Robert Ledwaba of Rob Led Complex who sponsored me as an upcoming artist to make sure this song is recorded and promotion for the song is also done. We are lucky to have people like Robert Ledwaba in our community. There is also Samuel Morajane who is helping with the distribution of the song on digital platforms,” said Tsika.
He added by saying his dream is to work with a great artist like Ringo Madlingozi Vusi Nova, Ntando and Semito.
Tsika started his music career back 2007 with Simunye Cultural Group as a singer, In 2009 until 2014 he joined Gaabo Motho Cultural Village Group as a teacher of music and traditional dance.
In 2015 until 2018 he joined Pinagare Cultural Organisation in Rustenburg as a dancer and an actor.
Tsika has performed in Winterveldt, Rustenburg, Soshanguve, Pretoria Central, Mamelodi, Joburg and other areas around Gauteng province.
He can be followed as Tsietsi Marupeng on Facebook. For bookings call him at 079 6398 954 or email

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Police arrested six for cable theft 

The Rietgat police in Soshanguve have arrested six cable thieves found nearly 100 kilograms of copper


THE RIETGAT POLICE in Soshanguve have arrested six cable thieves found nearly with 100 kilograms of copper cable. The wife of one of the six suspects tried to play clever by trying to bribe the police with R 10 000 in cash yesterday morning.

According to Captain Stephen Maluleka, the Rietgat SAPS closed the net on six suspects who were found in possession of an estimate of 80 kilograms of copper and tried to bribe officers of the law with R10 000 in cash.

The wife one of the suspects tried to bribe the police with R10 000

“The arrest comes after the dedicated members spotted and stopped a white Mitsubishi double cab bakkie along the Soutpan Road. Upon searching the vehicle they found ten straps of copper hidden underneath the recycled cans.”

“Amongst the six arrested suspects, a wife of the kingpin was arrested for attempting to bribe the police officers. All these arrested suspects are of foreign descent,” said Maluleka.

The six suspects will appear at the Soshanguve Magistrate Court on charges of theft and bribery soon.

Is South Africa ready the 4th Industrial Revolution?

I have been busy with updates of my blog, installing security apps to protect it from hackers. I have ideas to improve it to make sure more stories that benefit the people on the ground are covered and going back to my roots to break stories on corruption which is like cancer eating our economy slow bit by bit on this blog.

 When I was busy with the updates I realized that everything is because less because of the 4 industrial revolution…paper less, smokeless, wireless, cordless and some people are even becoming mindless because of technology used these days.

 In fact, I have realized that we are slowly reaching the paperless world. I am saying this because more people are no longer carrying cash in their pockets, we are using plastic money left right and centre these days. We only carry small change to tip car guards for looking at our vehicles while we are busy with our business. In a few years time, even car guards will have the speed point because they are getting tired of people telling them they don’t have money they are swapping.  Even mugger will be using speed points to force you to sward your card at gunpoint, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

By the year 2040 to 2050, we will no longer have newspapers, strue. I have seen newspaper companies closing down and reducing staff which is not good news at all. These days more people read the news on their electronic devices and I am also worried about the declining standard of Journalism because of technology. Some journalist these days use Smartphone for recording and taking pictures no more cameras and tape recorders.

I am a traditional man; I prefer to use a camera and a recorder when I do my stories and I also use my script to write my story. I prefer to read a hard copy newspaper or magazine. I am worried about the changes that are made by technology in our lifes. As I have mentioned that I enjoying reading a hard copy newspaper or magazine. I also enjoy reading while inside the toilet doing my natural business and I have been doing that for more than 3 decades.

The 4th Industrial revolution is good but it is also bad if we don’t find solutions to accommodate it in a good way.

Let’s say all newspapers and magazines stop pressing and move 100% to digital? Thousands of jobs will be lots. Some people will lose their jobs if newspapers are not printed, I talking about people who are working at tree farming, paper manufacturing, newspaper printing company, newspaper distribution, newspaper publishing company, newspaper sellers and many more.

It is time for our government to pull their socks and have a plan that will accommodate the 4th Industrial Revolution without costing thousands of South Africans their jobs.

In South Africa, we have the answer that can help us move with time, by having 4th Industrial Revolution without but benefiting the poor and the working class. Some say Radical Economic Transformation is the answer. Is RET is the answer to address this problem?  

My question is South Africa ready for 4th Industrial Revolution? Can RET help us to create more jobs, how? Sent your comment to

Afribiz Invest donated another house in Umbumbulu, KZN

Gogo Shange opening her new house donated by Afribiz Invest


ONE OF THE leading South African companies Afribiz Invest (Pty) Ltd has donated a house to 78 years old Gogo Bonakele Shange of Folweni Township in Umbumbulu in KZN. Before the gogo was staying inside a shack which was leaking when it was raining. This is the 42nd house to be donated by Afribiz Invest in conjunction Collen Mashawana Foundation.

The four-room house has tile roofing, ceiling, electrified, bath, toilet, plastered and painted with cream white colour and grey on the roof.

The company executive chairman Collen Mashawana said as part of its CSI programmes, the Housing Appeal Initiative, the company is changing lives one house at a time giving attestation to the Chinese proverb that says we have two hands for a reason, one to help you and the other to help others.

Gogo Shange was staying in this shack…

“‘I am highly inspired by those who don’t have much but still find it within themselves to put any effort into making a difference in the next person’s life. We are happy to donate this house to gogo Shange and as Afribiz Invest (Pty) Ltd we so the need to make a difference in our community.

“We have donated 20 houses last year and this year our target is 30 not only here in KZN but around the country because we are a company that cares about all people of South Africa. We would like to thank 22 years old Mandisa Mzulwini for telling us about Gogo Shange’ story,” said Mashawana.

Gogo Bonakele Shange said she is happy to have a decent house she can call home because it was not good for her health to stay inside a shack because of her health condition.

“I am happy to receive this house. I hope that they will continue to do this good job by helping more people who can’t afford. I hope they get more blessings and live longer lives.

“We need people like Babu Mashawana in our society, he is leading by example and I hope other businessmen follow his footstep,” said Gogo Shange. For any comment about this story email

Rietgat police took the war against crime to the street


THE RIETGAT POLICE have been involved in awareness against the terrible crimes perpetrated against women and children earlier today. The awareness was made in partnership with the Gauteng Community Safety, Department of Health, Soshanguve Taxi Owners Association (SOTOA) and the Aka Sosha Non-Governmental Organization took to the streets to engage with taxi drivers and the community to help fight gender-based violence collectively. 

Captain Stephen Maluleka said the awareness took place at the Block BB traffic circle and the Eastern side of Mabopane Station where over a thousand pamphlets were distributed to the motorists and pedestrians alike.

“The safety was however not confined to policing but also condoms were also distributed to help address health safety for the inhabitants. 

“Various safety tips on the main contributors that often lead to gender-based violence such as sexual offence, assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm were distributed through these pamphlets,” said Maluleka.

He said carjacking, house robberies and armed robberies were also not spared during the campaign where taxi drivers, motorists and pedestrians appreciated the initiative since the festive season is looming. 

The Rietgat Police Station Commander, Colonel Dikeledi Hlatshwayo lauded the initiative and encouraged the collaborative effort to curb crime.

 “This collaboration will definitely reduce the scourge of crime, and I really appreciate it especially seeing the youth playing part in combating crime,” said Hlatshwayo.

The Rietgat CPF Chairperson Molefe Tau shared the same sentiments about clamping crime in the area.

 “This is the step in the right direction; let’s keep fighting crime until everyone walks freely in the middle of the night,” said Tau.

This community outreach was also used as the platform to inform pedestrians about the newly introduced My SAPS APP, and they vowed to download it on their mobile phones.

This book REVEAL every trick use by fake pastors


THE FIRST DAY when I looked at the cover of Church Mafia a book based a true story by Pastor Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana, I know that I must read this one.

Reading this book it was like watching a movie because sometimes I will have my pop-corns and a cold glass of Coca-Cola to enjoy it more. This book deserves an award because the former controversial pastor leaves no stone unturned when revealing tricks made by fake pastors who are captured by the devil. He reveals everything without fear, I salute this man of God for being brave to reveal the secret society.

In the book, Pastor  Makhado revealed how he travelled to Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo to get power from witches and devil worshipers to grow his church and make more money by deceiving people. He revealed everything by occult operations run by witches that give power to fake pastors and traditional healers not around South Africa but around the continent. He revealed every trick they use to mislead people and how he the name General Khatha-Khatha.

This book is an eye-opener to every Christian to understand how to identify the fake pastors and their money-making operations. In fact, this book destroys the whole underground operation occult from misleading people.

The book reveals how most churches today are influenced by secret societies using secret powers to attract huge crowd, charges consultation fees and promises people miracle money.

I think Christian deserve to read this book it reveals everything about the secret operation in most churches that are seen in every corner of our township.

For more information about this book, you can email or call Pastor Makhado at 076 977 9568.

Get down with Kgrass


Mpumalanga artist Katlego Mohlala well known as Kgrass in the music industry has released a new amapiano single Saka .


KATLEGO MOHLALA WELL known as Kgrass in the music industry has released a new amapiano single Saka which is a hit around Gauteng and Mpumalanga provinces.

Kgrass from Allmansdrift near Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga said his new single Saka is produced by talented producer Vusi Mahamba and is composed by Katlego Mohlala under Umgido Records and Entertainment.

Mpumalanga artist Katlego Mohlala well known as Kgrass in the music industry has released a new amapiano single Saka .

“I am not just a musician but I am a party animal. Seeing people dancing to my music makes me feel great that is why I am working with the best producer Vusi Mahamba to make sure I have the best music.

“We will be shooting a music video in my home kasi Allemansdrift near Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga in late October. There is no place like home that is why I wanted to shoot my music video in my kasi because I am proud to be from this kasi,” said Kgrass.

He started his music career in 2010 as a hip hop artist but decided to move with the times by switching to amapiano and it is working for him.

“Amapiano is working well for me because everywhere I perform Saka people get down to the dance floor. If you are an amapiano fan this is the single for you, if you are a dj you don’t have this song you are missing something that will take the crown back to the dance floor. My single is available online in all digital stores.

“I am doing my best to promote the song; this is my first amapiano single and I happy with the response I got right now. My manager Kwanele Kawe and my publicity manager King Zeph are also working hard to promote my music,” added Kgrass.

For bookings call 082 380 1651, 072 477 4889 or email .He can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as Kgrass SA.

King Slash’s Planet Saturn

King Slash of Block K Soshanguve who is originally from Mafikeng said was released under Classybunch Productions.


HIP HOP ARTIST Katlego Moyo well known as King Slash in the music industry is back with an 8 track EP (Extended Play) album dubbed Planet Saturn. King Slash of Block K Soshanguve who is originally from Mafikeng said was released under Classybunch Productions.

The Planet Saturn is produced and composed by King Slash featuring Eric Lecweleng on the intro and American artist Synesthetic Nation from New York on My Queen.

The Notorious BIG lookalike hip hop King Slash said he grew up in Mafikeng in the North West province listening to kwaito music which was dominating around 2000.

“I have worked hard on my latest EP Planet Saturn which has eight hit songs. The album is making a great impact everywhere I perform it shakes the audience. It was released last year November but it still has a big impact.

King Slash  is originally from Mafikeng in the North West

“If you are a hip hop fan young and old this is a good EP you. They don’t call me King Slash for nothing, because I am like a king when coming to hip hop music and my fans get the best music like kings and queens,” said, King Slash.

He said while at Sol Plaatjie Primary School in Mafikeng at the age of 13 years in grade 7 he took piano lessons that is where his passion for music started.

King Slash music has been played at different national and community radio stations around the country. He has performed around Soshanguve, Klerksdorp, Mafikeng, Rustenburg, Mabopane and other areas.

His music is available online at Sound Clouds, Slikouronlife, Itunes Googplay, and other online platforms. Those who want to contact or book King Slash can 067 932 9609 or 066 023 9954.

Zim builder scammed Tshwane North people

Ebson Dedani Ndlovu a Zimbabwean national that has been scamming people around Tshwane.


IF YOU want a Zimbabwean builder BEWARE of a scammer by the name of Ebson Dedani Ndlovu. He is operating in Itsoseng, Soshanguve, Mabopane, Kgabalatsane, Ga-Rankuwa, Winterveldt and surrounding areas.

He is a smooth talker but he is not a good builder. His houses ended with cracks after he pocketed the money.

What is left within 24 hours after taking the money…


A NUMBER OF people around Soshanguve, Hebron, Kgabalatsane, Mabopane and surrounding areas have been scammed by an amateur builder who is from claiming to be a Ndebele. He is using this number 064 771 3880 to operate his scam after getting the money he ignores calls of his victims.

What is left within 24 hours after taking the money…

Esbon is not staying in one place because is always on the run from people he is taking their money. He has stayed in Hebron, Itsoseng, Soshanguve and other places moving from place to place. His last known physical address was Phase 6 Itsoseng.

The Zimbabwean and his screw demand deposit and do a small unprofessional job because they disappeared and never return to finish the building.

One of their victim Mosa Mokwele said he paid them R2 000 for plastering on the floor the following day they started to see cracks.

“I phoned Ebson but now I am no longer taking my calls. They don’t just do shady jobs but they also steal. I have noticed that they have stolen 9 bags of cement and a wheelbarrow.

“He looks like a cool guy and is humble but he is a crook, I just heard that he is also wanted in Zimbabwe for several crimes that include housebreaking, theft, and fraud,” said Mokwele.

Another victim is Lucas Radebe of Itsoseng who said Ebson is like a jackal in a sheepskin because he can sweet talk you and is always calm but very dangerous.

“He took R15 000 to build me a house and left my house with cracks. He does not answer my calls and he always drops the phone when I use another phone number,” said Radebe.

Ebson Dedani Ndlovu admitted taking people’s money not finishing his work or doing an unprofessional work during an interview.

“Yes, I have taken the money but ….okay do it,” said Ebson before dropping the phone. Several calls were made later but he ignored them. When we sent SMS on his phone to respond he said, “ok do it Ebson Dedani Ndlovu.