Tshwane Ward 90 imbizo painted yellow


ABOUT 5 000 PEOPLE attended a public meeting called by ANC Tshwane Ward 90 councilor Enos Chiloane at Extension 6 on Sunday.

Chiloane has slaughtered a cow to make sure that everyone who attended imbizo go home on a full stomach. Pensioners were also delivered to their doorsteps with the help of more than twenty Toyota Ventures that help to carry them to their homes.

Chiloane one of the hard-working councilors in Tshwane revealed to members of the community that three more schools are going to be built to add the number of schools in Ward 90.

“Because education is important to our children we are going to build three more schools which are two primary schools in Block VV and Extension 6 Soshanguve. A high school in Extension 7 will also be built.

“At the moment we have only four schools in our ward and the new schools will add the schools to seven. We don’t want to see our children traveling a long distance to get a better education. We have built more than 4 000 RDP houses in the ward and we are still building more than 170 houses in Extension 6 because we fulfill our promises to the people,” said Chiloane.


Chiloane condemned those who are delaying development by stopping the projects in the community.

“There are those who are going around stopping projects, inform us about such people because Minister Cele will deploy police to deal with them. Inform us about people who are stopping projects and we will inform the police because we want services in our areas. n the 8 May go and vote ANC,” added Chiloane.

Tshwane ANC Election officer, Victor Seroka speaking the meeting said between 2011 and 2016 73 informal settlement were eradicated in Tshwane.

Seroka said the DA administration is failing to bring services to the people that is why the city full of potholes and blocked sewage.

“The ANC managed to eradicate about 73 informal settlements in Tshwane and also provide services such as electricity and water.

“The DA has stopped services to some of these informal settlements. On the 8 May go and vote ANC,” said Seroka. africa@africakamahamba.co.za

Now is the time, vote ANC


Now is the time, vote ANCANC President Cyril Ramaphosa in Soshanguve addressing more than 10 000 people at a community meeting.


THE PRESIDENT OF the African National Congress told more than 10 000 people who gathered at the Block KK Park in Soshanguve that the ANC has created over 8, 5 million jobs in South Africa.

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa was accompanied by Ngoako Ramatlhodi, Gauteng Premier David Makhura, ANC Tshwane leadership, uZalo actor Ntokozo TK Dlamini aka Mastermind.

“I am happy to be in Soshanguve, which is my constituency. I started with door to door. One day I will visit your homes just prepare cakes or fat cakes because I love them.

“The ANC will these elections because people know that it is the only political

Party they can trust. When we took over in 1994 only 8 million people were employed and we managed to create over 8.5 million jobs which mean 16.5 South Africans have jobs.

Some of more than 10 000 people who attended the community meeting in Soshanguve.

“We raise R1.4 billion to be invested in South Africa and we are aiming to raise R1.4 trillion and which helps to create jobs. People of South Africa including will have jobs and we will create more jobs for youth and people with disabilities,” said Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa said the land will be returned to the people and encourage them to look into agriculture.

 “Government wants to invest more money into agriculture. We want to create more jobs for people with disabilities. Now is the time vote ANC, on 8 May go and vote ANC,” added Ramaphosa.africa@citypost.co.za

Call for boycott and arrest of Mampitsha


THE  ANCWL YWD has called for boycotting and arrest of controversial Durban artists known as Mampitsha. This came after a video showing the artist assaulting Babes Wodumo.

Precious Banda the National Convenor of the  ANCWL YWD said they note with disgust the circulating video of music artist Mampintsha physically assaulting his girlfriend and a renowned artist in the music industry, Babes Wodumo.

“The position of the ANCWL YWD on rape and Gender-Based Violence remains consistent, we detest abusers, and we affirm that there is no space in our democratic country for abuse and rape. We also stand and believe the women who continue to be violated and dehumanized in the hands of men. The ANCWL YWD further contends that our communities should at all times stand with the victim.

“We call on the sexual offenses unit under SAPS to take up the matter because the video is available on public platforms. It is in the interest of the people in general and women in particular that they pursue this matter and every other matter that reaches public attention. The SAPS and the entire criminal justice system has an obligation to defend the violation of any law of our country, in this case, the clear violation of the Domestic Violence Act, Sexual Offenses Act and the rights of women,” said Banda.

Banda further calls on all South African’s and radio stations to boycott and mute Mampintsha immediately and the music industry in its entirety should not support an artist that is an unrepentant abuser.

She said whereas in South Africa the law states one is innocent until proven guilty, they hold the principle that in a deeply patriarchal society like ours, they have a responsibility to side with and protect the victim.

“ A continued support for the monster Mampintsha is an affirmation and perpetuation of the abuse of women, people that support abusers are the reason women and children continue to get killed on a daily basis. We call on all of us to stand in solidarity with women that gain the courage to speak out and also with those that continue to suffer in silence.

“We also call for drastic changes and deliberate policies in the entertainment industry because women continue to suffer in silence as their music and talent are “owned” by record labels that are managed and owned by abusive men who threaten to destroy them whenever they stand up for themselves,” added Banda.

She stressed that because of social and economic implications, it is difficult for women in the entertainment industry to break the silence and stand against these abusive men.

“We call on the Minister of arts and culture to establish a special programme that empowers women record labels and that a fund is established to assist women that want to walk out of abusive stables in the industry. The time for men threatening to own women in this industry is over,” she concluded. africa@citypost.co.za