Tshwane may be put under administration

Premier David Makhura speaking to the media next to the high mast light that killed 5 kids.


*“THE CITY OF Tshwane is the worst performing metropolitan city in the whole Gauteng”, these are the words of Gauteng Premier, David Makhura during the memorial service of the Sosh5. The Sosh5 are the five kids which were killed by the high mast light in Soshanguve after the City of Tshwane failed to service it.

A family member crying at the memorial service…

“It is painful because I saw families crying again, it is a commemoration but it feels like a funeral. There are answers and accountability; you can’t heal if you don’t know the answers. If there are no answers they will not.

“As we came to remember them we have no answer. I brief the mayor that families want the apollo to be removed. It is the responsibility of the municipality to remove the high mast light and I am very disappointed with the mayor Solly Msimango, who run to the media before the investigation starts said the cause is cable theft. If the incident happened in suburbs’ he would be here every day,” said Makhura.

Premier David Makhura greeting family members at the commemoration service.

He continues by asking, “Why he can’t come to Soshanguve and apologies to families”.

Makhura said Msimango went to Sebokeng, Alexander and other places in the province promising people better services because he wants to be premier of Gauteng but he is failing to fix a mess as the mayor of Tshwane.

“I came to the families for the third time but the mayor failed to visit families. I will be with you until there are answers. I will tell the mayor that there are still waiting for him in Soshanguve. I think you don’t have a mayor, maybe I just came to be your mayor, even mayor of Soshanguve. That light must fall.

“Sad news City of Tshwane is the worst performing municipality in Gauteng, things has stopped happening. That report is coming soon, he can’t run the city but think he can run Gauteng. If the municipality is failing they need to know that the red light is flicking, we will be there. If the municipality is not performing we put Section 139, we have done that at Emfuleni south of Gauteng by putting them under administration according to the constitution and start doing things that they were not doing but I do that under very very careful consideration,” said Makhura.

Some of more than 2 000 people who attended the event …

The five kids who died in that incident are Kearabile Baloyi (12 years old), Boitsoko Pobape (11 years old), Maikano Mmenu (9 years old), Lethabo Matibako (9 years old) and Dimpho Bopape (5 years old) The traumatic incident took place while children were playing in concrete slaps underneath the apollo high mast light about a year ago.

The high mass light ring fell down, instantly killing 4 children, with another one declared dead later at Dr. George Mukhari hospital in Ga-Rankuwa. Two survived, one escaped the incident, and another sustained severe injuries. africa@citypost.co.za


Premier Makhura to speak at the Sosh5 memorial



*GAUTENG PREMIER DAVID Makhura will be the main speaker at the Memorial service for Soshanguve 5 kids who were killed by the high mast light last year.

The “Soshanguve5children” is an initiative dedicated to commemorating the life of Soshanguve 5 children that were killed in an accident involving a high mast light in Soshanguve Block X in Tshwane.

The five kids who died in that incident are Kearabile Baloyi (12 years old), Boitsoko Pobape (11 years old), Maikano Mmenu (9 years old), Lethabo Matibako (9 years old) and Dimpho Bopape (5 years old) The traumatic incident took place while children were playing in concrete slaps underneath the apollo high mast light about a year ago.

According to councillor Phumzile Hlatswayo, the event will be held at 42 Block X Soshanguve next to the scene where the incident happened.

“Their passing is not in vain but serves as a remembrance of our commitment to serve the community better and protect the future of South Africa, our children.

 “We have a series of activities planned to ensure their story is told is never forgotten, help heal the bereaved families, friends, and members of the community.

 “We also need help to bring closure by advocating for social justice to prevail to the affected families and ensure the community’s safety by calling for better service delivery from the City of Tshwane, focusing on high mast light maintenance and other services,” said Hlatswayo.

The event will start from 10 am include prayer service, messages,  speeches and performance by various artists. africa@citypost.co.za

ANC won Tshwane Ward 9 by elections

Tshwane Ward 9 councilor Barbara Baloyi and ANC Tshwane Regional Secretary Eugene Bonzo Modise celebrating after ANC took the ward.


*AS THE City Post has predicted the ANC has won the Ward 9 by-elections in Winterveldt with about 70 percent beating all the parties that tried to use residents as their voting cows. The ANC has earlier said the people of Winterveldt still want it to continue with their good work of providing services to them.

The residents has rejected the DAEFF which rented a crowd from around Tshwane and other areas of Gauteng to assist them with elections because people don’t want to associate themselves with soft counter revolutionary parties. Small parties like the African Christian Democratic Party, Al Jama-Ah; Arusha Economic Coalition, Forum 4 Service Delivery; and South African First did a great job by taking 3 percent of the DAEFF votes.

The ANC has yet again won by elections with two thirds  after getting 68 percent of the votes followed by the DA by 17 percent, EFF got 10 percent small parties shared the 3 percent and 2 percent were spoilt ballot papers.

The DA tried by all means to get the votes by bringing their poster boy Solly Msimanga, including the Mickey Mouse MMC’s but voters, choose to ignore the DA and the London boy’s party the EFF.  They tried to bride residents with blankets, food parcels and money for wearing DA t-shirts. Residents took the food parcels, blankets and money…continue to vote for ANC.

The ANC Regional Secretary , Eugene Bonzo Modise said the branches and volunteers have worked hard to make sure that the ward remain in the hands of the ANC.

“We are focused and determined. It is the second successive and comprehensive victory in Tshwane’s by elections for the ANC, our glorious revolutionary movement. From here we are going to ward 19 and we will win it without any doubt because the ANC is the only organisation that deliver services to the people.

The ANC incoming ward councilor Barbara Baloyi casting vote at Old Assemblies of God of Africa.

“Comrade Barbara Baloyi has been tried and tested in the organisation; she will deliver the ANC mandate by making sure the people are getting services as our councillors are doing. She is ready to attend the next council meeting to represent the residents of ward 9.

“Congratulations to the RET (Regional Elections Team) and volunteers of the ANC in Tshwane, who came from all zones in the City. The struggle for a better life for all continues and victory is certain,” said Modise. 

*Candidate who took part in by elections are Baloyi of the African National Congress; Thabiso Joseph Sikhosana from Al Jama-Ah; Jerry Phuti Tuuba from Arusha Economic Coalition; Themba Nelson Peter Donacabe from the Democratic Alliance; Mamane Lina Khoza from the Economic Freedom Fighters; Cornelius Lebogang Maponya from Forum 4 Service Delivery; Evelyn Modibaof the African Christian Democratic Party; Matshidiso Barbara; and Leseja Philemon Makgoka from South African First. africa@citypost.co.za