ANC welcome the new bill that will boost small businesses

THE PEOPLE’S MAYORFormer Tshwane mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa has been the champion of reviving small informal and formal businesses around Tshwane during his term.


*THE AFRICAN NATIONAL notes and welcomes the introduction of the Competition Amendment Bill by the Minister of Economic Development, Ebrahim Patel. The bill will help small businesses which operate in a bad situation because of the White Monopoly Capital which controls every sector of our economy. The ANC has called on Parliament to fast-track consideration of the Bill as the country urgently needs bold economic transformation.

Pule Mabe the ANC national spokesperson said they note that the Bill has been through a thorough process of consultation with business and organised labour. We call on the social partners to work closely to begin implementation of the core elements and to join us in opening the economy to small and medium businesses.

“This important Bill addresses the principles outlined in the 54th ANC Conference Resolutions in relation to economic concentration, which noted that the high level of concentration of ownership in many sectors of our economy is dysfunctional to growth, entry of black South Africans in the economy and effective competition, and that the penalties for uncompetitive behaviour must be increased.

“The Bill provides for enhancements which give powers to the competition authorities to address economic concentration and economic inclusion. It focuses on the actions by dominant firms which limit small and medium businesses from participation in the economy, particularly those owned and controlled by Black South Africans,” said Mabe.

He said the Bill also includes stronger penalties for dominant firms which abuse their power and is a clear signal to firms that abuse their power that the authorities will take appropriate action.

“Many studies on the South African economy have indicated the high levels of economic concentration in different sectors. This has a negative impact on innovation, investment, growth and job creation. It also leads to higher prices for consumers and limits the opportunities for small and medium businesses to participate.

Former Tshwane mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa has been the champion of reviving small informal and formal businesses around Tshwane during his term.

“The Bill provides the Competition Commission with the powers to conduct market inquiries in sectors where ownership and market share have become highly concentrated. It proposes remedies which can lead to greater economic participation and lower prices for consumers.

“It also provides for powers which allow the competition authorities to impose conditions on mergers which result in a greater spread of ownership in companies, particular Black South Africans and workers in those companies. This is in line with the call by the ANC National Conference to promote greater worker ownership in the economy and is part of the bold vision of economic transformation that our country needs.
“The ANC further welcomes the provisions which provide for the Executive to intervene in mergers by foreign firms which impact national security interests in the Republic. The requirement for the Executive and Parliament to uphold national security is clearly laid out in the Constitution and the proposed amendments provide the framework for the Executive to fulfill this mandate,” added Mabe.

He concluded by saying the ANC once again affirms its policy to deconcentrate the levels of ownership in South Africa and open the economy for greater participation and jobs.


More white DA members without qualifications in mayor’s office



*SINCE THE SO-CALLED Democratic Alliance took over the City of Tshwane through the back door there are more unqualified officials most of them are white because the DA is a white racist party. A body white builder Stefan DE Villiers who is a DA member has been appointed in the mayor’s office.

It is not for the first time a scandal of unqualified official sufficed in the City of Tshwane which is being run like a spaza shop.

Solly’s bodybuilder’s work experience includes about 2 years as provincial field operations coordinator in the Gauteng DA office, a seven-month stint as DA acting regional manager Gauteng north and three years and seven months as constituency operations manager for the party.

His CV also revealed that he also took part in bodybuilding competitions, winning one in 2003, and continued to assist bodybuilding competitors while serving in the DA.

According to Lesego Makhubela the African Nationa Congress Tshwane Caucus spokesperson, they make renewed calls for Mayor Solly Msimanga and MMC Celliers Brink to immediately resign or they will be pushed out.

“Overwhelming evidence continues to pour in which proves that they are at the heart of employing at the nerve center and at the heart of the city’s administration incompetent, unqualified, inexperienced and unskilled white DA members, breaking the law and flouting recruitment policies of the city.

“Both Msimanga and Brink participated in the headhunting of Marietta Aucamp to act as chief of Staff for 3 months before she was fully employed after the flouting of processes which saw Msimanga breaking his oath of office in defence of white supremacy, that seeks to suggest that if you are white you don’t need qualifications to be appointed in a managerial post,” said Makhubela.

He said now they have hired a bodybuilder without any qualification except a questionable body builders certificate in a position that requires 12 years of experience and post-matric qualification, a white Afrikaner male Mr. Stefan DE Villiers who is employed in the office of the executive mayor in a senior managerial post.

“Through his big muscles and the color of his skin, Stefan DE Villiers was appointed as an Executive Director in the Private office of the mayor and is a former field operations Manager of the DA, on the panel that appointed him was MMC Brink and the disgraced former chief of Staff Marietta Aucamp.

“The ANC Tshwane caucas calls for the immediate removal Mr. Stefan DE Villiers from the employ of the city and that the city should recoup every cent he made unlawfully from the city which amounted to millions of rands. Mr. Stefan DE Villiers like Aucamp are close aides of the mayor, Mr. Stefan a bodybuilder by profession is a senior DA member who was at the helm of the mayor’s campaign team.

“ Aucamp and DE Villiers have been strategically planted in the office of the executive mayor to ensure that they pull the strings he is suspended on as a puppet of white privilege. The two were the ones who in the background made critical decisions on how the city is run whilst Msimanga served as a mouthpiece of such decisions,” added Makhubela.

Makhubela said it is the employment of such unqualified and questionable characters that have run the City to the ground, which explains the rise of racialism in the city, the total collapse of municipal services, the passing of policies that promote economic segregation and gentrification, two years into power under the DA Tshwane.

“DA in Tshwane is undeniable, segregated along racial and economic lines, the firing of hundreds of black professionals and thousands of Vat Alles workers and the termination of Security contracts that resulted in properties of the city being vandalized which will cost millions to repair.

“We are happy that the police have made great progress in the case of fraud and corruption opened against Marietta  Aucamp who we have no doubt, that she will face the full might of the law and that every cent she received whilst corruptly earning from the City of Tshwane will be recovered,” concluded Makhubela.

The City of Tshwane executive Mayor Solly Msimanga has defended the appointment of a bodybuilder as executive director in his private office.

Msimanga said Stefan was a political appointment hired based on his experience in the DA.

“I want to make it clear that Stefan de Villiers is a political appointment. All political leaders appoint and need support staff who can land our policies in government, communicate our message and handle sensitive information.

” Stefan is by far the most qualified candidate for this, he has worked extensively in setting up community events and engagements in our city for several years,” said Msimanga in a statement.




Kgoshi Maepa leads ANC to take back Tshwane



*THE ANC IN TSHWANE has elected new leadership which has united the organisation in the region. The Kgoshi Maepa has emerged as the City Post has predicted at the beginning of the conference.

Maepa was contesting against Paul Mojapelo and he defeated him with 8 votes proving that both have support in the region. Maepa received 148 votes while Mojapelo received 137 votes.

The position for deputy chairperson was won by Aaron Maluleka with 137 votes against Eulenda Mabusela with 128 votes and Frans Boshielo with only 18 votes. The position for

Regional Secretary won by Eugene “Bonzo” Modise with 149 votes against George “General Gaddafi” Matjila with 134 votes.

Charles Mosemola is the deputy secretary won with 149 votes against Ratshilumela “Petrol Bomb” Mashamba who receive 135 votes. The Regional Treasure is Simphiwe Mbatha with 151votes against Ananias Moalusi with 132 votes.

The acting Gauteng ANC chairperson David Makhura told City Post that as they are ready to take win Gauteng in next year elections and will win elections again in Tshwane. Makhura told the delegates to elected committed leaders who will make sure that Tshwane returns back to the people.

“How do we win back public confidence and what kind of ANC leadership do we need, when we say people must be placed in government we need people with the right skills to lead us.”

“We are going to emerge out of this conference ready to serve the people of Gauteng. We’re ready to win back Tshwane and Gauteng in 2019,” said Makhura.






ANC Tshwane conference kicks start today



THE ANC IN Tshwane is going to a conference which the people of Tshwane have hopes it will return back the city to the people. In this conference we see the giants contenting to lead the biggest organisation in the city and working hard to bring back voters’ confidence to the African National Congress by winning back the city with two third majorities. The ANC in Tshwane will be having new leadership by Monday that will work to bring back Tshwane to people.

Dr Kgoshi Maepa will be contesting against Paul Mojapelo for the position of regional chairperson. Kgoshi Maepa is always on the ground and enjoys the support of most of the regions in Tshwane including the ANC Youth League and the Women’s League he 70 percent possibility of winning this.

For the position of regional secretary Eugene “Bonzo” Modise will be contesting against George “General Gaddafi” Matjila this is expected to be a very competitive one but Matjila may win this one. Bonzo’s strong support is Mawiga zone and some parts of Soshanguve while Gaddafi enjoys support in Hammanskraal zone, areas in the eastern and western side of the capital city.

The position for deputy secretary which is between Charles Masemola and Ratshilumela “Petrol Bomb” Mashamba. Charles Masemola has support in Soshanguve and Mawiga while Petrol Bomb enjoys the support of the Youth League in the whole region and some other parts. Both are on the ground and have support, it will also be a very tough one and is unpredictable.

In Treasure position, Eulenda Mabusela will be contenting against Siphiwe Mbatha. Mabusela has 90 percent of winning this one and Mbatha will bite the dust. About 20 members are expected to be elected as additional members amongst them are Enos Chiloane, Japan Baloyi, Emmanuel Maselane and others.