New premier for North West

Job Mokgoro will be sworn in as the North West Premier tomorrow.


*THE SECRETARY-GENERAL of the African National Congress has announced the new Premier of North West province. The former Premier Supra Mahumapelo was forced to resign in May after a politically driven violent protest by few individuals calling for him to step down for several weeks. The province was also placed under administration earlier this year by President Cyril Ramaphosa.  

Ace Magashule announced today at Luthuli House that Job Mokgoro has been appointed as the premier of the platinum province this came after some speculation that Edna Molewa might be recycled as the premier of the province.

“He is a tried and tested administrator,” Magashule said.

 The 70 years old Mokgoro is the former director general for the province, was picked by a special national working committee meeting on Wednesday night.Mokgoro is expected to be sworn in on Friday as the sixth Premier of the North West province.

The South African National Civic Organisation in the province which is not active on the ground has welcomed the appointed of Mokgoro as the North West premier.

Sanco’s Paul Sebegoe said Mokgoro as an experienced administrator and a man of honesty and he said expect Mokgoro to appoint a non-factional executive.

“We expect good from him but we further want to see that intervention in the reflection of the executive, to demonstrate that he does not have a political mandate from elsewhere,” said Sebegoe.

Other people who have served as North West premiers since 1994 are:-

*Popo Molefe from 1994-2004

*Edna Molewa  from 2004-2009

*Maureen Modiselle from 2009-2010

*Thandi Modise from 2010-2014

*Supra Mahumapelo from 2014-2018

Kathrada Foundation condemns Kulula passenger’s racism




*THE AHMED KATHRADA Foundation condemns the racist attitude of 26 years old Kulula flight passenger, Alochna Moodley from Midrand in Johannesburg.

Moodley admitted to using the used the k-word in a text to reportedly describe the captain, Menzi Mvelase, and two other passengers.

The Foundation’s Executive Director, Neeshan Balton, said that Moodley’s attitude was “repulsive and must be strongly condemned”.

“There can be no excuse for racism, whether it is uttered publicly on a stage, or sent via a text message. While Moodley admitted to using the k-word, we are tired of hearing the excuse, ‘Yes I used those words, but….’. Moodley blamed her racism on being frustrated because the flight was delayed. What has a flight being delayed have to do with the pilot’s race or that of other passengers?

Racist…The 26 years old Kulula flight passenger, Alochna Moodley

“Flights are delayed all across the world by airlines for a variety of reasons. What Moodley should do is admit to her racism without providing any excuses. She should not only apologise but commit to undergoing anti-racism and diversity training to overcome her prejudiced views,” Balton said.

Balton said calling someone the ‘k-word’ is not a ‘little offence’. It is highly offensive and deserves media and public attention and condemnation.

At the same time, Balton commended Kulula for taking a tough stance against the offender and ensuring that she was removed from the flight.

“It is important for companies to show that racism will not be tolerated. In this instance, other passengers and the airline’s staff needed to be protected from further enduring Moodley’s vile racism.

“We hope that other businesses can draw lessons from this example and employ similar methods of dealing with racists. We also hope that this incident sends a strong message to racists themselves, that society will not tolerate their bigotry,” he added.

Balton also praised passenger, Reverend Solomuzi Mabuza, for calling out Moodley when he noticed her racist text.

“Mabuza could have simply remained silent in the face of racism, but he did not. He must be commended for this. Throughout Anti-Racism Week this year, we have been calling on individuals to speak out and act against racism. The stance taken by Reverend Mabuza, who alerted the airline about the matter and highlighted the issue publicly, is something that can be replicated by others who face racism. We also applaud the actions of other passengers who similarly voiced their opposition to Moodley’s racism.

“The Foundation is in contact with Reverend Mabuza and will explore how to take the matter forward and possibly take further action against Moodley for her comments,” he concluded.

ANC councillor donates 400 blankets to pensioners


THE AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS is winning their battle against poverty in the City of Tshwane, despite being on the opposition bench and being sabotage by soft counter-revolutionaries. This was proved by Councilor Enos Chiloane who donated 400 blankets to pensioners in his ward.

The National Youth Day was celebrated in style at Extension 6 ground by more than 2 000 people from Tshwane Ward 90. The day was celebrated with music and dance by local groups such as Basadi ba Ward90, Black Pool Dance Club, and many others.

“We honour the youth of 76 for their contribution in the struggle against apartheid. They play a big role to liberate us from oppressive National Party regime. We would like to thank Valumax Developers for helping us in this programme to make sure that 400 blankets are donated to these youth of 76 most of them are now pensioners.

“As a community leader, my dream is to see everyone with a smile both young and old. That is why approached Ferdinand Kerkhoff the director of Valumax Property to invest in our poverty alleviation programme.

“Since 2013 in June and December I fundraise or search deep into my pocket to give pensioners blankets, food parcels, and school kids uniform because I grew up knowing that it is important to take care of each other as humans that is called Ubuntu or humanity,” said Chiloane.

After the pensioners receiving the blankets, everyone who attended the event was served with lunch of a chicken stew to make sure no one went home on an empty stomach.

David Thathane the local leader of the ANC Youth League in the area said that with the help of the Class of 76 freedom was achieved in this country.

“With the help of 1976 students we achieve our freedom now we are facing a new struggle of winning our battle against poverty, that is why as the ANC we have declared war on poverty.

“This programme is part of our battle against poverty and as the ANC we will always win our battle against poverty. Our aim is to see everyone living in a poverty-free South Africa,” said Thathane.

When we were terrorists


UDF, Cosas and Mawiyo members blocking the Bushveld Road in 1986. The shop on the right is now popular Lifestyle pub in Winterveldt.Photo by Africa Ka Mahamba


*AS BLACK PEOPLE we tend to honour people when they are dead…these comrades deserve to be honoured not because they were chased by Homeland security forces…They put their lives on the firing line because they wanted this country to be free. During the era of United Democratic Front, Cosas, Mawiyo (Mabopane Winterveldt Youth Organisations) and other Mass Democratic Movements we use to have our comrades who sacrifice a lot for this freedom…the then regime called us terrorist but we have never terrorized anyone. They terrorize us, our families but we keep on fighting. The security forces fired bullets and we retaliate with stone and petrol bombs. Only a few of us return fire with fire.

I grew up in Pinkies Area but I attended ANC underground meeting in Roma the strongest underground cell in Winterveldt. We have other cells like Moeketsi, Makgatho, Vuma, Jackies, and others but Roma cell was the strongest ANC underground cell.

It was lead by Cde Killer Mahlangu, some of the cell leaders were Mafika Mahlangu, Collen Chauke, Muntu Mahlangu, Derrick Mosito and Lenda Kwenda.

It was not a secret that the Roma cell and the Vuma cell which was lead by Babu Nyamakazi were not in good terms after some members of the Roma cell were sjambokked at Vuma for the crime they did not commit.

Roma has radical youngsters such as Mpolayeng, Sello, Mzondi Maluleke, Lucky (aka Lucky Stallion) Doctor Masuku (aka Doctor Import), Doctor Madevu (aka Doctor Local) and many others.

While the Umkhonto We Sizwe was training and hitting the enemy with guerrilla warfare this youngsters was hitting the enemy right under their nose.

I remember a large number of comrades were arrested after one of the big raids by Bop security forces, that evening we met at Roman Catholic Church at Ndaba Stand, the radical youngsters were calling for action but Comrade Killer Mahlangu told the meeting that ANC leaders will be informed about the arrested comrades and lawyers will be arranged.

He told us to lie low while they are arranging lawyers for the comrades. The following morning the radical youth met at Maman Khoza’s home in Maluleke Stand. “Comrades we are the one that gets arrested, the executive members are not arrested. Let’s take the action that will make one of them to be the suspect of the police,” said Lucky.

Within minutes we found a furniture truck, we stopped it and hijacked it as we used to do to ama-target (government and company cars). We took that truck and park it next to Lenda Kwenda’s (one of the executive members) home and set it alight. The aim was to make sure that our leaders get arrested just like us…We heard that police raided Lenda Kwenda’s home but we were not lucky because our safe house in Jackies was also raided Bop Police.

We wanted one of our leaders to feel the pain of being behind bars but it did not happen…on the third day were arrested at Mamana Khoza’s place by a group of police officers in a Toyota Katjibana.

We were sent to Zone 5 in Ga-rankuwa were we were tortured by the police. I remember Mpolayeng was using crutches to walk when we get arrested. He was hit with his crutches until they were destroyed into pieces.

I was beaten for about an hour by the police who wanted to confess that I was part of the group that torches the furniture truck but I said I know nothing. The truth is that I was part of the group that burnt that vehicle.

On the 6th day at Ga-Rankuwa police Station, the late Kehla Nyamakazi arrived with Human Right lawyer, Pat Huma and we were released. I went home after my RELEASE.

These are some of the Mawiyo,Cosas,UDF and ANC comrades who deserve to be honoured in Winterveldt for their contribution in the struggle…..

*Killer Mahlangu- A good leader who respect young and old, good with at educating other comrades politically and he was not afraid of the enemy. We join the MK to defend his people against the enemy.

*Dr Sam Motsuenyane- He is one of the people who were taking part in ANC underground structures and he was the target of the former regime. His house was set alight by the enemy but he never surrender.

*Collen Chauke- He was a born leader. He was down to earth, smart thinker and a motivator to most of the youth during the struggle. He motivated me to enrol at Alexander Arts centre to do my photographic course which helped to inspire me to be a journalist. He also did his music course at Alexander Arts Centre. An MK operative contributed to liberate this country from the apartheid government.

*Gilbert Mahlangu- One of the founders of revolutionary structures in Winterveldt. He has been active in underground ANC activities since the 70’s. He has been active in ANC underground structures for nearly 2 decades and he was always in the forefront to make sure that this liberation is achieved.

*Mafika Mahlangu-He was born leader and a man of action. He went to exile to train as a MK leader to liberate his people after being harassed by the Bop security forces. He loved his ANC and his people more than anything a true ANC soldier, no matter what happened.

*Pat Moja-A good singer and chanter who can sing the whole night and politically educated. He has been active in ANC structures at the time it was dangerous to be involved.

*Sunnyboy Motshepi-This old man is one of the few who defied the Bantustan government by establishing a Zulu . He was active in underground ANC politics and he was also arrested several times by the former regime.

*Lucky Stallion- Creative singer, he loves camouflage clothing and he was always armed with a Quash (real self-made gun that use a bullet) or a real gun ready to defend the revolution. He taught many comrades how to use a gun. He was always firing back at the enemy.

*Nelson Mbovane aka Mpolayeng- He was a good singer and a man of action. He was not afraid to stop the bus alone during the stay away and torch it to the ground. He was not afraid to enter the shopping centre and destroy groceries of those who were ignoring the call by revolutionary movement.

*Lenda Kwenda- She was few of the active female comrades who have been arrested several times but also never gave up and keep on mobilising for the ANC underground.

*Maman Khoza-Her home was a refuge for the comrades, his neighbours were calling her Winnie Mandela because of her bravery and courage to fight the enemy. She was the first suspect in every action and ended behind bars but she never gave up. She was not afraid to take a bullet for freedom.

*Derrick Mosito-A leader, a good singer and a motivator to the young lions. He was also good at giving amaqabane umrhabulo.

*Lucas Mdluli- A poet at every funeral, a man of action. He was always in front not afraid to take a bullet for the revolution. As Cosas member he stopped the schooling at his own school during stay away.

*Doctor Masuku- He was the same WhatsApp group as Lucky Stallion, he loves guns and was not afraid to take a bullet for revolution.  He was the commander of the marshals this made him the police to suspect that he was an MK operative and he was always in front not afraid to fight the enemy.

*Morris Masilela-He was not afraid to take a bullet to defend the revolution. He was once shot by Askaris and their handlers while during one of the funerals in Winterveldt. He was against corruption and he made sure that cops who are taking bribes are out of SAPS as a CPF member.

*Elias Mathata- He was not only a revolutionary but he was also a great crime fighter. He will hunt an armed gangster carrying a sjambok and bring it alive to be punished for terrorising the community. He fought against criminals like the A-Team Gangster which was funded by the former regime to terrorize the community and amaqabane.

*David Mahlangu- He was not talking too much but he was one of the intelligent guys in the movement, he was also a strategist and a trained ANC Spook. Despite torture that nearly killed him he did not give up he keeps on working hard to liberate this country.

*Moses Ndamane-He was a father figure to all the comrades and he always wanted to see everyone happy. “Are you happy qabane”, he will ask after greeting you. He told the police who arrest him that even if they can kill him, they struggle for revolution will continue. He was the first deputy chairperson of the first ANC branch in Winterveldt.

*Sugar Monyane- His home was where underground meeting were held in Pinkies Cell. He is one of the Cosas members that revive ANC underground structures in Winterveldt and the first group of youth form Mabopane Winterveldt Youth Organisation. He is also the founder of Winterveldt Community Radio Station.

*Mongezi Mbewe- He is also one of the founders of Mawiyo. He was not afraid to die for freedom. He was arrested tortured by security forces but he keep on mobilising for the ANC underground to make Bophuthatswana ungovernable.

*Amos Monyane- He is also one of the founders of Mawiyo. He was not afraid to die for freedom. He was arrested tortured by security forces but he keep on mobilising for the ANC underground to make Bophuthatswana ungovernable. His home was an ANC underground cell.

*Lambert Sedutla-This is the bravest comrade I have ever seen. He was not afraid to be thrown into cold cells and he was feared by Bop police. Lambert used to be pretend to be a lawyer when the comrades are arrested he will wear his suit and tie. Carry the briefcase to the charge office. He will demand to see the station commander and demand the comrades that are detain without trial be release immediately or be charged.

*Kehla Nyamakazi-He is one of the founders of ANC underground cells in Winterveldt. He founded the first advice office in Winterveldt with Comrades Killer Mahlangu and others to help the community with their problems and is also the first ANC branch chairperson in Winterveldt. He was arrested several times and he was organising lawyers when comrades were arrested. Those who want to share their stories of pre-democracy contributions are welcome by emailing

Comrade Sephiwe given a revolutionary burial



*HE LIVED A revolutionary life and he was given a revolutionary burial by more than 10 000 people who attended one of the biggest funerals ever in Soshanguve. Among those who attended include Gauteng Premier David Makhura, former ANC mayor Sputla Ramokgopa, ANC MP Mamoloko Khensani Kubayi and leaders of the opposition party.

All speakers call on police to arrest the killers of Comrade Sephiwe Montlha who was brutally killed on 22 May just days after his birthday which was on the 7 May.

Paying her last respect her wife Pontsho Montlha said her husband has confidence in her and he uses to call him Kumkani.

“He loved the community and he was dedicated to his job. Sometimes we will talk the whole night and sleep at 4 am and at 6 am he will be awake. When I asked him why he is not sleeping he will say baby I am a leader Karl Marx, Lenin and Chris Hani told him not to sleep as a communist.

“Our last days it seems you were saying goodbye to each other. I will raise your kids, I love you Sephiwe Montlha. To his killers what I have done to you, do you hear my pain? If I ever did you wrong, I am sorry. I am the one who is feeling the pain. If you think you have done a clean job, there is no clean job under God. God has never failed me, you will pay,” said Pontsho in the speech of her husband funeral.

Mapiti Matsena leader of the opposition in Tshwane council said Sephiwe volunteer to be deployed in 3 portfolios because he was committed to serving his people.

“He never misses a single meeting and he was contributing in every meeting. I spoke to him the day he was killed and we were supposed to meet but he never answered his phone after few minutes. I receive a phone call at around 10 pm that he has been killed. Those who carried this barbaric act must be arrested,” said Matsena.

Gauteng Premier, David Makhura said Councilor Sephiwe Montlha was very loyal to his people and the African National Congress.

“He was a revolutionary to the core, he always wanted the best for his people and the people of Tshwane. He died in a tragic way. He was inspired by one thing, to serve the people. His soul shall rest in peace, those who killed him will not rest in peace.

“We will find the killers. We ask God to give our police the strength to find the killers. Even children cannot play in peace today they also get killed. In honour of Comrade Sephiwe let’s work together to improve service delivery. Let’s make sure his family is taken care and his children get an education,” said Makhura.