Comrade Sephiwe’s idea lives on

Some of the 8 000 people who attended Councilor Sephiwe Montlha’s memorial in Soshanguve


*DIFFERENT SPEAKERS OF the ANC and its alliance has condemned the killing of Councillor Sephiwe Montlha at a memorial service held at KT Motubatsi Hall in Soshanguve which was named after another councillor who was also killed. More than 8 000 people attended the memorial service of councillor Montlha who was gunned down by unknown criminal elements about a week ago.

Some of the 8 000 people who attended Councilor Sephiwe Montlha’s memorial in Soshanguve

The speakers at the memorial service include friends, family including ANC leaders like Lesego Makhubela of the ANC Youth League, Nozipho Makeke of the ANC Women League, Mapiti Matsena of the ANC and leaders from the revolutionary movement like Sanco, SACP, YCL, Cosas, Sasco, and others.

Sephiwe Montlha’s daughter Karabo rendered a touching speech which includes a poem to pay tribute to her late father.

“My dad was born on the 7 May and he was killed on the 21 May. I was much closer to my dad and he loved politics and his blood remain yellow, green and black.

“My dad loved his people and the ANC. When I told him about the killing of ANC councillors in KZN, he just smiles and says he will always wear yellow, green and black. He said he will die in the ANC,” said Karabo.

Lesego Makhubela of the ANC Youth League in Tshwane said all revolutionaries are getting killed because of their love for the people.

“You can never kill their idea.

Sephiwe Montlha’s daughter Karabo Montlha paying tribute to her father.

Comrade Chris Hani was also killed by those who oppose the idea but they never killed his political ideas.

“Revolutionaries can be killed and tortured but their ideas will never die. We need to go and hunt those killers so that they don’t kill another councillor,” said Makhubela.

Nozipho Makeke of the ANC Women’s League said we cannot just fold our arms while our leaders are killed.

“We need to stand up against criminals because we cannot fold our hands while our leaders are killed. We must act and stand against crime,” said Makeke.

DA’s picket was just a poor attempt to win votes in 2019


*THE SLOW Dying Democratic Alliance is using few politically lost blacks to score some political points by picketing outside Gauteng Social Development offices.

The Gauteng Social Development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza has labeled the picket by handful DA supporters outside the Department’s offices this morning as a frivolous exercise for electioneering.

“We received DA’s memorandum with total dismay because the same members decided to boycott the legislature’s Portfolio Committee meeting held on Thursday last week wherein the Gauteng Department of Social Development (GDSD) presented a full report on progress with regards to delays in the NPO payment.

“We explained to the committee that 1 284 vetted NPO’s that complied with the laws of this country have been paid. We provided reasons for the delayed payment of the others. We explained that to avoid yet another Life Esidimeni and other accidents within NPO’s that care for vulnerable people, we are much stricter with compliance of NPO’s,” Mayathula-Khoza said.

She said she could not understand why the DA complaint would when the government was enforcing compliance.

“If there are gaps in these systems they compliant, if we address them they complain. We will nonetheless continue with ensuring compliance. As part of this process, the social development officials will do regular inspections, not only to help NPO’s to comply but to monitor their performance. Gauteng government is already reducing red tape to ensure efficient service delivery. DA’s picket was just a poor attempt to win votes for 2019,” said the




  Bloemfontein Celtic should remain Free State team.



*THE AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS Mangaung Region sympathize with a community of the Free State that Bloemfontein Celtic should remain the soccer team of the Free State. 

According to ANC Regional Spokesperson Ncamile Nxangisa, they have learned of the alleged intention of Mr. Max Tshabalala to sell Bloemfontein Celtic to a business person in Northern Cape. 

“While we respect the decision taken by Mr. Max Tshabalala to do business with any person. It is our view that when Bloemfontein Celtic is sold it should be sold at least to Free State business. The implication of Bloemfontein Celtic being sold to business outside the Free State is that this team that have roots and a long history of many years in Free State might no longer be the pride of the Free States


“We appeal to Free State business to save Bloemfontein Celtic from being sold outside the Free State. The club is the legacy left by Ntate Petrus Molemela which must be preserved even for future generations. It should serve as one of our anchors in sporting code in the Free State,” said Nxangisa.

He said the leadership of the region will soon meet with the owner and management of Bloemfontein Celtic to discuss possible interventions for keeping Bloemfontein Celtic in the Free State.

“Part of our proposal to the owner will be to negotiate with him to put a clause in a contract that will force whoever that buys the team, that the team must operate from Bloemfontein and it’s home ground to remain Dr. Petrus Molemela Stadium,” concluded

Hamba Kahle Mkhonto we Sizwe.




THE FIRST CALL it was about the death of a revolutionary and a councillor that cares about his people. I started to know Councillor Sephiwe Montlha around 2003 before he became a councillor. He was active with the Young Communist League.

Just a week before we were assassinated Montlha shared his birthday party with pensioners at his home in Soshanguve. He loved by young and old. I am sad to write this because those who have killed him, they have just killed his flesh. His revolutionary spirit will keep on living on.

He worked hard to deliver ANC promises in his ward that is why his ward is the most developed ward in Soshanguve South which clinics, train station, hall, library, tar roads, RDP’s, schools and many more. He was down to earth respecting everyone. I hope the police will do their job and arrest those who have committed this evil crime; those who have done this don’t deserve to live in our communities. I don’t have much to say because this has chock me. They might have taken Comrade Sephiwe but his spirit will keep on pushing the revolution.

ANC delivered more than 3 000 title deeds

Residents of Extension 6 Soshanguve gathered at the local soccer pitch to receive their title deeds.


MORE THAN 3000 title deeds have been issued for Tshwane Ward 90 Soshanguve which is under the African National Congress’s Councillor Enos Chiloane. The title deeds are for houses that were built by the Tshwane ANC led administration and has been issued by the ANC led provincial Gauteng Department of Human Settlement.  Today Chilkoane issued 300 title deeds to residents of Extension 6 Soshanguve and other 1067 title deeds will be issued on the 29 May when Gauteng Premier David Makhura visit the area. “This area started on 9 July 2012 but we have already issued title deeds because as the ANC we are committed to serving our people. We have issued more than 2 000 title deeds for Extension 7 and today we are issuing 300 title deeds and another 1067 title deeds will be issued on the 29 may when Premier David Makhura visit our area. “As the ANC our aim is to issue title deeds to every house and eradicate squatter settlement. In my ward, there is only one squatter settlement at the moment, Plasticview but by July my ward will have no squatter settlement,” said Chiloane. 

Some of the residents who received title deeds pictured with councillor Enos Chiloane.

Residents who were interviewed by the City Post said that they are happy to have a counsellor that delivers his promises and they will keep voting the ANC. One of them is Siyanda Matsemela who said the ANC government followed what they have done by delivering the title deeds of the houses they have built for the people. “We are happy to be under the caring councillor of the ANC, he is working hard to deliver despite the sabotage by the DA-led the City of Tshwane which does not care about black people. “We will keep voting the ANC to make sure that we are led by real leaders, not leaders who just need a black vote serving the white monopoly interest.


  ANC Councilor give back to 500 pensioners on his birthday




*SOSHANGUVE ANC WARD  gave back to his community by throwing a big birthday party for pensioners at his home. Councilor Sephiwe Montlha like other ANC councilors he has never forgotten about his constituency. He also shared his 41 birthday cake with pensioners who attended the biggest birthday ever in Sosh. More than a thousand people attended the birthday which was spiced which music by local gospel artist Thina Bodigelo

He slaughter a big cow, and handed food parcels ( which are rice, maize, canned food and tea bags) , blankets, t-shirts and turbans to more than 500 pensioners who have gathered at his home in Extension 4 Soshanguve South.

“I saw the need to share my 41 birthday with elders because I have been a councilor because of their advice and they have always been there for me. As a councilor all the people in my ward are important to me and this senior citizens contribute a lot in our community, they took care of us and now they are taking care of our children that is why they deserve to be happy and celebrate with me on my big day.


“May is a significant month in my life , I was born on the 7 May, on the 3rd May in my wedding anniversary, on the 5 May in my last born Onkgopotse’s birthday and on the 11 May is the Election day which I was elected into office as a councilor,”said Montlha.

Local Chief Mabena of the AmaNdebele told the elders that councilors Sephiwe Montlha loves them and he has proven by inviting them ant his birthday and spoil them with the gifts.

“The ANC is the only party that take care of a black man, the must not allow the DA to take control of the whole country because they don’t loves a black man. We have suiffered enough during the white man’s rule and we must not allow that to happen again.

“We are lucky to be under the ANC government and councillor Sephiwe Montla let’s love our councillor because we don’t want to go back to the white government that used to oppressed us,”said