Exactly my point…


*COMRADE I HAVE reached a point in life were I interrogate anything and everything which my mind can comprehend and find no sense regardless how legal it may sound or seem. You see there is no law and any framework policy that will be passed without no agenda to suit a certain class in our society. My worry is that majority of my fellow educated chaps don’t even dare to do that because its a policy or a constitution and they have to be guided by such writing with purpose documents.

People must know that the very same constitution which is highly regarded as the supreme document wasn’t drafted by black people, all along I thought they drafted it and the truth is they have adopted it and the question must be who wrote it? With what kind of intentions, To benefit which class of our society? All this IFRS, GAAP, Economic Policies, Tax Law frameworks, Education Policy and all different laws and policies which has been adopted who wrote them? Why don’t we even have any idea or guts to question their motives?

Just because we found them and those who came before us they didn’t question does that translate for us not to question this documents? On Saturday during our Black Caucus Land Dialogue I have raised something that I have noticed majority never let their thoughts to swim in such a deep untold truth of the agenda behind the drafting of this policies and documents especially in regard with Tax system which is said to be global tax system that micromanages our global tax affairs.

Look at this way, the other instance which doesn’t make any sense is this one. How many companies are we having in this country which is not from this country? Companies which came to this country just to do businesses? Actually, more than 90% of companies in this country are not from this country. You want to tell me whoever came up with the residential tax system didn’t know what he was doing? The residential tax system says whichever company that it is doing business in your country and that comes from a foreign country must pay tax to the country of its origin not where it’s doing the businesses. How many companies those are doing businesses here but don’t pay income tax here? Europeans understood very well that Africa is the place of honey and must have a better mechanism to make sure they loot as possible and in large numbers. Some looting they felt it must be a legalized looting and as their education was structured in such a way of normalising their looting to be legalized. You put it in the syllabuses or on the courses they will take it as its normal and that’s how the education system is also playing with our minds at some point.

If I am saying 90% of companies which are doing businesses in this country are not from this country then it simply means there is more than the fiscals of this country that it is leaving our shores through her same tax system, residential tax system or worldwide taxation. This is the very same money which could be used to fund the free decolonized quality education for our own students. That’s why I don’t get excited when I hear about investors because all I know is that they are here to enrich their country’s revenue authorities by doing business here and then whatever they left with they send it back to their own revenue authorities. Why our own government is not imposing the rules that whoever doing business in our country pays the full tax rate taxed to his company pays to our revenue authority SARS in full? I mean how on the earth one will find nothing wrong to have companies doing business here and leave with what they have made in disguise of the tax system?

I mean imagine if all these companies were from SA it simply means our government was going to collect more of tax because there is no exception by any law or tax framework policy that will be preventing any company not to pay here in our own SARS. The money that this company pays to their revenue authorities is above R3.8Trillion to their own revenue authorities from their country of origin, this is triple our fiscals…I have said what these companies are taking out of this country is more than what our own SARS collects on behalf of the government by three times…the budget of this country triple times is leaving the shore of this country and no scholars seem to understand these very simple principle comrades…I am now starting to have a very serious problem with our education system if such doesn’t come to your mind just to ask yourself why things have to be the way they are now especially in Africa. How many companies we have from Africa that can say they are going to do business in Europe? Exactly my point…


Uhuru call on community to work with him



*THE GAUTENG MEC for Human Settlements in Gauteng, Uhuru Moiloa has called for communities to work with him and the ANC lead provincial government in resolving issues related to human settlements in the province.

Speaking during a title deeds handover at Impumelelo Township in Devon on the East of Gauteng accompanied by Gauteng Premier David Makhura, Moiloa urged the residents of this community to work with him to improve service delivery. 

“Should there be any misunderstanding between us, on how to solve your grievances; the situation shouldn’t result in violence. 

“I am calling on you not to destroy what we as a government have built and also please do not invade the land, because the government has plans and policies in place for the development of land and building of megacities. Remember that working together we can do more,” said Moiloa.

Moiloa said that the Department has not forgotten communities in the periphery of the province and is working hard to ensure that they also have a better life and benefit from government programmes. 

The Premier and the MEC handed over title deeds to the elderly, people living with disabilities and child-headed households.                                                                                                   

Premier Makhura said that there is a project that people from extension 3 and 4 have been waiting for, because of the land acquisition process. 

“Today I am here to tell you that the land problem has been solved and the developer will be here to start work on the 14 May 2018. Development in this area will continue.”

 “Government was also aware of other problems in this area such as not having a police station and having to travel a long distance to Heidelberg to get government services. We know that the people of Impumelelo want development, houses and title deeds. 

“We build houses for the elderly and underprivileged people, mothers and fathers, not for the youth,” said Makhura.

One of the 200 beneficiaries of title deeds on the day was an elderly person living with a disability, 82-year-old, Toko Lettie Nhlapo from Impumelelo Ext 2, who said that she is very happy to receive her title deed.

 “I am happy to receive this title deed from the ANC lead provincial government which is always taking care of us,” said Nhlapo.

“I am very excited today to get a proof that I am the rightful owner of my house, now one can come claim my house. I am going to keep it safe in my room and locked up. I don’t want anybody to rob me of my title deed” said Nhlapo.

The Department works closely with the Sedibeng District municipality will issue over 4500 title deeds to occupants of government owned-houses.

Moiloa told the community that he was going to return to Impumelelo soon to hand-over close to 1000 title deeds.sizwe@citypost.co.za

South African lost the mother of the nation


THE MOTHER OF the Nation, Nomzamo Winifred Madikizela-Mandela a well known anti-apartheid activist has died at the age of 81.This was confirmed by her Personal Assistant Zodwa Zwane in an interview with City Post.

“I can confirm that Mama Winnie is no longer with us”, she said.The family is expected to issue a statement before the end of today.

Mama Winnie was born in Bizana in the Eastern Cape 81 years ago and moved to the city of Gold to study social work after matriculating. She married to Tata, Nelson Mandela former South African president and the long-serving political prisoner in 1958 and they were blessed with two children. They were married about four decades until they divorce in 1996.

In 1994 she became a member of parliament and was appointed was appointed Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture during Madiba’s term.  In 2016 mama Winnie was honoured with the Order of Luthuli in Silver during the National Orders Awards ceremony for her excellent contribution to the fight against apartheid in South Africa. africa@citypost.co.za