ANC must be careful as Julius


 It is my view that all the Metros that we lost should be reclaimed by the power of the ballot and but not by horse trading. Depending on whichever way you look at it, Malema has been consistently castigating and chastising the ANC by labelling it with all sorts of names such that his party, EFF, slept with the apartheid offspring, DA just to spite the ANC and weaken it in Johannesburg and Tshwane.

Our members are being purged in both Johannesburg and Tshwane Metro and are being replaced by DA members.

Now, when the marriage of convenience is starting to collapse, he runs to the ANC and dictate terms nogal that should it win the motion, Mcebisi Jonas should become the Mayor of the NMB and the ANC agrees in principle and Mcebisi is yet to account for the missing millions of President Mandela funeral and other scandals involving Jonas during which period, he was the MEC of the Economic Development and CEO of the EC Development Corporation.

Julius will be the first to oust Jonas by questioning the above by putting the blame squarely on ANC as if he didn’t know about same.

ANC must be careful as Julius has created an impression that he runs the ANC.

Not so long ago, Malema said the ANC is not in charge but the EFF is and he gave an example of the adoption of the motion to expropriate land without compensation as EFF victory notwithstanding the fact that same is the policy of the ANC but gives the EFF an upper hand in the manner to which the motion was adopted as if they own it.

The ANC will be committing a big and glaring mistake should it allow itself to be dictated to by Malema. If Ramaphosa thinks softening Malema is the way to go to avoid what he used to label Zuma, good luck to Ramaphosa when he is supposed to put Malema in his place in the exact of how Zuma did with him.

Malema enjoys dictating terms to his enemies and the ANC must be careful because Malema is surely going to use the land expropriation without compensation as his Trump card to woo potential voters.










More support for Msholozi



THE SUPPORT FOR the pioneer of Radical Economic Transformation, Comrade Jacob Zuma is increasing day by the day. The White Monopoly Capital which is infiltrating the ANC has made sure that Zuma stands in court on the historic day Jan Riebeeck arrived in this country in 1652. On this same day, apartheid regime hanged Solomon Mahlangu after he was sentenced to death by DA’s Tony Leon’s father.

Msholozi is facing 16 questionable charges, including corruption, money laundering and racketeering.

Masses around the country are rallying behind Msholozi to make sure he gets the support he needs and White Monopoly Capital and their informers within the organization will not triumph. Members of the ANC, ANC Youth League, ANC Women’s League, MKMVA and other structures have vowed to come up with large number top support Msholozi.

One of the vocal Eastern Cape ANC councillor Andile Lungisa said he will be attending Msholozi court appearance in ANC full regalia because he will be supporting a real ANC comrade.

“I am not talking about anything that relates to the NEC. When you go there, you don’t cease to be a member because you are going to court; sometimes you must be rational when you make decisions.

“I support Msholozi who is an ANC member.I will wear my ANC regalia as a member of the ANC, with my membership in my pocket,” said Lungisa

Sihle Zikalala the coordinator of the ANC in KZN will also be supporting Msholozi on the day of court.

“I will be supporting Comrade Zuma. It’s just that we have to go on a humanitarian basis that he is one of the ANC, one of the people we have worked within the province. So we provide solidarity and support to anyone at any time,” said Zikalala.

Nkosentsha Shezi, of the National Funeral Practitioners Association (Nafupa SA) they are 100 percent behind Msholozi.

“We have honoured him as the father of radical economic transformation; he saves millions of lives by introducing the world’s biggest ARV programme.

“He declared free education for the children of the working class and he’s the one that called for land expropriation without compensation even at the risk of his party not having declared so at that moment. The Radical Economic Transformation Champions were engaging with many people across the country, who wanted to be there for Zuma.

“We call upon church leaders, bishops and pastors, musicians, students, women formations and youth to come out in numbers and show solidarity with father of RET, the champion of RET, President Jacob Zuma on 6 April 2018,” said Shezi.





Msholozi is my hero

By Nkululeko Franz Mckenzie

Zuma once said, when we came back home from exile some of us became owners of an expensive mansion, living next to the ocean where only rich white people stay. The question is, where and how did they suddenly got the money to live such expensive life? I still remember Zuma during the time he was a deputy president of South Africa. The criminals broke into his home at Nkandla, the people were laughing saying how come the deputy president living in such a terrible house, the white-owned media were publishing his houses then we as blacks were laughing while whites exposing him. We as blacks were quick to forget the history of a freedom fighter that grew up without parents and joins the struggle while he was still young. We were quick to forget that man spent his life in Robben Island, spent his life in different African countries. We were quick to forget that man fought against white domination. Zuma still not satisfied with the current situation in South Africa, he still not believe that this is what Chris Hani, Steve Biko etc died for this country.He said now it is time for the people to be financially free. He said whites gave us political freedom but the financial freedom still belongs to a few white families. He said he doesn’t hate white people, there are poor white people but the problem is that there are few white families who control the economy of SA.I do understand why they tried by all means to discredit him. They tried to stop him to become SA president, they tried to kill him several times using poison and even a jet but failed, they tried to arrest him, they tried to kill him using HIV. They checked each and every weak point he has and try to penetrate but he remained resistant same as a rock. Zuma, Maphatsoe and others are not forgetting so easily but Lekota and others seem to forget so easily what they were fighting for in SA. He opened our eyes, he is my hero.I will be there in court to show my support, you have risked your life for the black nation, as for me I will be there without carrying heavy



Winterveldt, Massacre lest we forget


On the 25 March 1986, my parents warned me never to attend the meeting the following day at City Rock ground because I will get arrested. I agree with them just to make sure they stop lecturing me about the danger of the Bop security forces.


The following day which was the 26 March they wake me up at around 6 am to go fetch water at Mathe Stand about 800 metres to a kilometre from home. When I return I was given another task to hack the wood and I did it.


At around 8 am people were starting to mobilize for the meeting. I know I have to respect my parent but at the same time as Cosas activists, I have to be part of that meeting. I realized that they were watching me like a hawk but I managed to use the back door and join the group that was mobilizing for the meeting.

I went to my cousin Johannes Thugwane join the group that was gathered at Makgobathe Stand and we joined by others on our way to City Rocks. When arrived at a southern part of the soccer pitch. A group of elders like ntate Motshepi, Reverent Lusenga, Mmalebopo and others were sitting in front. I saw my schoolmate Didi and some youth sitting on top of the roof of the houses on the west side of the goal post, I joined them and left Johannes next to the pitch. 

There were more than 5 000 people gathered there. The parents wanted to be answered by Brigadier Ronnie Molope and Colonel Jerry Mukubyane.The meeting was arranged by Mawicco (Mabopane Winterveldt Crisis Committee), Mawiyo (Mabopane Winterveldt Youth Organisation) and Cosas.


There were singing of revolutionary songs by the youth …while the elders were trying to engage with Molope and his cops we saw a group carrying a flag from the north side. I so Molope’s face changing when he so the flag and he wave a small stick him was carrying and the hell break loss. Police started shooting and I try to jump to the west side but I so police hippos and jump to the pitch side which it was worse.

I run and so someone being shot in the back while running and I fell on someone and stand and started to run again and again someone next to me fell down after being shoot on the back…this time I was smelling death staring me right in my eyes.


My right shoe came out and continues to run without to the nearby house and enter through the window and went straight to the bed. It was at around 11 am and I came out at around 7 pm while everybody was washing a black and white television…

They were shocked to see me coming out of one of the rooms…my t-shirt was having blood because I fell on someone who was shot. I tell them that I was hiding under the bed…the old woman begs me to go because I police are going to shoot me but I told her I have to go…when I go but I was not that lucky because I was arrested on the way home by the security forces.


We were sent to Dube police station which was the only police station in Winterveldt. We were shown different sizes of pick handles and told to choose one, I choose the small one but it did not make a difference because I was beaten until I fainted and left lying in a pool of blood …


The next day we were sent to Jericho where we were interrogated and beaten again with canes and sjamboks. The same day they release us to walk about 30 kilometres back home.

At home, my cousin Johannes told them he saw me falling on the ground after being shot by police. He was right about falling but not about death because I fall on the ground after being drip by someone who has been shot but not a single bullet touched me…They receive the wrong message that I am of those who have been killed…My mom was traumatized because she has looked everywhere but did not find me…When I arrive at home I started by apologies for not listening to them but gave them a reason that I have to attend the meeting because peoples cannot just be an arrest or killed for fighting for freedom…

*Those that people were not killed for this freedom they don’t know what they are talking about because more than 22 people were killed but only 11 were recorded, more than 500 including me were arrested and more than 20 are still missing even today. We still need to know what happens to more than 20 people who went missing on that day.



He could not be found guilty


I HAVE BEEN inundated with requests on my inbox for my personal comments following the reinstatement of charges against former President of the Republic of South Africa His Excellency J.G Zuma.

Interestingly, I have followed this case for years and at one stage I analysed how the media was reporting about it.

Though I have refused the temptation to comment, perhaps it is important to reflect on the case especially leading up to Polokwane Conference.

Prior to the Polokwane conference, branches and delegates debated about and evaluated many of the talented leaders of the ANC in the context of who will best lead the organisation and our country during that time – they said Zuma was that person.

Contrary to media reports of the Polokwane conference, the decision to elect Zuma for President was a sober one. The debate had gone on informally for over ten years. It was started at the time when the ANC was discussing the post-Mandela leadership in 1997. There was careful thinking which resulted in the decision that Mbeki would succeed Madiba and after two terms Zuma would take over.

The decision was based on the fact that the two were amongst most experienced and respected strategists, who had served together since the days of OR Tambo. Mbeki was primarily preferred as he would be able to focus on issues of transformation of the state machinery, because of his technical skills which we believed the country needed at the time.

Zuma was elected to deputise and strengthen Mbeki’s leadership collective because of his excellent human relations, listening skills and capacity to unify. It was felt that, inevitably, Zuma’s leadership would be needed to refocus attention on the vision of the ANC to build a compassionate and caring society. His passion for education, rural development, fighting poverty and crime is legendary. It was felt that Zuma would further enhance the consultative character of our organisation once the transformation agenda was in place after Mbeki.

When ANC members decided that Zuma would be the Presidential candidate everything about him (both negative and positive) was known. Electing Zuma was a conscious decision. As an expression of a democratic process, it had to be respected. The mark of true democrats is to accept the due processes of democracy and not change goal posts if they dislike the outcome.

Zuma had been investigated for nine years, during which he proclaimed his innocence. He never missed a day in court since he was only charged in 2005. It was the NPA’s inability to proceed with a prosecution that led the case being thrown out of court by Judge Msimang.

When his offices were raided by the Scorpions, together with his lawyers, they successfully challenged the Scorpions in court, which declared the searches to be unlawful. It was the NPA that appealed. It was strange that each time the NPA and Scorpions lost a case against Zuma it was acceptable to take matters to a higher court. Yet if Zuma did the same, he was accused of delaying court appearance.

Zuma repeated his position that he had no fear of the processes of justice. He has always used them to assert his rights to a fair trial. The objection by Zuma to the charges a week after his election as President of ANC resulted in Judge Nicholson finding in Zuma’s favour. It was the NPA that appealed.

It is possible that this case may never have proceeded if the NPA had opened the avenue for representations. It may have become apparent much earlier, that no crime had been committed.

That Shaik was found guilty is no confirmation that Zuma is similarly guilty simply because his name was mentioned in court. He could not be found guilty without being party to court proceedings. Repetition of allegations against Zuma in the media during that period created a false sense of guilt in the mind of the public.

Political parties opposed to NPA considering Zuma’s submissions at that time were themselves bordering on interfering in the institutions of justice. Why would the NPA be right to take Zuma to court and be wrong to exercise a provision specified in the constitution?

During the period leading up to Polokwane, extensive use of media by the state institutions resulted in prejudice against Zuma by people who professed to respect the rule of law.

It was strange that during this ordeal, the main issue that was debated was Zuma’s suitability for Presidency, confirming the information in ANC circles that the investigations were used to frustrate his election to Presidency. This is the reason why the contestations in the ANC conference in Polokwane had been so fierce. The issues, in this case, were more political than legal.

When Zuma was accused of corruption in the Arms Procurement process, it was not equally stated that he was not the party to the arms deal negotiation, nor was the Minister of Defence Musiuoa Lekota ever asked to account or resign for presiding over the process. Very little was said of the chairperson of the entire process even though it was known that it was the President who authored the letter that was extensively highlighted in the Shaik trial.

Over the next few days, the nation will hear whether JG Zuma’s lawyer may want to take the NPA’s decision on review. Or Perhaps, reinstating the charges against Zuma and having him explain himself in the court of law will help the country have closure on this matter that has traumatized and divided society for years.

Hopefully, the truth will finally come out and when this ordeal is over many will realize that we allowed ourselves to be swayed by the repeated publication of untested allegations; hence we tacitly endorsed the persecution of an individual simply because the trial by public media was better presented than the case of his innocence.

In years to come all the weaknesses causing public excitement will fade and pale to insignificance.

Posterity will look back at the first twenty-four years of our young democracy with pride and marvel at the contribution made by the finest sons of Africa who laid the foundation for this great nation. Each will have their footprints and legacy recorded:

  • Madiba, the father of our rainbow nation, peace and reconciliation; 
    • Mbeki for the transformation of the state institutions and advocate of the African agenda;
    • Motlanthe who managed the interregnum and allowed the nation to heal; and
    • Zuma who ensured the participation of South Africa in the BRICS bloc mounted a successful fight against HIV and Aids, fought for Radical Economic Transformation and ensured Free Education.


“Former President Zuma will never find inner peace…”



THE CURRENT ANC government is in cahoots with DA by using Machiavellian tactics as if it’s not part of DA’s court bid to challenge the State’s funding of the pending President Zuma matter.

The ANC worked with the apartheid offspring, DA to oust President Zuma and when the matter was brought before Party, it was a premeditated affair between the two.

Our Judiciary will do anything to uphold the opposition interests for as long Zuma’s name is involved. Former President Zuma will never find inner peace when his own in the ANC, Judiciary and the Opposition gang up against him.

We know by now the courts will deliver a judgement in favour of DA, even if we can get together and contribute to raising funds, the captured judiciary will still throw the plea by Zuma team out of the window in favour of the Machiavellian ANC and DA

Ramaphosa is just selling South Africans a lie that Zuma’s fees will be covered as per agreement. He will appear a Saint in the cameras.


Is Ramaphosa failing the ANC?


OUR NEC HAS failed us they sold out to please opposition and they know it they’re gonna use it to cripple us during elections. Malema this week dismissed claims that he was taking the EFF back to the ANC, saying it was the ruling party itself that was now trying to increase its proximity to the EFF and benefit from its policy ideas.
“The ANC has actually moved closer to us; we have not moved closer to the ANC. We gave the ANC conditions [following the 2016 municipal polls] and they have actually implemented 95% of everything we have asked from them.”
These conditions included the ANC supporting expropriation without compensation, removing Zuma as the country’s president and reinstating corruption charges against him, all of which have since happened.
Political commentators have said the ANC’s sudden synergy with the EFF is motivated by a hope that the EFF will deliver the metros of Nelson Mandela Bay, Johannesburg, and Tshwane back to the ANC.
Malema confirmed that the new ANC leadership had approached him and other EFF leaders, offering Cabinet positions in exchange for the metros.
“Some of them, when they won the conference in December, they said: ‘Guys, we need to find a way of coming together and giving us metros, and some of you must come into cabinet because we need ideas from young people like yourselves.’
“But we said: ‘No, no, no. There is no metro that you [ANC] are getting here. We don’t want to give you any metro. Zuma must go and there must be a new regime and things must be done properly.’”
Despite the EFF claiming that it has rejected the offer, the governing party has not stopped trying to cozy up to Malema. This month, during the ANC’s voter registration drive, Ramaphosa and his deputy, David Mabuza, called for Malema to return to the ANC, acknowledging the party’s mistake in expelling him.
A year ago, Malema insinuated that he would be amenable to returning to the ANC but only if it collapsed its current form and rebranded with the EFF as a new party.
Now he quickly dismisses any mention of a request for him to “return home”, saying he would rather abandon his political career than ever go back to the ANC.
“There’s no home called the ANC; it’s finished. I’m building a new home here called the EFF. They said it was cold outside the ANC. It looks like it’s cold inside the ANC and they want me back to come and warm up the place for them,” he said.
*It is really Sad when you hear a so Called Comrade tells me I should go back to the IFP just because I am Zulu it is a crazy and stupid ideology do you even know the history of this movement let me help you understand. Do you know who founded the ANC John Langalibalele Dube (11 February 1871 – 11 February 1946) was a South African essayist, philosopher, educator, politician, publisher, editor, novelist, and poet. He was the founding president of the South African Native National Congress (SANNC), which became the African National Congress in 1923. Dube served as SANNC president between 1912 and 1917. Dube was brought to America by returning missionaries and attended
Oberlin College. He returned to South Africa where he and his first wife, Nokutela Dube, founded a newspaper, what is now Ilanga lase Natal.

A play reveals TRUTH about Quatro camp in Angola



 -NOT EVERY LEADER can have the guts to reveal the truth about the notorious Quatro camp in Angola. Sello Maseko the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) Tshwane Ward 29 in  Shoshanguve branch chairperson ‘s play Angola does not only deserve an award but also deserve to be on big screen.

The play with the talented cast from Tshwane and around South Africa is keeping Mzansi talking. So some it might open old wounds but those wounds need to heal, it is time for the people to know the truth.

The play is not only educational to dramatic art students but it is also educational to history and political science students. The show started on the 06 March and it will end on the 25 March.

Angola a state play which started at the State Theatre in Pretoria is written and directed by Sello Maseko who grew in Winbterveldt, but now stays in Soshanguve.

 “I lost two uncles in the revolution and their spirits keeps on telling me to tell the story with a play what happened in Angola. My uncle

“Two of my uncle’s where casualties of the revolution. Vuyisile Maseko died in Quadro Camp in Angola and Manzini Maseko died in Maputo when MK safe house was attacked. So this story has been close to my heart I wanted to tell it 10 years ago… but at that time I was not strong …then spirits of my uncle’s keeps on coming back forcing me to tell this story of how they died. I wanted people to know the truth of what we did to each other and to also teach the youth that freedom didn’t come cheap.

“I am a born worn because I read a lot of books. I was inspired by the book called Revolutionary Time and Revolutionary Lives, Inside Quadro, Mbokodo, Soldiers of Umkhonto we Sizwe, Life and Time of Chris Hani, Angola Maguerrila and Still, I rise. 

Leadership came and said job well done but I said things that I was not supposed to say…. -the play demonize character of OR and it exposes MK internal problems … They said I should write stories that speak good about ANC leaders. But I said to them they must avail themselves every time we need them for questions…because they become extremely busy and at some point, one would need guidance but they are not there to lead us. But they really loved the piece…,” said Maseko

Maseko said Minister Ayanda Dlodlo was in attendance on the 09 March 2018, she also gave them a deep reflection of what they went through during those times. She joined MK when she was 17.

“The story will help us to find closer and come to terms with what we did to each other. It is also an exercise to confront our own weaknesses. We are planning to take the show to festivals around Africa and then tour in Europe and later America.

“To upcoming directors and writers go to school study because talent alone is not enough. They must not be afraid to tell stories that are thought-provoking and uncomfortable.

“I am a political activist…all my plays are political protest theatre,” added Maseko.

Maseko wrote award-winning plays like  A moment when love hurt in 2012, Apprehension in 2014 and Rocks & Roses in 2016.All these plays tour nationally and internationally in United States of America, Germany, Zimbabwe, Botswana and the United Kingdom.





Another death trap ignored by DA led administration


-ANOTHER HIGH MAST light is left wide open in Soshanguve where the 5 kids were killed last year by another high mast light that was left open. Last year City Post run a story about 5 Soshanguve kids who were killed by a high mast light because the DA-led administration failed to repair the high mast light in time.

Another high mast light is left wide open after it was alleged to have been vandalized about a year ago and it was reported several times but nothing happened.

According to Xolani Sithole, the high mast light was vandalized about a year ago and they have reported it several times because they are afraid that it might fall on someone.

“We reported this high mast light last year several times but nothing happens. It was vandalized by thieves who stole the security door and some electrical circuit breakers.They failed to fix it but I know if it was it the suburbs they would have fixed it a long time ago.

“We have lost hope that this high mast light will be fixed,” said Sithole.

Local councilor Emily Nkosi said they have written a petition with local Sanco to the City of Tshwane a few months ago but it has been ignored by the DA administration.

“We are trying hard to make sure that our people get services but the present DA-led administration hates service delivery. We have more than 50 high mast and streets light that was reported but nothing is happening.

“Township people are being ignored by this administration. In fact, services have come to standstill since this administration took over. They are making sure that township people are not getting services from them and anything that is being reported is being ignored,” said Nkosi.

Lindela Mashigo of the City of Tshwane said the City swiftly dispatched technicians’ onsite to investigate upon receipt of City Post inquiry.

“Findings revealed that the high mast light in question, situated next to

house number 176 block NN  suffered vandalism by an unknown person.

“The vandalism thereof was never reported, however, the Utility Services Department will replace the vandalized high mast light door as well as the internal mechanism of the high mast light in question by end of this week,” said Mashigo.

Apartheid inspired laws destroyed RET’s VBS


THE PROGRESSIVE PROFESSIONAL Forum is not happy about the collapse of the VBS which was part of Radical Economic Transformation in our lifetime.

According to Luther Lebelo the General Secretary of the PPF they are devastated by the reports that National Treasury has issued a directive to municipalities not to bank with the VBS in order to be in line with the draconian and apartheid inspired MFMA (Municipal Finance Management Act).

“As a result of that VBS is on the verge of collapsing. The PPF is on record warning about the MFMA and Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) that are nothing but reactionary tools to ensure that there is no radical economic transformation and the ownership, control, and management of economy remains in the hands of the white minority who had been enjoying the privilege since 1652.

“PPF is calling for urgent repealing of certain sections of MFMA and PPPFA that are barriers to black-owned businesses seeking to do business with the government. Whilst the African National Congress (ANC) resolved on transforming the financial sector including issuing of full commercial banking licenses to black-owned banks, it cannot be that an ANC led government is seen to be doing the contrary and actively suffocating the ONLY existing black-owned mutual bank through anti-transformation laws instead of instructing the PIC to expedite a bailout, granting a commercial license and providing for a deviation in the interim,”said Lebelo.

Lebelo said they call on the ANC President and President of the country Cde Cyril Ramaphosa to intervene urgently to stop the artificially created crisis and ensure that this matter is amicably resolved without delay.

He said it cannot be celebrated that an ANC led and run government promotes laws that hinder and destroy blacks that do business with the government.

“The ANC must be advocates on transformation in theory and in practice in order to maintain the integrity of its revolutionary messages. PPF will engage with the management of VBS and chart a way forward on this matter faced by their institution. We are encouraging the VBS mutual bank to sort constitutional court intervention to challenge the unconstitutionality of the MFMA and its conflict with s217 (2) of the Constitution of the RSA.

“We call on the SARB to also treat white and black banks even-handed, which so far has not been the case as it might have been seen around their response on the Viceroy attacks on Capitec vs an attempt to shut down the VBS bank,” concluded Lebelo.