Msholozi did it for the love of the ANC and people of SA

IT WAS ONE of the traumatic moments of my life to see another state president being pushed over the edge. I would like to salute former South African state president Jacob Zuma for the good work he has done for this country. He chooses to resign and save the ANC from voting with the enemy of the revolution which is the EFF, DA and some small parties which has no vision for this country.

Yesterday it was Thabo Mbeki, today is Msholozi and tomorrow is Ramaphosa. Is that the new ANC culture to push presidents before they finish their terms because there is the new sheriff in town? If it is like that Langalibalele Dube, Isaka Pixley ka Seme, Chief Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela must be turning on their graves.

President Jacob Zuma might be history to some but his legacy lives on and there will never be a president like him in this country. He hated by the white monopoly capital and loves by real revolutionaries. He spent his whole life fighting for economic freedom of a black man.

He is the first South African president to stand up against killer manufactured by the WMC to eliminate the black population. Mbeki was in denial that people were dying of AIDS and Msholozi stood up and makes sure that more than 4 million people are on ARV’s. Msholozi might not be educated as counter-revolutionaries’ claim but he is the most intelligent present ever in the history of South Africa.

He did not want to see his comrades in the ANC showing the world how the oldest liberation movement in the continent turns against one of the cadres that went to trenches to defend this country against colonialism, apartheid and white supremacy.

Msholozi always puts the ANC and people of South Africa first before himself. A selfless leader that was not intimidated by cowards who try by all means that he is no longer the state president. What happens to Msholozi will happen to Ramaphosa in future…

He respects the present leadership of the ANC and resigns with immediate effect to save people from being attacked in his name. Msholozi uyidlalile yakho indima Xamalala.


*I would like to wish Cyril Ramaphosa good luck and I have a hope that he will make a good President not only of the ANC but the whole country. My advice to him is to make sure that free education, land expropriation without compensation and Radical Economic Transformation are implemented. He must make sure that he cement cracks of division in the ANC and make sure that he defend and implement the policies of the ANC. Last he must make sure that Nkosana Dlamini-Zuma is not left out when the new cabinet is appointed. Not because she is a Zuma but our government cannot afford to left cadres with experience like Nkosazana Dlamini- Zuma






Oppositions plot against the ANC


TODAY LEADERS of the and senior representatives of opposition political parties which failed attract voters like the ANC met in Parliament, Cape Town to discuss the way forward for Parliament in the immediate term, following the postponement of the State of the Nation Address (SONA) announced yesterday.

Representatives of the parties that defend the White Monopoly Capital which is the DA, EFF, COPE, ACDP and VF+ were present, with the UDM sending their apologies.

EFF’s general secretary Godrich Gardee and Portia Adams of the DA said they collectively welcome the decision by Parliament’s Presiding Officers to postpone the SONA until such time as the ANC’s internal leadership battles are resolved.

“ The State of the Nation Address cannot go ahead while there remain two centres of power in the ANC and in the national government.

“Having said that, our country cannot be ground to a halt to allow for a compromised ANC to fight their internal battles. This must resolve as soon as practically possible so that South Africa can move past the ruinous Zuma era, and towards the future,” said Gardee.

Adams said they have resolved to call a meeting this Monday, 12 February 2018, with all the leaders of opposition parties represented in Parliament. We will be inviting the DA, EFF, COPE, ACDP, UDM, VF+, IFP, NFP, PAC, APC, AIC, and Agang.

“The meeting’s agenda will focus on the following two topics which are the EFF’s Motion of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma, which has been provisionally scheduled for 22 February 2018.

“The second on the agenda will be parliament’s mandate to elect a new President of South Africa, as per Section 89(1) of the Constitution, once Zuma is removed,” said Adams.

The opposition which wants to take the government through the back door as they have done with the big metros like Tshwane, Joburg and Port Elizabeth said the interests of our country reach far beyond the ANC.

“We cannot sit around and wait for the two centres of power to fight their war of attrition while our country is left in limbo. The ANC cannot hold our country to ransom,” added Gardee.

The oppositions which represent a small group of South Africans claimed as opposition parties in Parliament, they will work together in the best interests of South Africa and its people.


Black man, what type of human species are you?


DE KLERK who’s apartheid government was responsible for the incarceration of Mandela for 27 years in prison, killed ANC cadres, butchered our people in Boipatong, Langa, Kwa Nobuhle, Thokoza, Sharpville and throughout the country, yet he was not tried for such crimes against humanity and he is being rewarded with blue lights and VIP protection as a former head of state using taxpayers money.

It is good and a privilege to be white because black apologists are trained and brainwashed to discharge black on black violence amongst themselves that’s why they treat Zuma like he is not one of our own such that some go to an extent of mocking him in orange uniform when they didn’t or never thought of same about De Klerk because he is white.

The same black people that Zuma saved their lives by availing free ARV’S to them are the same people that bay for his blood

The same people that Zuma availed free education to them are the same people that mock and belittle him

The same people that Zuma has adopted land expropriation without compensation for them to start building commercial property and residential property are the same people that plot with ANC top 4, Rupert and other Caucasians that Zuma must go. Black man, what type of human species are you? You wear Ramaphosa shirts to beat a defenseless woman.

You’re only respecting whites yet you are so disrespectful amongst yourselves. How l regret that l fought the apartheid system for this? Every South African contributed in their own right for our liberation but for this, l regret?



President Zuma’s achievements which I haven’t seen not heard in the media…


1.7 million more people have electricity
2. Load Shedding ended through Eskom’s build and maintenance programmes
3. Ten thousand unemployed youth trained as plumbers, artisans and water agents
4. Since 2011, 173 mud structured schools were removed and replaced by 895 modern schools through the Accelerated School Infrastructure Delivery Initiative (ASIDI)
5. Establishment of InvestSA and Investment One Stop Shop
6. South Africa has improved by 87 points in Maths and 90 points in Science according to the Trends in International Maths and Science Study as well as the Southern and Eastern African Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality
7. Department of Science and Technology has created jobs in the Northern Cape and boosted the promotion of Science as a career of choice since SA won the bid to host the Square Kilometres Array Telescope
8. The launch of Operation Phakisa Big Fast Results Methodology in the Ocean Economy aimed towards the implementation of the NDP
9. Seventeen million people have access to social grants through the Expanded Public Works Programmes
10. Two million jobs created through EPWP
11. 61000 jobs created through the environmental programmes such as Working for Water, Working for Wetlands, Working on Fire and Working for Ecosystems (60% of the beneficiaries being the youth)
12. Black Industrialists Programme has produced more than 22 entrepreneurs to boost the radical socio-economic transformation
13. From January 2016-November 2016 tourist arrivals in SA increased to 9 million from 1 million arrivals in 2015 (13% growth in tourism arrivals summarily)
14. The division of the Department of Education into 2 (Department of Basic Education and Training and the Department of Higher Education and Training) increased efficacy
15. Ushered South Africa into BRICS and ensured the development of the BRICS bank to bailout other African countries from the IMF and the World Bank
16. Build two University’s Mpumalanga and North West

17 FREE Education!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. AND many more…

Why is this record so underrated by the media? He cannot be like Mandela or Mbeki but that doesn’t mean that he did nothing as a president…




A lot are being planned to reverse the 54th conference 


From: Concerned uMkhonto we Sizwe veterans
To: The Leadership, the general membership and the various structures of the ANC.
Attention: The Secretary-General of the ANC Comrade Ace Magashule

Dear Comrade

Comrades, we are cadres of the African National Congress and ex-combatants of uMkhonto we Sizwe the Revolutionary People’s Army. Recent events in our country and particularly the current situation unfolding within the African National Congress have prompted us to take this route and address our concerns to the leadership, general membership and the various structures of the African National Congress as chief role players in the unfolding of the revolution; we have not opted to go to the courts as has become fashionable lately with some of those calling themselves members of the ANC.
Without further waste of time or words, we will deal directly with what chiefly and importantly, concerns us:
A book authored by Gayton McKenzie, titled “Let’s kill Zuma by all means” has been published. There are startling revelations that we need to have the leadership address and pronounce publicly the stance of the organisation. The members of the ANC have to seriously and urgently reflect on our concerns and take a stand. Or we face the hijack of the revolution for which we cannot account for now and in the future after such a gallant struggle.
One underlying principle is that the leadership of the ANC of necessity has to be a tried and tested leadership. That speaks primarily of maturity of the leadership through many years of trials and tests which lead members to accept them as leaders. This has been the case from John Dube to Jacob Zuma. Then emerges Cyril Ramaphosa.
We are surprised and shocked that a member who joined the ANC only in 1991 has been elevated, with the overt support of big business, banks, the white-owned and controlled media, and courts, president of the ANC. Our leaders in exile for many years warned us to be wary of leaders who will appear from nowhere and lead the movement away from its objectives.

We have read the book mentioned above and are deeply disturbed by the ascension of one who is not really our own to the highest office in the ANC. We call upon the organisation to reflect deeply, fearlessly and truthfully into the Cyril Ramaphosa matter and even summon him to account or state his side after the publication of the book in question. We are actually saying Cyril Ramaphosa is not a genuine leader of the ANC and has a lot to answer to. His leadership of the ANC is suspect because he does not fall into the category of the tried and tested.
Where is the principle of leaders having to pass through the eye of the needle?
Cyril Ramaphosa is not schooled in ANC tradition, he did not grow up in the organisation and has been educated and funded largely by the very forces opposed to the fundamental objectives of the ANC.
(To quote from Gayton Mckenzie’s book, “Ramaphosa had been introduced to Clive Menell by John and Sarah Woodhouse, who requested that Clive and Irene Menell “care for him”
because the Woodhouses were aware of Menell’s project to “collect bright young people”. As Bill Keller of The New York Times wrote in a profile of Ramaphosa in 2013:  “The [Urban Foundation] invited influential or promising blacks to join in worthy projects for the betterment of African communities. And that is how Ramaphosa acquired an important patron. Clive Menell, the head of the gold-mining conglomerate Anglovaal, recruited him into the Urban Foundation, helped him complete the legal studies interrupted by prison and gave him a measure of credibility with the people who held the real power in South Africa. Clive’s son and heir, Rick Menell, became and remains a close friend.” These wealthy benefactors would open many doors for Cyril in the years following their introduction to him and his then-girlfriend, Hope, who he married in 1978. The Menells provided material support to Cyril, including resources, financing his studies and introducing him to their powerful circle of friends, who included English and Afrikaans businessmen such as Rudolf Gouws, Anton Rupert, and Derek Keys, who was later the finance minister in both De Klerk’s apartheid government and Mandela’s democratic government. The June 1976 riots saw Ramaphosa being detained for a further six months at the notorious John Vorster Square Police Station. In September 1978, despite being an as yet unqualified lawyer, Ramaphosa was appointed to the regional board of the Urban Foundation where he interacted with the leaders of the apartheid regime, civil society, the leadership of business and academia. He attended meetings diligently on the first Monday of every month and was an active contributor who supported the foundation’s philosophy. He finally graduated with his law degree through correspondence with the University of South Africa and completed his articles after joining a small but prestigious law firm. According to Donald Lindsay, it was through the Urban Foundation that Cyril was offered the position at the firm. In 1979, the Wiehahn Commission, established as a result of business lobbying, recommended that the apartheid government recognise black trade unions and migrant labourers and encourage them to register in a regulated system of trade union registration. This opened the way for Cyril Ramaphosa to join the trade union movement despite never having worked as a labourer in any industries that would be unionising, particularly mining, in his life. He was then rapidly moved through the ranks of the labour movement after joining the Council of Unions of South Africa (Cusa) as a legal adviser. The young Ramaphosa enjoyed a stellar rise as a unionist. When Cusa went on to form the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), he became the NUM’s first secretary in 1982 and organised the conference that led to the formation of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu).”
Cyril Ramaphosa is actually their creation and darling; that really causes for alarm and reason enough to seriously question both his membership and leadership of the ANC. He is indebted to White Monopoly Capital and they certainly will come calling – if they have not, already – and he is obligated to them to return their investment. That return on investment is the destabilisation and destruction of the ANC and the revolution.
We have learned that Cyril Ramaphosa at some stage expected to be made Deputy President of the ANC, when that did not happen, he simply left the organisation and joined the business and we don’t know what else. How can we now entrust such a person to the presidency of the ANC? What guarantee do we have that should something else not materialise the way he wants, he will not vanish again?

In the very year (1991) that Cyril Ramaphosa joined the ANC and became its Secretary General, he tabled a motion to (1) remove Thabo Mbeki as Chief negotiator at CODESA and (2) the removal of Jacob Zuma as head of intelligence, both senior and long-serving ANC members, at the NWC and the decision was adopted by the NEC without the knowledge and approval of Nelson Mandela. His very first act after ascending to a top position was to remove and demote tried and tested leaders of the ANC without following ANC protocol. And most importantly without the knowledge and approval of the ANC president.
He was even in that conference on the understanding that he was a non-voting delegate. He was not even supposed to vote, let alone be elected to the ANC leadership.

How the leadership of the organisation allowed this to go unchallenged and unquestioned boggles the mind;
(Even though comrade Harry Gwala did not approve or agree) that a man coming in from outside the ranks of the ANC just lands such a top position in the organization. Cyril Ramaphosa is so hungry for power and control that when Mandela was inaugurated the president of South Africa, he did not attend. How can such a man be allowed to lead the ANC?

This is to us a clear, textbook behaviour of one who not came to join us and be a part of what we are about but to oppose us and steer us away from our objective. This is a classical act of infiltration. The words of comrade Oliver Tambo were: “An outsider cannot destroy the ANC, but only from within can the organisation be weakened and destroyed.”

Radical Economic Transformation is ANC policy but in Soweto, accompanied by his mentors, funders, and supporters from big business, representing White Monopoly Capital, Cyril Ramaphosa spoke of a “new deal,” a policy foreign to the ANC that we know nothing of. This “new deal” might have been penned in the very citadels of White Monopoly Capital and presented to Cyril Ramaphosa to parade as ANC policy.

We as revolutionaries view this Ramaphosa “new deal” as opposing ANC policy, counter-revolutionary and divisive. Again, the man was not schooled and trained in the ANC. He brings his own agenda – running parallel and contrary to ANC policy, culture and tradition. Ramaphosa is not a leader of the ANC but a man who desires to lead the ANC.

Just like there are compromises he made at the CODESA negotiations which we firmly believe had he not championed the removal of Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma, the ANC would not have acceded to.
The training that we received, our history and experience in the struggle leads us to firmly believe and conclude that Cyril Ramaphosa was parachuted into the ANC by White Monopoly Capital for the express reason of protecting their interests, which mission he will not shy away from because he was trained, funded and educated by them and has no history of being shaped, like our leaders before him, in the very trenches of the struggle.
We pose the question: “where is the principle that the leadership of the ANC has to pass through the eye of the needle?”

We also demand that the leadership of the ANC who were there when poisoned liver was placed before the president, Jacob Zuma, be revealed to the membership of the ANC and the nation. How can the organisation’s top leaders sit on such information? Where did the liver come from, who prepared it and who wanted the president to eat it and die? Without the leadership telling us, we conclude it is Cyril Ramaphosa.

The same Cyril Ramaphosa, being the Deputy President, brazenly defied the ANC by attending and addressing, a meeting of the so-called MK council, operating parallel, opposite the MKMVA and the organisation’s structures.

The leader of that council is the same Siphiwe Nyanda mentioned as a possible spy in the book in question. Comrade Kid Sogovu an MK combatant who has served seven years on Robben Island has on many occasions expressly stated that he himself was betrayed by Siphiwe Nyanda. Comrade Sogovu also suspects the same Siphiwe Nyanda also betrayed MK combatant, Comrade Nokuthula Simelane.
Siphiwe Nyanda denied in the presence of the media that he knew comrade Sogovu yet he was his commander. The question is why the denial? Has the ANC ever demanded an explanation from Siphiwe Nyanda, Cyril Ramaphosa’s ally, of this fact?

Was Cyril Ramaphosa’s involvement with the callous gunning down of so many mine-workers in Marikana a deliberate tactic by him to tarnish the name and image of the African National Congress? One moment he is presented before the people as a champion of the working class, as a leader in NUM and the UDF, the next moment as a capitalist in the same league with White Monopoly Capital, he is involved in the violence that leads to their massacre.
Cyril is also mentioned in the saga of an African businessman, Sam Molope, who lost his bakery because of Cyril Ramaphosa. It looks to us like wherever Cyril Ramaphosa is there is a gnashing of teeth by the people and rejoicing in the opposing camp.
As MK soldiers who are trained, politically and militarily, we cannot keep quiet any longer. We seek to see the implementation of Radical Economic Transformation, Free Education, the Expropriation of Land without compensation, and its return to the people with no more delays and excuses. We will be at the forefront of this struggle and it will not be business as usual to all those tasked with implementing these policies which we have bled and died for. Let no one be under any false illusions, uMkhonto We Sizwe is resolute about the implementation of these policies in favour of the popular masses of our people.
Too much has happened with us keeping mum, but the time has come for us to rise in defense of our people, the ANC, the revolution and our country. The concerns and questions raised in this letter must be addressed with truthfulness, speedily and honestly. We call on the organisation in its entirety and the leadership, in particular, to give answers this very month of January 2018.
For contact:
Comrades: Nandi Rweqana – 071 7638942
Sibusiso Radebe – 079 1113821
Vuka Mahlasela – 073 1942378
Keith Sogovu – 083 6406151

ANC  condemned act of violence outside Luthuli House


THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress has condemned an attacked of an old woman outside the Chief Albert Luthuli by a group of people so-called to be ANC members. The woman who was part of BLF supporters was attacked without any reason by a certain Thabang Setona a Johannesburg Ward 62 branch secretary because and his gang of thugs, she was against a protest calling for a democratically elected president Jacob Zuma to step down.

Jolidee Matongo the spokesperson for ANC in Joburg Region said the African National Congress Greater Johannesburg Region has noted with dismay and utter disgust the images and videos circulating of Thabiso Setona, ANC Branch Secretary in Inner City, Zone 12, assaulting a woman outside Luthuli House this afternoon.

“As the ANC in Joburg, we strongly condemn any acts of violence against any person, more so women. The ANC Greater Joburg does not subscribe to the notion of people violently assaulting those who hold contrasting political views.

“Thabiso Setona’s acts do not represent what the African National Congress stands for, and as a consequence of his revolting behavior, he will face a disciplinary process hastily,” said Matongo.

The national spokesperson Khusela Diko also condemned the attack on an unknown woman by Setona . She said the African National Congress condemns in the strongest possible terms the assault of protestors by a grouping outside the ANC Headquarters, Chief Albert Luthuli House, yesterday.

“Regardless of what some may deem as a provocation by the Black First Land First Movement who intended to march to Luthuli House, there will never be any justification for scenes as the ones witnessed today. Disturbing in the extreme is the assault of women in so callous and dehumanizing manner.

“The ANC calls upon on law enforcement agencies to act without fear or favor to bring the perpetrators to book. Should these perpetrators be found to be members of the ANC, the relevant structures, must without any delay, and institute disciplinary proceedings against them,” said Diko.


Party for people with disability formed in kasi

Willian Shibuyane (red t-shirt)the founder of African Disable People’s Movement who is living with disability announced the new party at a press briefing in Jakkalsdans , Winterveldt.


A NEW POLITICAL party will fight for the people with disability has been formed. Willian Shibuyane the founder of African Disable People’s Movement who is living with disability announced the new party at a press briefing in Jakkalsdans, Winterveldt. He said the party is opened to people with disability and able people and more than 500 people have joined the party in Winterveldt alone.

“People with disability have enough been used by political parties to get votes but they benefit nothing.We have founded this party to contest in the 2019 national government elections and 2021 local government elections because we are tired of being used by political parties.

“Our party has been officially registered with the IEC on 30 August last year and on the 7 April, we are officially launching our political party. We want people with disability to have a voice in parliament. We have noticed that parliament is no longer safe and we are prepared to make sure that our MP’s will be secured after 2019 that is why we have African Disable People’s Liberation Army which is our security division that will protect our members in parliament, we cannot rely on parliament security.

“We will be the only member with members who are blind, some using wheelchairs and walking sticks so we have to make sure that they are safe,” said Shibuyane.

Shibuyane said they have started organising people in other provinces like Limpopo, Free State, Mpumalanga, and others to join the movement.

“As people with a disability we have been silent for a very long, we want our voice to be heard and we total economic freedom to be included in building the economy from local to national level. We also want people with disability to be given more land so that they can utilise it to grow the economy as our slogan says, Our Soil, Our Heritage, Our Lives,” he added.

One of the members Lucas Selokela he is happy to join the party that will address the needs of people with disability.

“We are happy to have such a party. Other others just remember us when they need our votes. They can’t deliver their promises

“This party will help us people with disability because we have many problems. Some are not getting grants but they were born with a disability.

Government is not informing us but they take a decision without consulting us, our party will fight for us,” said Selokela.




National Press Club speaks of ANN7 saga

Jos Charle, chairperson of the National Press Club


THE NATIONAL PRESS Club is seeking clarity on the termination of the ANN7 contract. In a statement, the National Press Club has taken note of the developments regarding the cancellation of the agreement between Multichoice and ANN 7 in August with dismay as it has implications for the entire media sector and many vexing questions remain unanswered.

The chairperson Jos Charle says the National Press Club regrets the loss of a privately owned news channel as the club believes in a diversity of views and media freedom.

“Many commentators have rightly questioned the journalistic integrity of the station. The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa delivered four judgments involving MultiChoice in 2017. All four related to ANN7.

“The station has been mired in controversy and a lot of the public’s money was poured into ANN7 through dubious projects such as The New Age breakfast series. MultiChoice’s decision cannot be divorced from the pressing issues such as Naspers’ alleged dodgy dealings with the then Gupta-owned ANN7 to influence public policies,” said Charle in a statement.

Charle says MultiChoice’s explanation for the decision to terminate ANN7’s contract leaves too many questions unanswered.

“We believe the public deserves full disclosure from MultiChoice and its parent company Naspers. It is simply not good enough to say ‘mistakes’ were made and the channel will, therefore, be cancelled. The National Press Club called on MultiChoice to release its investigation report.

“At the very least, MultiChoice can release a redacted version without the commercially sensitive information it is concerned about,” he added.

Charle concluded by saying the public can then decide for themselves whether the decision is an assault on media freedom or in the public interest.