Sunnyside police arrest more than 100  for drugs


THE SUNNYSIDE police have, over the past few months and throughout the festive season, led concerted efforts dedicated to eradicating drugs from the streets.

Captain Daniel Mavimbela of the Sunnyside police said from the start of the festive season until January this year, one hundred and thirty-five (135) suspects were convicted for possession of drugs and most notably, during the month of December, a certain Jabu Mabuza (28) was twice found guilty on two separate occasions for drug-related offences.

“Mabuza had initially gotten away with a suspended sentence and a two thousand rands fine following his conviction for possessing drugs, however, he was not so lucky the second time around as he was handed a six months direct imprisonment sentence for a similar offence.

“Whichever way one looks at the picture above, the prevalence of drugs in Sunnyside presents the police with a mammoth task. It further explains why the area has the highest rate of one of the most opportunistic crimes, theft out of the motor vehicle or smash-and-grab, whose prevalence is believed to be directly proportional to that of drug abuse,” said Mavimbela.

Mavimbela said motorists can also assist by ensuring that valuables are not left lying around negligently on the car seats or anywhere inside the cabin of their vehicles.

He said the police are set to intensify a network of sting operations, surveillance and intelligence around the area to ensure that they continue to put a squeeze on drug prevalence.

“The local police management applauds the police officers, community patrollers and the community at large for their positive contribution towards the fight against drugs.

“This collaboration brings us a step closer towards our ultimate goal- ensuring that not only are our people safe, but they also feel safe,” he added.

Members of the public are encouraged to report those responsible for criminal activities, including corruption, to the law enforcement agencies. Information may be forwarded anonymously to Crime Stop on 08600 10111 or by SMS on 32211.