The ANC is running this country, not investors.

THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress has been invaded by CIA agents who want to make sure that is remaining divided. You cannot call for unity and on the other hand, you want to chop someone’s head. It does not work like that. Politics of the stomach can be very dangerous.

The NEC has to make the right decision that will benefit the people of South Africa, not the Ruperts or the Guptas, by that I mean ANC leaders should defend our revolution by all means. We don’t care what investors need because it is the ANC that run this country not them.

We cannot allow the same situation where the president is being dragged out of the Union Buildings to please some investors from the west. We cannot repeat the same mistake we have done with Thabo Mbeki. If this is allowed next time investors will tell us that they want their agent Mmusi Maimane to be the president of the country.The ANC is running this country, not investors.

I heard that there are CR17 and NDZ17 in 2018, those things ended in December, now it is a unified ANC. The NEC must be sober when they make decisions and I am not impressed by the conflicting statements made by the Top 6.We need leaders to be united to bring unity to the organisation.

They need to sit down and take decisions that will unite the organization and benefit all South Africans, not investors. When are expecting State of the Nation address very soon. Who will address the state of the nation on 8 February? The answer is simple the president of South Africa, Cde Jacob Zuma will address the SONA unless Luthuli House recalls him and a new president sworn in…

*To DA stop interfering with the matters of the ANC because your government has caused more draught in the Western Cape. In Tshwane, there is more draught again when coming to service delivery in the townships. Your party will remain good on the opposition benches because you are only good at making noise but when coming to delivering dololo.