Resident march against racist DA administration




DESPITE THE SABOTAGE, nothing has stopped about 15 000 residents of Tshwane to march against DA administration which has left thousands of people without jobs. Residents of Tshwane came in large number to attend the march organised by the African National Congress in Tshwane demanding the City to reemploy thousand of Vat Alles and Extended Public works Programme Workers who were fired by the DA administration.

The march started at Burgers Park until at Tshwane House which was built by the visionary ANC administration. The vicinity around Burgers Park and Tshwane house has turned into a police base after more than 100 police officers from both Tshwane Metro Police and South African police service were deployed to this peaceful march.

Lesego Makhubela of the African Congress Youth League in Tshwane said the DA administration has fired thousands of workers and they have not received their salaries from the city.

“We are marching today because thousands of workers who were employed in Vat Alles, Extended Public Works Programme have been replaced with DA volunteers, today they are going home without any cent and they family have no food.

“Everything that we are doing we are fighting for a black child, who has been patched by the DA government. We have sent this to court and there is a court judgment. They are in contempt of court, they have not implemented the order of the court to reinstate the fired workers” said Makhubela.

Mike Mkhari who accepted the memorandum on behalf of the mayor who was nowhere to be seen said defended the DA administration by saying they have to be transparent by introducing the so-called lottery system.

“We have realised that we need to open up the system, we have to be transparent and we have made sure we came clear with a system of a lottery,” said Mkhari.  Click here City Post march1  to download the video of the march.