ANC in Tshwane not move by DA’s monkey tactics


People of Tshwane are tired of DA-run City of Tshwane administration…


THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress Youth League in Tshwane has released a media statement after the publicity seeking Democratic Alliance issuing a statement that they will be opening a case against councilor Lesego Makhubela for organising masses against the DA-led City of Tshwane. The DA which is failing to deliver services to black people is trying to use monkey tactics to stop the masses from expressing their democratic rights by marching against City of Tshwane’s DA administration.

The ANC and the people of Tshwane will be shutting down the capital city because the City of Tshwane as they have down to apartheid for failing to deliver services in black areas or townships.

According to Nicholas Gongolo Munyai of the ANC Youth League in Tshwane Region, they are not moved even by an inch by the cowardice and quack tendency of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in trying to silence the voice of the voiceless in Tshwane.

“The DA’s attempt to open a case against the Regional Chairperson of ANCYL Cde Lesego Makhubela is nothing, but a gambit to stop the planned Tshwane Shutdown to demand the immediate reinstatement of all ‘Vat Alles, Itsebe Workers and Security Guards in the City of Tshwane.

“The DA in the City of Tshwane has fired thousands of black workers and replaced them with their own volunteers. Firing thousands of black workers and replacing them with your own volunteers is not job creation but amounts to witchcraft.

“The ANCYL in Greater Tshwane Region is warning the DA that no amount of intimidation or attempted persecution of the ever-roaring Chairperson of ANCYL in Tshwane will stop the Shutdown Tshwane March on Friday the 26th January 2018,” said Munyai.

Munyai said due to the poverty of information, the DA’s lumpen puppet Councilor Tau liken Lesego’s use of petrol bomb language to that of inciting violence, for the record, petrol bomb is the political nickname of ANCYL Greater Tshwane Regional Secretary ‘Ratshilumela Walter Dambuzo Petrol Bomb Mashamba’.

He concluded by saying the ANCYL Greater Tshwane will communicate the details of the peaceful march to Shutdown Tshwane to all its members and citizens of Tshwane Region in due course.

Councilor Abel Tau of the Democratic Alliance confirmed to City Post that today lay a charge of incitement to violence with the South African Police Service (SAPS) against the ANC Youth League in Tshwane.

In a statement issued by the racist white party which lacks political education, they said Makhubela’s comments are dangerous and in direct contravention to the Constitution which states that “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression which does not extend to amongst others, incitement of imminent violence.”

The statement claimed that since taking office, the DA-led administration in Tshwane has been hard at work to bring about real change and the people are seeing the difference.

Councilor Lesego Makhubela said they are unshaken by the Statement of white privilege and the case of hate speech opened against us by the DA.

“We are not moved an inch. We are on an intensive roadshow to mobilize all sectors of society against the injustices that are everyday endured by the peace-loving people of Tshwane,”

said Makhubela.