Sunnyside police arrest more than 100  for drugs


THE SUNNYSIDE police have, over the past few months and throughout the festive season, led concerted efforts dedicated to eradicating drugs from the streets.

Captain Daniel Mavimbela of the Sunnyside police said from the start of the festive season until January this year, one hundred and thirty-five (135) suspects were convicted for possession of drugs and most notably, during the month of December, a certain Jabu Mabuza (28) was twice found guilty on two separate occasions for drug-related offences.

“Mabuza had initially gotten away with a suspended sentence and a two thousand rands fine following his conviction for possessing drugs, however, he was not so lucky the second time around as he was handed a six months direct imprisonment sentence for a similar offence.

“Whichever way one looks at the picture above, the prevalence of drugs in Sunnyside presents the police with a mammoth task. It further explains why the area has the highest rate of one of the most opportunistic crimes, theft out of the motor vehicle or smash-and-grab, whose prevalence is believed to be directly proportional to that of drug abuse,” said Mavimbela.

Mavimbela said motorists can also assist by ensuring that valuables are not left lying around negligently on the car seats or anywhere inside the cabin of their vehicles.

He said the police are set to intensify a network of sting operations, surveillance and intelligence around the area to ensure that they continue to put a squeeze on drug prevalence.

“The local police management applauds the police officers, community patrollers and the community at large for their positive contribution towards the fight against drugs.

“This collaboration brings us a step closer towards our ultimate goal- ensuring that not only are our people safe, but they also feel safe,” he added.

Members of the public are encouraged to report those responsible for criminal activities, including corruption, to the law enforcement agencies. Information may be forwarded anonymously to Crime Stop on 08600 10111 or by SMS on 32211.


The ANC is running this country, not investors.

THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress has been invaded by CIA agents who want to make sure that is remaining divided. You cannot call for unity and on the other hand, you want to chop someone’s head. It does not work like that. Politics of the stomach can be very dangerous.

The NEC has to make the right decision that will benefit the people of South Africa, not the Ruperts or the Guptas, by that I mean ANC leaders should defend our revolution by all means. We don’t care what investors need because it is the ANC that run this country not them.

We cannot allow the same situation where the president is being dragged out of the Union Buildings to please some investors from the west. We cannot repeat the same mistake we have done with Thabo Mbeki. If this is allowed next time investors will tell us that they want their agent Mmusi Maimane to be the president of the country.The ANC is running this country, not investors.

I heard that there are CR17 and NDZ17 in 2018, those things ended in December, now it is a unified ANC. The NEC must be sober when they make decisions and I am not impressed by the conflicting statements made by the Top 6.We need leaders to be united to bring unity to the organisation.

They need to sit down and take decisions that will unite the organization and benefit all South Africans, not investors. When are expecting State of the Nation address very soon. Who will address the state of the nation on 8 February? The answer is simple the president of South Africa, Cde Jacob Zuma will address the SONA unless Luthuli House recalls him and a new president sworn in…

*To DA stop interfering with the matters of the ANC because your government has caused more draught in the Western Cape. In Tshwane, there is more draught again when coming to service delivery in the townships. Your party will remain good on the opposition benches because you are only good at making noise but when coming to delivering dololo.

Resident march against racist DA administration




DESPITE THE SABOTAGE, nothing has stopped about 15 000 residents of Tshwane to march against DA administration which has left thousands of people without jobs. Residents of Tshwane came in large number to attend the march organised by the African National Congress in Tshwane demanding the City to reemploy thousand of Vat Alles and Extended Public works Programme Workers who were fired by the DA administration.

The march started at Burgers Park until at Tshwane House which was built by the visionary ANC administration. The vicinity around Burgers Park and Tshwane house has turned into a police base after more than 100 police officers from both Tshwane Metro Police and South African police service were deployed to this peaceful march.

Lesego Makhubela of the African Congress Youth League in Tshwane said the DA administration has fired thousands of workers and they have not received their salaries from the city.

“We are marching today because thousands of workers who were employed in Vat Alles, Extended Public Works Programme have been replaced with DA volunteers, today they are going home without any cent and they family have no food.

“Everything that we are doing we are fighting for a black child, who has been patched by the DA government. We have sent this to court and there is a court judgment. They are in contempt of court, they have not implemented the order of the court to reinstate the fired workers” said Makhubela.

Mike Mkhari who accepted the memorandum on behalf of the mayor who was nowhere to be seen said defended the DA administration by saying they have to be transparent by introducing the so-called lottery system.

“We have realised that we need to open up the system, we have to be transparent and we have made sure we came clear with a system of a lottery,” said Mkhari.  Click here City Post march1  to download the video of the march.

A baobab tree has fallen


-HUGH MASEKELA THE Legendary South African musician has died at the age of 78. According to the statement issued by Masekela family, the musician has died after a long battle with prostate cancer.

The statement said it is with profound sorrow that the family of Ramapolo Hugh Masekela announces his passing, after a protracted and courageous battle with prostate cancer, he passed peacefully in Johannesburg, South Africa, surrounded by his family.

“We will, in due course, release details of memorial and burial services. Hugh Masekela was someone who always engaged robustly with the press on musical and social-political issues. We laud the press for respecting his privacy through his convalescence, and during this, our time of grief. Our gratitude to all and sundry for your condolences and support” said the statement.

Musicians, politicians and ordinary people have been sending condolence messages since this morning.

Minister of Art and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa said South Africa has not only lost a musician but it has lost an icon.

“A baobab tree has fallen, the nation has lost a one of a kind musician with the passing of Jazz legend bra Hugh Masekela. We can safely say bra Hugh was one of the great architects of Afro-Jazz and he uplifted the soul of our nation through his timeless music”

Kenyans president Uhuru Kenyatta twitted by saying,”The World has today lost a Legend. Hugh Masekela, gave us many songs, a reason to dance to Jazz, and combined that with a trumpet, not only to connect us to entertainment but also to give South Africa, a liberating and powerful voice against Apartheid. We celebrate him”…


Rest in  peace apartheid caretaker









-WE ARE informed of the passing of Mr. Lucas Mangope who was a caretaker of the British the imposed homeland leader of Bophuthatswana 

We won’t miss you, we will remember you as one of those who works hard to delay black struggle in our country. An agent of whites who hated his own people and misused your authority to oppress fellow black people especially us “Tswanas”.

You were praised for tacking crime, well that’s not true. The truth is you were not arresting criminals there’s not even one criminal you have arrested, your government were arresting people whom on their own terms labels as peace disturbers and their government potential threats 

You donated black people to whites for modern slavery. Grounding blacks and limiting us to economic growth, many were robbed their live stocks and forced to buy the commercial market. If the community resists then Boers “friends of the caretaker” came and poisoned our chicken, cows, and crops making our soil infertile forcing black to admire white-owned commercial market.

You confirmed you true colours when you joined the DA in your dying days. You called our true freedom fighter, an icon of the globe Tata Nelson Mandela a criminal and that indicated that you knew nothing about black struggle in our country as you enjoyed whites leftovers. Rest In Peace Apartheid Care Taker.

*Andries Thathane is the African National Congress Youth League leader in Tshwane Ward 90 (Tj Gumede aka Gautrain Branch)


ANC in Tshwane not move by DA’s monkey tactics


People of Tshwane are tired of DA-run City of Tshwane administration…


THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress Youth League in Tshwane has released a media statement after the publicity seeking Democratic Alliance issuing a statement that they will be opening a case against councilor Lesego Makhubela for organising masses against the DA-led City of Tshwane. The DA which is failing to deliver services to black people is trying to use monkey tactics to stop the masses from expressing their democratic rights by marching against City of Tshwane’s DA administration.

The ANC and the people of Tshwane will be shutting down the capital city because the City of Tshwane as they have down to apartheid for failing to deliver services in black areas or townships.

According to Nicholas Gongolo Munyai of the ANC Youth League in Tshwane Region, they are not moved even by an inch by the cowardice and quack tendency of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in trying to silence the voice of the voiceless in Tshwane.

“The DA’s attempt to open a case against the Regional Chairperson of ANCYL Cde Lesego Makhubela is nothing, but a gambit to stop the planned Tshwane Shutdown to demand the immediate reinstatement of all ‘Vat Alles, Itsebe Workers and Security Guards in the City of Tshwane.

“The DA in the City of Tshwane has fired thousands of black workers and replaced them with their own volunteers. Firing thousands of black workers and replacing them with your own volunteers is not job creation but amounts to witchcraft.

“The ANCYL in Greater Tshwane Region is warning the DA that no amount of intimidation or attempted persecution of the ever-roaring Chairperson of ANCYL in Tshwane will stop the Shutdown Tshwane March on Friday the 26th January 2018,” said Munyai.

Munyai said due to the poverty of information, the DA’s lumpen puppet Councilor Tau liken Lesego’s use of petrol bomb language to that of inciting violence, for the record, petrol bomb is the political nickname of ANCYL Greater Tshwane Regional Secretary ‘Ratshilumela Walter Dambuzo Petrol Bomb Mashamba’.

He concluded by saying the ANCYL Greater Tshwane will communicate the details of the peaceful march to Shutdown Tshwane to all its members and citizens of Tshwane Region in due course.

Councilor Abel Tau of the Democratic Alliance confirmed to City Post that today lay a charge of incitement to violence with the South African Police Service (SAPS) against the ANC Youth League in Tshwane.

In a statement issued by the racist white party which lacks political education, they said Makhubela’s comments are dangerous and in direct contravention to the Constitution which states that “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression which does not extend to amongst others, incitement of imminent violence.”

The statement claimed that since taking office, the DA-led administration in Tshwane has been hard at work to bring about real change and the people are seeing the difference.

Councilor Lesego Makhubela said they are unshaken by the Statement of white privilege and the case of hate speech opened against us by the DA.

“We are not moved an inch. We are on an intensive roadshow to mobilize all sectors of society against the injustices that are everyday endured by the peace-loving people of Tshwane,”

said Makhubela.




Ramaphosa honour ANC founders


THE NEWLY ELECTED president of the oldest liberation movement in Africa, the African National Congress has call for unity in the organisation. Cyril Ramaphosa addressing ANC supporters in Inanda ,KwaZulu-Natal before the ANC’s 106 birthday celebration accompanied by other ANC leaders paid tribute the founding members of the organisation.

He paid tribute to ANC founding members like John Langalibalele Dube, Chief Albert Luthuli, Josiah Gumede and Pixley Isaka ka Seme.

“We hope that the roles that the ANC presidents like John Langalibalele Dube, Chief Albert Luthuli, Josiah Gumede and Pixley Isaka ka Seme have played are taught in our schools in order to enrich our history instead of only always being taught about Jan Van Riebeeck,”said Ramaphosa.

He talk about rooting out corruption and advancing radical socio-economic transformation is what the former leaders would want.

“We are going to be determined to root out corruption in our ranks. That is what we’ll do because it undermines the interests our people as a whole,”added Ramaphosa.

The ANC leaders visited the grave sites of other ANC leaders, including Chief Albert Luthuli and Pixley ka Isaka Seme.

President Zuma is going nowhere


I HAVE BEEN following the news and social network since the December ANC Conference and I am not impressed by those who are calling for the recalling of Comrade President Jacob Zuma. After the Polokwane, the biggest mistake that was done by the ANC is to recall Comrade President Thabo Mbeki.

We cannot repeat the same mistake again. The CR17 and the NDZ17 have gone with the conference now we have a united ANC. I have never support Cde Cyril Ramaphosa before the conference but I respect the decision taken by the branches by electing him, he deserves to lead the oldest revolutionary movement in the continent.


The ANC president Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa will lead this country after the current president finishes his full term. I’m happy Julius Malema who made a lot of noise and threaten to drag Comrade President Thabo Mbeki out of the Union Buildings is out of the ANC, he would have cause more brouhaha with his lack of political tolerance.


Now the ANC is healing after the conference which elected its leadership democratically free and fair.The recall of the Comrade Zuma will reopen the cracks and divide the revolutionary organisation. The fish and chips political parties like the DA and its youth wing the EFF will be singing celebration songs because they are planning to take this country through the back door as they have done to our metros.


There is nothing wrong having a state president who is not an ANC President. Comrade President will continue to deliver the promises of the ANC to the people .Comrade Ramaphosa is now the Commander in chief of the ANC and Cde Msholozi knows and understands that, so why some people are making unnecessary noise. If we allow the president to be recalled, the same thing will happen to Cde Ramaphosa, he will never finish his term.


Comrade Zuma is going nowhere until he finishes his term, we don’t care what the White Monopoly Capital thinks.

I am surprised by some clergymen who want the president to be recalled, what they are preaching to their congregation?. The Bible is very clear on our role with seeking revenge. In Romans 12:19, God tells us to never take revenge and to leave it to the Lord. God is the ultimate judge and when we seek revenge, we are taking His place. When we become overwhelmed with what others have done wrong, we become filled with anger and find ourselves focused on hate. God’s love and forgiveness is seen in our ability to love and forgive. Read this Bible verse about revenge to better understand the life of freedom that God wants for you!


An eye for an eye will leave the whole country blind.We cannot afford to have another president being recalled to settle old scores.

It is time to unite the African National Congress reclaim not only the metros but also the Western Cape which is being run like an imperial state by Zille and her gang.