An idea to educate an African child


John Molepo raising funds for university students who can’t afford fees on the on busy Es’kia Mphahlele Road in Pretoria.


A SOSHANGUVE COMMUNITY activist has started an initiative to help a student who can’t afford university registration fees. John Molepo of the Youth Empowerment Organisation is raising funds to help more than 50 students which registration fees for university next year with an initiative called Thusa ngwana geno.

In an interview Molepo said there are more students who are at home because they can’t afford registration fees for universities, some ended dropping out and South Africa needs more academics to help to grow our economy.

Thusa ngwana geno is an initiative that helps prospective students that are accepted to any South African institution of higher learning with registration fee and tuition fees and stationery. We aim to help more than 50 students each and every year and this will reduce the number of students who are dropping because of lack of funds or their family background.

“We asked donations from R5 on the streets and we also invite South Africans to donate to by depositing money into our bank account. This will help more students who can’t afford to have a chance of registering at tertiary institutions. With more academics this will help to grow our economy,” said Molepo.

Molepo said he was impressed by taxi drivers who contributed to the initiative not forgetting other motorists on busy Es’kia Mphahlele Road in Pretoria. He urges other people including the organizations and companies to support this initiation by donating or adopting the students who can’t afford university registration fees.

“I also invite other graduates and volunteers who wish to join us to raise funds on the road are welcome to join us because it is our responsibility to help an African child to get an education,” added Molepo.

Individuals, companies and organization who are interested to contribute to the fund can deposit their contributions to Youth Empowerment Organisation, Nedbank, Account Number: 1158322933.  They can also call John Molepo at 0767502300.





DA administration place Tshwane under financial crisis


IN JUST ABOUT a year and few months after the DA took over the City of Tshwane is in financial crises.The DA has been focusing on developing white areas and abandoning the townships since they took over with the help of their youth league the EFF.

The extent of the crises has required a Provincial and ultimately a National financial rescue intervention in terms of section 139 of the Constitution, read with chapter 13 of the MFMA.

Tshwane ANC Councilor  Lesego Makhubela.

Councilor Lesego Makhubela said the African National Congress as the only opposition in the council of the city had to learn this fact in the media after the entire council of the city, even the councilors of the governing party, had for four months been kept in the dark about the fact of the financial crises despite that the MFMA requires of the mayor immediately to inform council and the MEC for Local Government of such facts.

The Democratic Alliance has been elected to government on 3 August 2016.

It inherited a budget from the ANC that provided for a surplus of revenue over expenditure in excess of R 2 billion.

It was in full control of this budget, it made the changes thereto that it required during the adjustments budget process and it led the public service that implemented the budget and collected the revenue.

“We view the failure of the mayor to honour our democracy by breaching the requirements of section 54 of the MFMA in dealing with this financial crisis, to be a most serious matter that denigrates the root of our democratic institutions and we are taking legal advice on the issue. Councilor Msimanga must be brought to understand that he has not been elected to a five-year dictatorship of the city, but that this is a democracy that requires of him to deal with certain information and processes openly and transparently.

 “In the first year of its government, the mayor and his mayco team ran the city into the ground. It managed to notch up an unprecedented R 2.4 billion operating deficit (despite the fact that it still ended the year with a surplus of revenue over expenditure of R 640 million). While in complete control over all functions of government and the budget, Councilor Msimanga ‘s government still has the temerity to blame the ANC for the results of their bad management,” said Makhubela.

Makhubela said now, five months into the financial year of the first budget prepared and approved under his auspices to give expression to the DA’s election platform, in full control of every aspect of government, the financial status of the city has degenerated further to the extent that for the first time in history of this democracy a Metro had to apply for financial rescue in terms of section 139 of the Constitution.

He said they always quick to blame every problem it encounters in government as “inherited” from the ANC, the unacceptable secrecy by which it has handled this financial crisis and the resultant application for financial rescue, is a telling admission of an all to apparent fact: that the DA’s problem is not the paper on which the budgets of the city are recorded, but its own lack of capacity and incompetence in actual executive government.

“This caucus of the ANC is taking up the serious issues raised by the DA and Councilor Msimanga ‘s conduct with the Minister of Co-operative Government, the National Treasury and the MEC for Local Government.

“ We are also calling on the mayor and the National Treasury to release the full text of the request for financial rescue to us. These are public documents that should have served in a public council meeting even before the request to National Treasury had been made,” he said.

He concluded by saying they are greatly concerned that council has been misleading in the financial reports that have been tabled since this request had been made but will investigate the matter thoroughly yet