Spin City back in kasi

The Sosh Spin Kingz will be hosting the annual Summer Spin Showdown at Odi Raceway in Kgabalatsane.


THE SOSH SPIN Kingz are back ekasi to burn the tyres until there are no more whistles. They will be hosting the annual Summer Spin Showdown at Odi Raceway in Kgabalatsane on the 25 November from 12 pm and about 4 000 spectators from around the country are expected to watch boys burning tyres with their spinning skills at the venue. 

It will feature talented car spinners Team BGB, Austin, Panjero, Sam-Sam, Bad Company, Muzi, Team Y & Sons and other best spinners from various provinces will be competing to win patrons hearts. 

Lesego Skosana of the Sosh Spin Kingz well known as SSK which are the organizers of the Summer Spin Showdown said SSK brand has grown for the past years and they were forced to host events outside the townships. Sosh Spin Kingz (SSK) owned and managed by Tshepang Mkhonza and Lesego Skosana, has seen tremendous growth since its inception in the year 2009 in Soshanguve, where it all started. 

“People of kasi approached us to come back to kasi that is why we are hosting this event in Odi raceway in Kgabalatsane. We used to host our event about 5 years ago at Sosh Spin Palace in Soshanguve Industrial-site but the venue is too small to accommodate our fans. 

“We have chosen ODI Raceway to bring this event close to the community in the township, for them to also enjoy this entertaining extreme-motorsport event in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

“Kasi people love our sports because it originates from kasi and we are grateful for their support. It was best that we also move the brand to a bigger space, since well the previous venue, Sosh Spin Palace was no longer fit to cater for more than 500 people. Though we moved from Sosh Spin Palace in Soshanguve Industrial-site, the venue created memorable moments that only those who used to attend events there can never forget,” said Skosana. 

He said SSK was formed on the basis of eradicating reckless spinning on public roads, which put the lives of the people in danger especially the spectators. 

His partner Tshepang Mkhonza added by saying the origin of spinning can be traced back in the late 80’s to early 90’s when it was mostly associated with gangsters, then later developed to showing-off skills in public roads. And now treated as extreme-motorsport competition to show-off skills and entertain the crowd in a safe environment. 

“The venue we were using for the past 4 years, is satiated far from the townships of Pretoria, which was a hinder for other people from townships to attend and support something that originates from townships”, said Mkhonza. 

Sosh Spin Kingz events are open to all ages, but children under the age of 12 years must be under the supervision of adults. For more information follow Sosh Spin Kingz of Facebook and @soshspinkingz (Twitter & Instagram).

Comrade Mugabe uyingwe sa dubula isibhamu!!!


Dear Cde Mugabe 

Comrade, we have seen how soft counter-revolutionaries in the Zanu PF plotted your downfall. We know the west is now celebrating. As South Africans, we will always support you and you are welcome to stay in our country at our courtesy. Those who have a problem when you came here they can go to Zim.

You play a big role during the Chimurenga to liberate Zimbabwe from the west. Uyingwe wena ka Mugabe.

Comrade Mugabe, the people of Zimbabwe have sold their soul to the devil, I wont be surprised if the fish and chips party created by the west won the coming elections. People of Zimbabwe have done a big mistake by revolting against a revolutionary. I am not surprised the western funded rebellion started in Egypt, Libya now Zim, we know that South Africa is on their radar.

We know that that imperialist are aiming at the South African president and they are using the same tactic to divide the African National Congress but we wont just fold our hands we are prepared to defend our hard earned revolution. 

They might force you to step down but your legacy will live on for many years, I  hope Ian Smith and John Rhodes are smiling in their graves because this might be the start of recolonisation of Zimbabwe.You have been backstabbed by your own comrades but I am not surprised the West have been gunning for Zim for decades. 

I wont write further because this is the bad day in the history of Africa, is not yet Uhuru.We still have a battle with the enemy of the revolution. 

 Comrade Mugabe uyingwe sa dubula isibhamu!!!Phambiri nge chimurenga, phambiri nge war!!!

ANC Youth League at court to support Zithobeni girl


Some of the ANC Youth League members who went to court to support the girl assaulted by racist farmers.


TODAY THE ANC Youth League in Tshwane sent a message to racists white farmers that no one messes with a Black girl in this country. The Youth League was in control all the shops were closed down at Bronkhorspruit when two racist farmers who had kidnapped and tied down a 9-year-old black girl from Zithobeni to a tree appeared in court.

Racist Afrikaner farmer Johannes Potgieter and his employee Hendrick Dumas appeared in court for kidnapping and assault after they tied the young girl to a tree, assaulted and shot her.

The leader of the ANC Youth League in Tshwane Lesego Makhubela said they had to call a point of order during the court proceedings as we witnessed daylight robbery take place right in our eyes.

“The judge presiding over the case eventually admitted to us that he was shocked by the decision of a Pretoria High court judge who granted the two bail after he had denied them bail.

“We will stand for and by this family and our people in Metsweding till this matter is concluded. We were also very shocked by a countermarch organized by white racist farmers in the area to come to be in solidarity with their fellow vicious racists’ friends. Racism and white solidarity is back in our country full force,” said Makhubela.

The girl told the court that the two racist white men other to fetch something which turned to be the handcuff brought by the second man.

“I was tied to the tree with the handcuffs by these men. I was then slapped in the face again and again. The other man pointed me with a gun on my forehead and threatened that if we ever come again they are going to kill us. I was untied and told to run after that they shot at me while I ran,” said the girl.news@citypost.co.za











Lack of service delivery killed another 5 kids again in Mams



Five kids have been killed after they were burnt inside a shack because of lack of service delivery by the DA-led City of Tshwane


IN LESS THAN 2 weeks 5 other kids have been killed after they were burnt inside a shack because of lack of service delivery by the DA-led the City of Tshwane. This happened yesterday at Alaska informal settlement in Mamelodi which has been ignored by the city when coming to service delivery.

Residents are angry after the incident and they keep on asking who is next? Because they are no longer safe living in an area without services.

Local ANC councillor Morwangwato Mantjane said the incident could have been avoided if the DA-led the City of Tshwane has provided services to the shack dwellers of Alaska.

“The DA-led City of Tshwane does not want to provide services at townships.An incident like this could have been avoided if the services were provided to the people.

“This area needs to be formalized to avoid incidents like this but this DA-led administration has pulled a handbrake of formalization of informal squatter settlement. Our ANC administration was busy with formalization that is why Phomolong and Stoffel have been formalized but now everything came to standstill,” said Mantjane.

The DA-led administration which is good at sending condolences instead of delivering services issued a statement sending heartfelt condolences to the family members and loved ones of the five victims of a shack fire in Alaska informal settlement.

Mandla Nkomo the Tshwane MMC for Housing and Human Settlements in a statement said it is deeply regrettable that this has happened and the administration will look further into the reasons that occasioned this tragedy.

“It is, however, extremely distasteful that the ANC in the area has decided to politicise the deaths of these members of our community. This is the second time in just one week they have elected this approach, the first being the death of five children in Soshanguve,” said Nkomo.

In the statement, he blamed the ANC and failed to mention when they will formalise Alaska informal settlement. sizwe@citypost.co.za





ANC always deliver despite sabotage


DESPITE CHALLENGES AND sabotage by the present Tshwane DA-led administration Tshwane ANC councillor for ward 39 managed to switch on power at Zone14 Ga-Rankuwa. 


DESPITE CHALLENGES AND sabotage by the present Tshwane DA-led administration Tshwane ANC councillor for ward 39 managed to switch on power at Zone14 Ga-Rankuwa where 3 500 houses have been electrified. The project to electrify Zone14 was started by the City of Tshwane ANC led administration in 2015.

The ANC Ward 39 Councilor Japan Baloyi informed the office of the relevant MMC about the planned event to switch on the lights at Zone 14 on Wednesday at 6 pm but things did not go according to plan.

Tshwane electricity division workers arrived 30 minutes late but they were supposed to be there before to test power but they failed.

More than 500 residents gathered near the high mast light to see the power being switch on but it failed because they failed to do their job.

Some residents became angry and they threaten to go on streets but some so that it is a political sabotage from the DA-led administration because it has been going on for a while.

The power was supposed to have been switched on late last year and the new administration has been dragging their feet like a snail.


“This is sabotage, but I am not surprised DA has never liked us and we never like a black man,” said an old woman from the crowd. 

Some workers told the residents that they could not switch some light because of it too dark and is dangerous to work at night but they failed to arrive in time to test the power. 

Councilor Japan Baloyi managed spoke to the workers and told them that they have to switch on the lights because people need power.

After they tried several transformers and power boxes on poles they managed to switch the first light at 8:02 pm.

Councilor Japan Baloyi speaking to residents of Zone14 Ga-Rankuwa

In an interview with Baloyi said the City of Tshwane and he is surprised because everything did not go according to plan.


“I am disappointed the way the City of Tshwane has handled things at Zone14. At the end, we managed to switch on the lights now residents have power in their homes. We started with 9 houses instead of 60 as agreed because they arrive late.


“We are going to switch power to 60 houses a day until all the 3 500 houses have power because as the ANC we deliver our promises to the people. People of Zone 14 will have a happy Christmas because the ANC has delivered to them despite challenges,” said Baloyi. 

Local resident Patrick Mokwale said they are happy because councillor Japan Baloyi has worked hard to see that they have power in their homes.

“We are happy because our ward councillor kept his promise we have power in our homes now,” said Mokwale.africa@citypost.co.za

Angry residents chased DA mayor out of Soshanguve

The scene where the children were killed.


THE CITY OF Tshwane DA-led administration ignored a high a high mast light which was reported several times until it crashed to death 5 innocent kids in Soshanguve north of Pretoria. One is still in the hospital. After the gruesome incident, Tshwane Executive Mayor Solly Msimanga rush to the scene and residents chased him out of Soshanguve. It is the second time Solly Msimanga and his teams were frog-marched out of Soshanguve by angry residents.

Four police were injured when Tshwane Metro Police which was acting like Solly’s army fired rubber bullets at residents in Block X Soshnguve. Solly blame cable theft but residents tell a different story and they blame the City of Tshwane DA-led administration for lack of service delivery and maintenance. 

According to councillor Phumzile Hlatswayo, seven kids were affected, four died on the scene, one was not affected and two were taken to the hospital and one died at the hospital. 

The high mast light that killed 5 children.

“The community is very angry because service has been neglected. There are numbers of high mast like this and we have been requesting service delivery maintenance. The tell us about the insufficient budget but if you go to areas like Waterkloof you won’t find this challenges. 

“Budget has been minimizing because this is a township.These areas must be priorities in terms of service delivery,” said Hlatswayo. 

Mapiti Matsena of the ANC said as the ANC they are there to help the community. 

“This is an indication of lack of service delivery.Our councillors on a daily basis report service delivery problems and this is one of those issues that has been reported. Nothing happened, in most cases when they report they think is the ward councillor of the ANC.

ANC Tshwane delegates that visited the mourning family.


“They don’t understand that the ward councillor represents the community in the particular area. It is not only this one but there are serious service delivery challenges in areas under the ANC councillors that is why some of the budgets have been cut to deal with the issues of maintenance. 

“We will keep on raising these issues because it frustrates our councillors. The DA administration wants to politicize issues of service delivery, which is the issue that affects all members of the community,” said Matsena. 

Another ward councillor Maria Rallele back Hlatswayo and Matsena that the present administration ignored service delivery issues in the townships. 

Local resident Thabo Mtshweni said the mayor is misleading people by blaming cable theft for the incident. 

“About two months ago municipal workers were busy on this high mast light and they did not tie the cable which secures lamps from falling. 

“This is not cable theft at all, Tshwane is responsible for this mess,” said Mtshweni. 

Tshwane executive mayor Solly Msimanga in a statement said he expresses sorrow following the fatal misfortune of five children in Soshanguve

“The City’s administration is deeply aggrieved by this happening which clearly points to tampering with cables with a view of committing theft. We find ourselves in sorrow following the deviant acts of villains hell-bent on thieving the City’s infrastructure. It is unfortunate that this vandalisation of electricity wires has terminated the lives of innocent souls. 

“The incident has been reported to the South African Police Service and an inquest docket has been opened for investigation under case number 66/11/2017- registered at Rietgat police station. Subsequently, and in line with labour regulations this matter has also been relayed to the Chief Inspector of the Department of Labour to make a determination of whether the incident was envisioned or it was through carelessness.

“Over and above the sighted probes that are underway, I have instituted an internal investigation and pledge that the City will cooperate fully with the police as well as the labour department,” said Msimanga.africa@citypost.co.za

Response to selective amnesia of Ntate Tito Mboweni


Western Cape secretary Songezo Mjongile.


Treating the amnesia of Tito Mboweni. We note with apprehension the note circulating in the social media which is written in the name of the once respectable former Governor of the Reserve Bank of South Africa and Minister of Labour of the Republic, one Tito Mboweni.

 The disingenuous posting purports to provide a balanced analysis of “ANC Candidates for President”, without even once mentioning or utilizing the known yardsticks established by the African National Congress that is “Through the Eye of the Needle”.

A measure is known and favoured by all members of the African National Congress and its constitutional structures. Mr Mboweni’s negative posture towards the ANC and its leadership is well known and features in many of his public rants.

Dr Dlamini Zuma always welcomes public engagements and constructive criticism and is known for engaging all sectors and societal stakeholders, including professionals, private sector people, the religious sector and academia. In all here engagements she has steered away from responding to the negative persona and has instructed all her supporters not to engage in such negativity.

However, this time Mr Mboweni has stepped the line with his exposing his patriarchal and sexist tendencies. We will not delve in the many mistruths he peddles about other candidates in his postings.

We restrict our reactions to the mischievous slander and undertones he directs at Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, MP. We abide by the principle that it is the democratic right of every ANC member to promote their candidate.

Our suggestion to Mr Mboweni is that he should just do that, and not pretend to offer a balanced view when in fact he puts his preferred candidate and peddles further divisions in the ANC through his ill-informed and sexist views.

Mr Mboweni says Dr Dlamini Zuma has “great struggle credentials from SASO and ANC underground days. [I] first met her in Maputo in 1982 thereabouts… JZ was in the room too. It was a special dinner for us.” And then according to him, her contributions end there but for the attributes, he duplicates with the other subjects of his midnight insomnia attack. For Dr Dlamini Zuma he adds she is “sisterly, motherly and very comradely”.

Really Mr Mboweni, that’s it? Let us treat your amnesia by jogging your memory.

Was Dr Dlamini Zuma not also the Deputy President of the South Africa Student’s Organisation (SASO) who served in a collective with the likes of Steve Biko, Diliza Mji and Nomsisi Kraai. It is doubtful that the thousands of student and community activists who entrusted her with that responsibility did so on account of her culinary skills, even though they are admittedly impeccable.

Did you not serve in a cabinet with Dr Dlamini Zuma for four years when you were Minister of Labour and she the Minister of Health? Was it not Dr Dlamini Zuma who fought for equal access to health care and women’s health rights? Is it not Dr Dlamini Zuma who single-handedly fought the powerful tobacco lobby groups and facilitated for the banning of smoking in public places and the shutting down of the lucrative and corrupting tobacco advertising? Was it not Dr Dlamini Zuma who stopped the heist carried out by pharmaceutical companies in South Africa and the developing world?

Did you not consult with Dr Dlamini Zuma for endless hours when she was Minister of Foreign Affairs and you Governor of the Reserve Bank to explore related to the state of monetary policy and financing in Africa and the developing world?

Did you not join South Africans and Southern Africans in their jubilation at Dr Dlamini Zuma’s on her assumption of duty as the African Union Commission Chairperson? Perhaps not. Were you asleep throughout her tenure there when her collective assured in the continent-wide programme of Agenda 2063 during the 50th Anniversary of the OAU? Did you not express your appreciation for her leadership when you served under President Paul Kagame in the Committee for the African Union Reform? Were you asleep again when Dr Dlamini Zuma briefed the Committee of the intended outcomes which also included the alternative sources of funding for AU Programmes? Were you in deep slumber when the over 800 African volunteer health care workers were sent to fight the Ebola virus in West Africa, with the support of Africa’s own captains of industry and health professionals from Cuba?

We hope with this treatment you will be able to sleep tonight and awake with a better grasp of what really confronts us as a nation. As you wake may we suggest some gender training which we can facilitate.

Finally, care to share with us your critique of the menus of the tables you have recently been blessed to dine at?

Mr Mboweni concludes his biased offering just after he ‘evaluates’ Dr Dlamini Zuma “The elephant is in the room is: who of these candidates can defeat State Capture and propel our country unto a growth and prosperity trajectory. Who can keep the Guptas and other predatory forces at bay and focus on the country’s needs”? This is coyly done presumably to cast aspersions on the character of Dr Dlamini Zuma, whom as Mr Mboweni knows is principled and not corruptible. Well, history teaches us that Dr Dlamini has and will stand against anything or anybody that that seeks to corrupt and provide the short stick to our people. Let us assure the former Governor here and now Dr Dlamini Zuma has a track record in fighting corruption and maladministration, and where these rear their heads she will continue to fight against them and in the interest of our people, without fear or favour,

The Governor and his high society friends can rest assured that the Radical Economic Transformation agenda of the ANC is crafted by ordinary members after a careful analysis of their material conditions and the epoch the country finds itself in. In expressing their impatience and frustrations through the people’s movement they have ensured that they secure their own futures towards a shared prosperity and growth. This agenda is to the benefit of all South Africans, black and white, male or female, as well as old and young. All of which will require woke South Africans, including former Governors who can assist in the urgent task of transforming our economy so that no one is left behind.

#WeAreReady : Radical Economic Transformation. Now or Never!!



Chaos on R80 after a prayer

Motorist which includes taxi drivers and bus drivers were driving have turned the highway into Kayalami racing track. 


WITHIN 15 minutes after the Tshwane Community Spiritual Intervention Prayer on the notorious R80 well known as Mabopane Highway there was chaos on that busy road.Residents light candles and pray on the notorious R80 road.

This is because the DA lead City of Tshwane that could not manage the capital city failed to sent a single Metro Cop to the event.Motorist which includes taxi drivers and bus drivers were driving have turned the highway into Kayalami racing track.Some were driving on the gravel road on the side of the tar road this resulted in dust which may result in a road accident.

Motorist which includes taxi drivers and bus drivers were driving have turned the highway into Kayalami racing track.

Even before the event started some people who attended the event using public transport were struggling to cross the busy killer road because there were no traffic cops to control the busy traffic. Taxi patrol officials from Soshanguve Taxi Owners Association were forced to volunteer as marshals to help those who cross the road.

The event which is the brainchild of John Molepo was organised in partnership with local stakeholders which include the City of Tshwane, Royal Funerals, Soshanguve Community Radio Station, TUT Fm, Soshanguve Taxi Owners Association and other stakeholders.

Some of the people who attended a prayer day on the Mabopane highway lighting candles.

Speaking to City Post, John Molepo said they have organised the event to make an awareness about road safety on the killer road.

“We came here to pray last year and I am impressed we managed to reduce the road accident from 305 last year by this time to 249.Last year around this time of the year 34 people have died on this road, this year is 17.Death went down by 50 percent, this proves our prayers have been heard.

“We will be happy if we can see high visibility of Tshwane Metro police from the bridge to bridge to reduce road accidents,” said Molepo.

Mike Mkhari the Tshwane MMC for Agriculture and Environment said he so the problem with the road that during rush hour more illegal lanes are created by reckless drivers.

“I am aware of the problem on the Mabopane Highway, we did not have Metro Police to control the traffic because the application was sent late and there was a big march in the CBD. Next year we will invite bus drivers and to try to have Metro Police officers,” said Mkhari.

When asked why they are reducing Tshwane Metro Police officers to be securities while there are no visible traffic officers on the roads he said, “We also have the Gauteng Provincial Patrol and the SAPS to assist us with visible policing”.

The African National Congress Youth League’s Levhuwani Mushango said they are disappointed to see a road safety event without a single metro police.

“As the ANC Youth League in Tshwane, we are disappointed by the DA-led City of Tshwane for not taking road safety seriously. Most of the victims of road accidents are the youth who have good future ahead of them and their lifes have been cut short by road accidents.

“We need visible Metro Police on our roads and people should stop drink and driving,” said Mushango. africa@citypost.co.za   


ANC presidential candidate review

The leading contenders in the ANC presidential race Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa.


It was Tokyo Sexwale who started this active campaigning for the Presidency of the ANC in 2012. Most of us frowned upon this unknown tendency in the ANC. He must have spent a lot of money traversing the length and breadth of the country. But he was addressing the wrong crowds. He should have focused on ANC branch members. In the end, he lost badly in Mangaung. Then he kind of retreated from active politics.

The lure of the highest office has energized many today for the ANC Conference in December. 16-20 December 2017. It is now like a political festival: a rally here and there, a memorial lecture (!) here and there. Masses of people have been activated. It is a good mood throughout the ANC structures and the country at large. Everywhere one goes, the question is asked: who is going to win? The jury is really out there. I am enjoying the mood though.

So, this is what we know at the moment. There are seven declared presidential hopefuls.

* Mathews Phosa is a lawyer, long-time ANC activist and former premier of the Mpumalanga Province. He can read and write, integrate complex phenomena and lead. Great, but he has been absent from visible politics for a while. So he has an uphill struggle to overcome. Good chap though, presidential, yes.

* Jeff Radebe is also a lawyer, experienced in the cabinet and state administration is highly regarded. He is a decent fellow but a bit dull and boring. But hey, he is a good chap. Integrate complex phenomenon in society, yes a good brain. Good chap.

*Lindiwe Sisulu is highly educated, PhD, well-spoken, decent person, easy to get on with, highly presentable, peoples person, and can comprehend complex phenomena and lead. But she is a bit unconvincing at times. But hey, she is of a good political background and solid.

* Zweli Mkhize is a good chap. Well mannered and a kind person, highly educated. He is a medical doctor. What more could one look for? He is decent but also boring and a poor public speaker. But that can be easily sorted. Easily understands complex phenomena and can distil complex issues and provide leadership when required to do so. Politically solid and he just loves the ANC. He really does. He comes across as honest and “the uncle you can trust”.

*Baleka Mbethe is also a decent person very well schooled in ANC politics and history. Honest, dedicated and has gone through a lot in Parliament. She looks a bit tired though. A bit weak on integrating complex phenomena but could do it. A very motherly, kind but politics knows no politeness and kindness. She is the granny any kid would like to have.

*Cyril Ramaphosa is current deputy President of the ANC and former Secretary-General of the ANC and the National Union of Mineworkers of South Africa and business leader of note. He led the ANC team into the negotiations process and the Constitutional Assembly. Very gifted, agile, easily integrate complex phenomena and able to lead, a hard worker and pleasant chap. Easily interacts with trade unions, business, the community and society at large. He has spent the past few years getting Cabinet and government administration experience. Not an inspiring public speaker or dancer, but he tries. I doubt if he can sing! But the moves are there, a bit. He is a good decent fellow, aside from a few things.

* Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has great struggle credentials from the SASO and ANC underground days. We first met in Maputo in 1982 thereabouts. That was when I met Moses Mabhida and Stephen Dlamini (then General Secretary of SACTU). JZ was in the room too. It was a special dinner. She cooked a great dinner for us. She is a medical doctor of high intelligence and capability. Easily integrates complex phenomena and simplifies complex issues. Very decent person and warm at heart. Sisterly, motherly and very comradely she is very capable to lead.

So, there you have my assessment of the ANC Presidential hopefuls. You be the judge.


ANC lambasted racist DA-EFF


THE AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS is known and revered for its policies and principles that agitate for the non-racial, non-sexist, socially cohesive and unity of our people despite diverse backgrounds as a nation.

The ANC spokesperson in Tshwane, Tebogo Joala said they recognise their painful past and are sensitive to the history of racial segregation and patriarchy.

“Unfortunately, these heinous patterns continue to simmer in society as they take a new form through praises of colonialism and chief architects of Apartheid by those who still believe in white supremacism and subjugation of our people whom they still regarded as second-class citizens.

“The DA-EFF marriage suffered yet another blow when their extreme ideological inclination took an ugly turn as “white” school learners were subjected to verbal abuse by EFF councillors during the sitting. The DA continues to believe in racial segregation which plays itself out through cultural and racial division.Mayor Msimanga pleas for tolerance were met with ferocious rejection from its partners, the EFF,” said Joala.

Joala said in council, the ANC will continue to be the voice of our residents arguing for service delivery and development of our neighbourhoods.  He added by saying the DA-EFF led Council of Tshwane seems to have forgotten about its principal mandate and is pre-occupied with petty squabbles.

“As we celebrate the centenary of OR Tambo, we call on our people to unite against any form of separatism and racism,” concluded Joala.africa@citypost.co.za