Metro cops suspended for unprofessional conduct



The two EMPD officers have been suspended after their video and pictures went viral on social media enjoying takeaway lunch littered with banknotes

TWO EKURHULENI METRO Police officers from Thokoza have been suspended after their video and pictures went viral on social media enjoying takeaway lunch littered with banknotes.

The video is showing the two officers in full uniform gyrating to loud music from the boot of a car with their lunch packs littered with banknotes. They showed off with the banknotes which they used as both serviettes and toothpicks.
A video clip with two EMPD Traffic Wardens in a jovial mood with music blaring from the boot of their car and their lunch packs scattered with banknotes went viral yesterday morning.

Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago of the EMPD said the two officers were identified, located and summoned to the EMPD Headquarters were they were served with pre-suspension letters yesterday afternoon.

“As soon as the video came to the notice of management, the search for the two traffic wardens was launched and when located they appeared before the Chief of Police who immediately served them with pre-suspension letters.

“They have been instructed to appear before the Chief of Police on Tuesday, 31 October where they will be afforded the opportunity provide reasons why they should not be suspended,” said Kgasago.
Kgasago said reasons for the pre-suspension are for the officers putting Council or Department in disrepute as well as disobeying Standing Orders by way of their unprofessional

Mayor sky dive while townships stinks of sewage


Solly Msimanga enjoying a sky dive in Wonderboom while service delivery came to stand still in Tshwane. 


WHILE MILLIONS OF Tshwane township residents are not happy about poor service delivery by the City of Tshwane , their mayor was sky diving with some white men at Wonderboom Airport.

This sewage has been stinking for more a than 2 months in Soshanguve

This morning the Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga took part in the Wonderboom Phantom Parachute, as part of the Transport Month Celebrations at the Wonderboom Airport and the Capital City Business Chambers monthly business networks.

“It was a bit scary to jump out of the plane, but once I was out, the feeling was incredible and it felt like I was born to do this. This is something that has been on my bucket list for a long time and I can now tick it off. It was an experience of a lifetime and I think now that I have had a taste of the adrenaline, I will do it again,” said the Executive Mayor.

The deputy secretary of the ANC Youth League in Tshwane, Thabo Mathibedi said it is disappointing to see the so-called mayor of Tshwane sky diving while the service delivery has came to standstill around Tshwane.

Thabo Mathibedi of the ANC Youth league in Tshwane.

“The DA is working with the whites and they don’t care about black people in the townships that is why we have bust sewage pipes, leaking water meters and lack of services in the townships.

“Msimanga is not the mayor; even Maimane is not the DA leader. The real DA leader and Tshwane mayor is Helen Zille pulling the strings from Cape Town. Come 2021 we are going to take back Tshwane, and people will receive the best services again,”said

Young lions have power to bring back Tshwane…


THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress Youth League held a successful regional congress this week. Our own Comrade Lesego Makhubela is back again as the chairperson of the young lions in the capital city. I would like to congratulate all who have been elected to the Tshwane REC. They have been elected for their hard work for the organization. There are some of the cadres who were not elected not just because they are not good leaders.We must understand that we cannot lead us, some have to follow and give those who lead the support.

I trust the elected leadership will push the revolution in Tshwane. The young lions have the power to make sure that our beloved city which is now run like the old Transvaal Administration goes back to the people of Tshwane. I have to doubt that the young lions will work hard to bring back our city.

If Comrade Jabu Bila was still alive he would have make it to the REC because he was hard working cadre of the movement. May his revolutionary soul rest in peace.

In memory of this working ANC volunteer Comrade Jabu Bila, let’s unite to build the strong African National Congress in Tshwane that will defeat the forces of the darkness that have invaded our city. United we stand , divided we fall.Iyabuyayela ebantwini iTshwane maqabane.

 ANCYL Greater Tshwane newly elected REC

Chairperson : Lesego Makhubela
Deputy chairperson : Nape Mphiri
Secretary : Ratshilumela Walter Mashamba
Deputy Secretary : Bra Thabo Mathibedi
Treasure : Mpho Soko

Additional members

Mpho Soko
Albertina Moabelo
Molebogeng Phakane
Karabo Hlabyago
Khathu Lambani
Karabo Mohale
Lerato Makhafola
Belvy Maimela
Nana Mfisa
Mpho Sehalahala
Kabelo Thlabadira
Isaiah Tshabalala
Nicholas Munyai
Fidel Phiri
Kotiti Aphane

Livhuwani Mushango


ANC Youth League in Sosh declare war on drugs



Some of the youth who attended the Drugs and Substance Abuse Awareness Campaign in Soshanguve.


THE ANC YOUTH League in Ward 90 Soshanguve has declared war against drugs and substance abuse. The TJ Gumede branch of the ANC Youth League also known as the Gautrain has joined hands with Thorntree Plaza and Sanca to fight drugs and substance abuse in Soshanguve by organising drugs and Substance Abuse Awareness Campaign at Thorntree Plaza.

The organizer of the event David Thathane who is the leader of the young lions in that ward said it is for the first time they declare war on drugs with a campaign like this one.

David Thathane the leader of the ANC Youth League in Ward 90.

“We so the need to organise this event in conjunction with Sanca and Thorntree Plaza because more youth are affected by drugs and substance abuse especially nyaope.

“We have invited Sanco to talk to the youth about the danger of drugs and help those who want to quit because we have more youth affected by nyaope in our community,” said Thathane.

Hendrick Lefoka of Sanca Soshanguve said they are at the event to help the youth who are affected by drugs and substance abuse to answer the questions they need and help them were they can.

“We help the people who are affected by doing an assessment and after that, we will see if he can get rehabilitated while at home or referred to a rehabilitation centre.

“We only help those who need help because you cannot force a person who is not ready to be rehabilitated into the programme. The people who are victims of drugs need the support of the families and the whole community. Stop calling them nyaopes, they have names.

“Respect them and this will help us to win this war on drugs and substance abuse. We must also know that rehabilitation starts in our homes, not at some centres,” said Lefoka.

The newly elected Tshwane Youth League Regional Executive Committee member Livhuwani Mushango aka Mayor of Sosh told the ANC Youth League that it must also declare the war on poverty.

“As the ANC Youth League, we have declared the war on drugs and substance abuse, let’s also declare it on poverty. Let’s make sure no family go to bed on empty stomachs and no learner who passed matric with don’t stay at home because there is no registration fee for the university. That is our responsibility that we stay in a drug and poverty free community.

“Let’s motivate each other to get an education and we also stay not far from Rosslyn which house big companies like Nissan, BMW, SAB and others but our youth are unemployed. We need to much to those companies to give us jobs because most youths are not employed that is why they using nyaope,” said Mushango.

Andries Modise the centre manager of Thorntree Plaza said it is important to them to give back to the community by helping to fight drugs and substance abuse.

“We are sponsoring the event because we are part of this community and we want to see the area being a drug-free area,” said Modise.

 Local artist spiced the event with the performance. The artists who took parts are Paradolisted, VC Crew, Skylavita, Freedom, Miizy, Mahlodi,Doski and many more.

Kabo Yellow…

Steve Kekana of Extension 11 in Soshanguve with his Mamelodi Sundowns flag.


IN 365 DAYS a year Steve Kekana was also known as The King start his day by placing the yellow Mamelodi Sundowns flag on a pole to be blown by the wind. Steve works at Buti’s Panel Beating in Extension 1 Soshanguve and every day he places the flag before starting his duty.

“I have been Mamelodi Sundown fan for more than 30 years that is why they call me the King because I am the king of Mamelodi Sundowns supporters in Soshanguve South. I make sure every day this flag is on this pole because I am proud to be a Sundowns fan and nothing will stop me from displaying my team colours.

“Even when I am not at work I place my flag at a pole at home because as football fans we need to show our love for our teams. I hope other fans will do the same and be proud of the teams.

“Some are hiding when their teams losing but when they start to win they start wearing the colours such people are not real soccer fans. My house is yellow and I wear lekarapa or cap with Sundowns every day because I proudly Sundowns. Even when I buy a car I will buy a yellow car,” said Steve.

Steve said his performance as a supporter has made him popular with supporters of other teams.

“My love for soccer has made me popular even some of the ladies try their luck but I am a one woman person. Even when I get married I will wear a yellow suit because yellow is my favourite colour.

“I would like to encourage other people to display the flags of their favourite teams every day with pride, not forgetting to support our national team Bafana Bafana when is playing by wearing national colours,” added Steve.