Nkosazana Zuma took a step to be first female president

Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma being sworn in as an MP in Cape Town.


NKOSAZANA DLAMINI ZUMA the ANC president in waiting has been sworn on a Member of Parliament in Cape Town today.

This is her first step to be the first female president in South Africa and the to be the second female president after Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Nkosazana Zuma is former African union chairperson; she also held cabinet post as Minister of Health and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking to the media after being sworn in as by Lechesa Tsenoli‚ the deputy speaker of the National Assembly‚ Dlamini-Zuma said for now she was only looking forward to serving in the legislature.

“Well, I’ve been informed by the office of Mr Jackson Mthembu the chief whip and the office of the secretary-general of the African National Congress, Mr Gwede Mantashe that I’m coming here to be a member of parliament.I have come here as an ANC MP, that is all I know,” said Nkosazana-Zuma. africa@citypost.co.za

Noisy Makhosi Khoza already feeling cold outside the ANC

Makhosi Khoza is already feeling the cold outside the ANC.


THE CONTROVERSIAL ANC MP, Makhosi Khoza has resigned from the revolutionary African National Congress. Khosa has held several secret meeting with the DA but she has denied that she might join the racist white party. In July Khoza said, “I am not going to resign, let them fire me”. Now the same Khoza has resigned without being fired after being fool by the opposition and jump out of the revolutionary wagon to the wildness.

Makhosi Khoza who has been behaving like a primadonna and refusing to behave like an ANC member by even disrespecting the president announced he resignation from the party at Lilliesleaf farm north of Johannesburg.

“I want to say goodbye to the ANC. I quit,” said Khoza. She bad mouthed the ANC leaders showing that is starting to sing like a bluebird or someone who has been hypnotized by the DA but she denied that she will be joining the white party.

“I am not going to join the DA but I am not leaving the ANC mission. There is a distinction between the ANC values and its leaders.I will be joining a anti-corruption movement of society,” said Khoza who could not hide that is already feeling cold outside the ANC. sizwe@citypost.co.za

Jacuzzi is dropping another hit

Jacuzzi is releasing another single soon. Photo by e’Kasi Photo Studio


KASI’S NUMBER ONE taxi driver Sibusiso Motloung of Soshanguve well known as Jacuzzi in the music industry will be releasing another hit single, Helen, in soon. He is featuring Dash and Don Temba in that single which is a hit.

This is the second single to be released by Jacuzzi this year another single Gida was release on Good Friday. The stylish kasi artist started with Sgubu sa Pitori style, later moved to Durban kwaito known as DK now is doing house Kwaito.

The single is produced by Music Creatures and Emo Tone who are the best beat makers in kasi. In an interview, Jacuzzi said that he is releasing hit singles to keep people on kasi dancing.

Jacuzzi a taxi driver who is driving local taxis from Mabopane station to Rosslyn said his music is loved by all and he will continue to rock Mzansi with his House Kwaito music.

“Helen is a love song which is House Kwaito, it is about a woman who loves me a lot. I encourage party animals that are in love to love their women or men without any condition.

“This song also makes people dance because I love seeing people dancing. Dancing is a sigh of happiness that is why as an artist I want to see party animals’ happy moods,” said Jacuzzi.

He has worked with artist like Dj Spijo, Emo Tone, Music Creatures and the late Floyd “Da-Great”Sizani. Jacuzzi has shared the stage with Durban Nites, Trademark, Muungu Afrika, Zulu Naja, Mr Menu, Dj Steve and many other in Soshanguve, Mabopane, Hammanskraal, Pretoria and other places around Gauteng.

Jacuzzi’s single Gida which was released on Good Friday is available on the internet at Datafilehost for free.The new one Helen also on Datafile Host for free. africa@citypost.co.za


Foreigner arrested for raping a local lesbian


THE SUNNYSIDE POLICE have arrested a 25 years old foreigner for raping a 24-year-old woman.

According to Captain Daniel Mavimbela the rape suspect on Sunday morning allegedly told his lesbian victim during an alleged unlawful sexual intercourse that he wanted to impregnate her, and that same-sex dating is an abomination in his own country of origin. The suspect originates from one of the Central African Countries.

Mavimbela said the suspect was arrested last night during a sting operation following a manhunt. He is expected to face a charge of rape in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

“Reports suggest that the 24-year-old victim had gone to a flat in Sunnyside to visit a female friend, whom she found in the company of the suspect and the friend’s boyfriend.

“It is reported that the alleged rape ordeal occurred shortly after the couple had left the flat to buy food, while the suspect, who is believed to be the victim’s ex-boyfriend, remained behind with the victim,” said Mavimbela in a statement.

The station commissioner of Sunnyside Police Station condemned the incident of rape to the woman by a foreigner from Central Africa.

“It is unacceptable that the suspect, in spite of the victim reportedly has made it clear to him that she no longer dated men; he allegedly saw it fit to enforce his own cultural beliefs on a vulnerable woman.

“People must understand that when you are in Rome, do as the Romans do. Same-sex interaction is not an atrocity in Sunnyside, rape is,” said the local number one crime fighter, Brigadier Ramakamakama Kekana.”

The alleged rape incident put a blemish on an otherwise successful weekend where the Sunnyside police executed Operation Kiwi, during which thirty-one suspects were caught for offences ranging from assault, robbery, possession of drugs, to rape. africa@citypost.co.za

Steve Biko Remembered


Steve Biko advocate black pride and black-resilience.


SOUTH AFRICAN President Jacob Zuma has honoured the anti-apartheid struggle icon Stephen Bantu Biko who sacrifice with his life to liberate a black person.

President Jacob Zuma said Biko stood for the rights of a black person until his death and paid the supreme price for the liberation of black people from domination and oppression of the minority.

 “Steve Biko fought white supremacy and was equally disturbed by what he saw as an inferiority complex amongst black people.

“He emphasised the need for psychological liberation for black people, to accompany physical liberation to undo the damage caused by apartheid.He advocates black pride and black-resilience ” said Zuma, in a statement commemorating the 40th anniversary since Biko’s death.

President Jacob Zuma described Biko as a man who practised what he preached with regards to self-reliance and led the establishment of several community projects which were aimed at improving the lives of the people.

“His ideas of self-reliance are more relevant than ever now as we push a radical socio-economic transformation agenda and the de-racialisation of the ownership, control and management of the economy,” said Zuma.

“He suffered great abuse, harassment and torture over a period of time and paid the supreme price for the liberation of black people from oppression and bondage. “We shall always remember his sacrifice and contribution. We also thank the international community for honouring this great man and patriot in various ways. Biko died in police custody on September 12, 1977,” added President Jacob Zuma.

President Jacob Zuma is expected to lay the wreath, at the cell in Pretoria where the struggle icon died in on the 12 September 1977.

Biko was a medical student at the University of Natal, where he was a student leader and a founder of the South African Student Association (Saso) and was expelled from the medical school due to his political activism.

In his honour, the South African government through the Gauteng Department of Health renamed the Pretoria Academic Hospital as Steve Biko Academic Hospital, in September 2008.

Beatrix Street, where the hospital is also located was also renamed after Steve Biko in honour of the great revolutionary.sizwe@citypost.co.za



ANC lost a young revolutionary & hard working cadre



THE FORMER ANC Youth League secretary-general Sindiso Magaqa has passed away.

ON 14 JULY city Post broke the story about the shooting of former ANC Youth League Leader Sindiso Magaqa, yesterday he died in hospital. The ANC Youth League’s Thanduxolo Sabela told City Post that they have received the shocking news about Magaqa’s death which happens after 2 months of the shooting incident.

“Comrade we have received the sad news about the passing of comrade Sindiso Magaqa is bad my leader.We cannot confirm until we meet with the Magaqa family, you know the procedure, my leader,” said Sabela.

Khusela Sangoni of the ANC Communication Manager said it is with grave sadness that the African National Congress has received the news of the passing on of a young lion and one of our movement’s most brave and fearless fighters, Comrade Sindiso Magaqa.

“Comrade Magaqa succumbed to injuries sustained in a shooting incident in July and passed away earlier today. A former Secretary General of the African National Congress Youth League, Comrade Magaqa was part of a generation of young people in the ANC who fought tirelessly for the realization of the vision of economic freedom. 

“A true product of the revolutionary movement, Comrade Magaqa remained loyal to his organization, the African National Congress, eventually returning to the fold and deployed as a Councillor in the Umzimkhulu Local Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal.

“He will forever be remembered as a gentle soul and a fearless fighter. His contribution to the struggles of youth and South Africans in general for economic freedom will never be forgotten. He leaves behind his unfinished life’s work and we trust it calls upon the current generation of youth and youth activists to pick up his fallen spear and continue the mission for the realization of economic freedom in our lifetime,” said Sangoni.sizwe@citypost.co.za