Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma endorsed by ANC structures

Upcoming ANC President Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma at MmaFrancis Baard home in Mabopane during the Thobela Moagisani Programme.


THE ANC WOMEN’S League has stated it clear that it is backing Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma to be the next president of South Africa. The ANC Women’s League is being back by Tshwane ANC Region, Cosas National and the ANC Youth League in national including Tshwane region.This was confirmed during the ANC Women’s League campaign called Thobela Moagisani held at MmaFrancis Baard home in Mabopane.

ANC Youth League, leader in Tshwane Lesego Makhubela speaking at the event.

Eugene Bonzo Modise the leader of the ANC in Tshwane Region told the gathering of more than 2 000 ANC Women’s League members that it is time for the women’s president.

“The time is now for the woman president.It is time for Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma to lead this country as the first woman president,”s aid Modise.

Eugene “Bonzo” Modise speaking at the event.

Tshwane leader of the ANC Youth Leader, Lesego Makhubela said no woman in the history of the ANC has ever led the split of the organization since the first split in 1958/9.

“Men are saying she is not a resolution of president Zuma, she is a resolution of the ANC.We are saying the women must lead the ANC.Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma has never resigned when she is given a position in the organization. She has dedicated all her life to the ANC,” said Makhubela.

ANC Women’s League President Bathabile Dlamini and Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma at MmaFrancis Baard home in Mabopane during the Thobela Moagisani Programme.

The president of the ANC Women’s League Bathabile Dlamini they took the decision to support Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma nationally all provinces represented but they are surprised by a small group of women in Ekurhuleni claiming to be members of the league supporting someone who is not endorsed by the women’s league.

“Our message is clear as the ANC Women’s League we have endorsed Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma to be the president of the country. About 70 percent of ANC members are women and we will not allow anyone to use us.

Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma is a strong leader, child of the ANC, humble and down to earth and she has excel as the Minister of Health, Home Affairs and others,” said Dlamini.

Speaking at the event Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma started praising Frances Baard for her contribution in the struggle against apartheid and other women who marched to Union Building on the 9 August 1956.

“Frances Baard was a member of the ANC, ANC Women’s League and a trade unionist; she was a teacher and a domestic worker. Baard was part of the group that organises the launch of Freedom Charter in 1955.She loves South Africa and the ANC.

“It is disappointing to see some comrades voting with the DA in Parliament. We must unite; everyone who loves the ANC will want it to win. To be a president is not power, is a responsibility.

“The ANC cannot function without women, the ANC will never die or loose while there are women. Women must bring back Tshwane and Joburg. Lastly, let’s take care of each other and bring back Ubuntu back to our communities by taking care of each other as neighbours,” said Dlamini Zuma.africa@citypost.co.za




ANC must deal with the agents of the white monopoly capital within the party


Yesterday there was lots of brouhaha from prophets of the doom about how will the democratically elected president of the ANC will fall to the ground. Comrade President Jacob Zuma has been to trenches fighting to liberate this country from apartheid and the western imperialists. He is one of the most intelligent ANC leaders, he has served in the Intelligence wing of the ANC. The opposition funded by the White Monopoly Capital’s aim was to use the ANC MP’s to remove the president, which was going to be easy for them to grab the power through the back door.

By using ANC MP’s it was their strategy which will later be a PR strategy to make people turn against the ANC. People will be angry if Comrade President is removed because the MP’s in parliament will be betraying people who voted ANC into power. Their aim was to turn ANC voters against the ANC and used that to campaign in 2019.

I am a believer of freedom of press and expression but I am disappointed the way most South African journalists have been writing about the 60 ANC members who will be voting for the opposition without gathering facts.

 That is amateur journalism…There are certain media which write only negative things about the ANC and President Zuma which proved that they have hidden agenda. While the so-called political commentators were talking hogwash about the revolutionary leader and some lazy journalist wrote his obituary JZ just kept quiet and observe the situation knowing that the White Monopoly Capital will they never even in a million years defeat the mighty African National Congress.

Now comrade president and the ANC have to make sure that they clean the mess before the December conference because the movement is being infiltrated by the agents of CIA and the West who want regime change in South Africa.

Ill discipline members like Makhosi Khoza, Mondli Gungubele, Pravin Gordhan and others should face the music of they will sink the revolutionary ship to the ocean rocks. All those who voted with the opposition should be expelled from the organization, the ANC cannot afford to have agents of the West who have a hidden agenda of overthrowing the People’s government.

It is time for the president to do another cabinet reshuffling all SACP members should also be removed from the cabinet, they have made their voice heard by singing the same tune which the enemy of the revolution. The president needs to have people he can trust, people who will be prepared to take the bullet for him, not back stabbers who are pretending to support him while plotting his downfall with the enemy.

All those who have been talking to the opposition planning to remove the president they should go, because they contribute to try to remove the ANC government from power. africa@citypost.co.za



 Mama Winnie not happy about DA singing revolutionary songs


The veteran ANC leader Winnie Madikizela Mandela is not happy about the singing of the revolutionary song by the soft counter revolutionary movement the DA.



THE ANC VETERAN LEADER Winnie Madikizela Mandela is not happy about the singing of the revolutionary song by the soft counter revolutionary movement the DA.


Mandela said this time, however, Maimane‚ Zille and their DA have gone too far. She said it is unbelievable that the DA sings ANC freedom songs from the camps of MK in exile‚ composed by members of MK in difficult times in exile outside South Africa.

“To add insult to injury‚ the DA shouts ANC and MK slogans. How is it possible that the Democratic Alliance shout ‘Viva‚ DA‚ Viva’‚ when it has its history and roots firmly anchored in apartheid and racial discrimination? That very slogan‚ ‘Viva ANC‚ Viva!’ was banned in apartheid, South Africa.

“When I turned up at the Robben Island prison to visit my husband‚ Nelson Mandela‚ I was more often than not turned back‚ because I wore ANC-coloured clothes and gave the clenched fist salute‚ shouting‚ ‘Viva ANC‚ Viva!

“DA’s abuse of the ANC’s revered struggle history and its highly respected leaders like Nelson Mandela‚ shows an unbelievable insensitivity and disrespect. The late Nelson Mandela never wanted to have his name prostituted. Now‚ he cannot defend himself to correct the abusive plagiarism of his name. In fact‚ Nelson Mandela defined the DA as ‘a party of white bosses and black stooges’. Neither Helen Zille‚ nor Musi Maimane‚ nor the DA had ever been quoted by the ANC‚ or the PAC”, she said.

Whenever the DA’s Musi Maimane hurls disrespectful abuse at 74-year-old President Jacob Zuma‚ the elder MPs across the parliamentary floor and from whichever party‚ excluding the DA, of course, ‚ tell Maimane bluntly‚ ‘Sit down‚ boy!’”

She added by saying why the DA never mentioned its own founding fathers and why the party should go out of its way to refer to other political parties’ historic leaders.

“Is the DA hiding its foundation and history? Similar to the old apartheid strategies of ‘Strategic Communication (Strat-Com)’‚ the DA seems to use the same propagandistic tactics of “70% facts and 30% fiction”‚ to particularly confusing the illiterate aged in the townships.

“I was a victim of Stratcom. I know their evil tactics. They deliberately sow confusion that could lead to new blood shedding. But‚ the time of the agents of confusion’s tactics of skop‚ skiet and donder propaganda and plagiarism is over.

“The above leads one to believe‚ that the DA is morally‚ ethically and intellectually bankrupt‚” Madikizela-Mandela stated.sizwe@citypost.co.za